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Cell-Tech RTD

New Cell-Tech RTD is the world's first completely stable creatine drink. Using stat of the art Creatine Stability POD technology, Cell-Tech RTD is ready in just 30 seconds. A quick pull of the tab rapidly releases and mixes Cell-Tech's advanced creatine formula for explosive muscle and strength gains. Cell-Tech is the number one brand for building muscular size and strength. Cell-Tech is the ultimate scientifically engineered muscle building creatine formula.

Product: Cell-Tech RTD
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 24 cans
Dosage: Take 1 serving daily.
Retail: $96.95
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4 Customer Reviews

by Santos

Is an excellent product, but need to improve in the consistency dept in relation to flavor! Is too powdery and it make your stomach (depending the person) queasy!

Not bad once in a while.
by John H

My gym carries this, and when I forget to pack my pre-workout creatine, I may pick up a can. I like the feeling of having creatine in my system, but hate the toll it takes on my wallet. I try not to forget my creatine, but I can't afford this drink on a regular basis.

I doubt it !
by Krisztian

After trying several creatine formulas this drink was the least effective serum consumed by me lately. I did not feel the acclaimed muscle and strength gains as much as I did from other types of creatine. I have to agree with the questionable stability of this product as well.

by EF

This claims to be the "first completely stable creatine drink". However to date, creatine has not been shown to be remain stable in a liquid formula. It is highly debatable if this product would cause any performance improvement whatsoever. At $4 per can is a terrible value for money.