f Bioplex Nutrition Simply Whites Reviews and Information

Simply Whites

Optimal Levels Of Essential Aminos And Protein For Muscle Growth!
Product: Simply Whites
Brand: Bioplex Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 1 lb
Dosage: Take 1-2 scoops daily.
Retail: $18.55
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5 Customer Reviews

There has to be better...
by Henry L.

This product manages to give me the protein that I need, however, the taste is just so off that it's impossible to get myself to eat it every day. At $18.55, there's got to be something better out on the market that can manage to have a semi-decent taste.

Not so good
by Dave

This is one supplement that I thought just wasn't worth it. While it seems to provide an ample amount of protein, the taste and texture was just not right. I tried mixing it with milk, terrible idea. I mixed it in with a smoothie, another bad idea, it made it too fluffy. I would rather eat raw eggs again than this stuff. If you are looking for a good egg protein, look elsewhere, because there are plenty of other products that will give you the same results with a better taste.

Not for me
by NTReviewer

I didn't like this much at all. This didn't look or taste right and the oddness of it affected my ability to take this daily. Egg whites are a great protein source and I was hoping for an easy way get that protein. I don't think I found my solution in this product because it was very difficult to consume.

not good
by wendy c

These egg whites when prepared according to the packages directions to mix with water, are foamy and gross looking. They do not cook like normal egg whites- much too aerated and are completely the wrong texture. You're better off spending your money on a refrigerated egg white mix instead of trying to get your protein from these- their almost indigestible.

An O.k Product
by Garrett Black

This product was what a standard product should be like. It didn't do anything extra. I use it sometimes before I go to the gym. My muscles are healthy and keep growing. The first time I used it I felt a little difference, but over the long run it has shown up less.