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I like it
by maryam

My son is involved in many sports and is constantly running around everyday. I feel like his nutrition had really been lacking because he is not a big fan of eggs or milk and rarely has either. To make up for that, I have him take this Milk and Egg Protein Supplement. I feel like it gives him all the protein that he really is lacking without him having to eat all those things he hates to have (not to mention less nagging I have to do!). The mix is really easy to use and pretty inexpensive too. One can lasts me quite a while and for the price and value, I feel like it is well worth it!

Quick and Easy
by Mike

This product does what it says at a good price quickly. I was a bit hesitant to try it simply because it was powder, but it came through. It is quick and easy to prepare for my hectic life.

Nicely Done
by Erik

I am not very keen on the taste of eggs (much less raw eggs), so this provided me with exactly what I was looking for. Definitely a great supplement to take after a nice, long workout.

Great alternative
by Roxanne Ranelli

I am on a high protein, low fat diet. Although I have the option to cook egg whites for my diet, this product is much more convenient. With three children, this is saves me a lot of time in preparation, and provides all the appropriate grams of protein needed for my diet.

by Annie

This product provided a great alternative to eating raw eggs with the yoke in it. Raw eggs can give you salmonella (food poisoning) so this is a great way to avoid it. The protein mix tastes better than raw eggs and has given me more energy after using it.

Less cholesterol.
by Shreyas Patel

Eating raw eggs or even scrambled eggs are bad because the yolk has a lot of cholesterol. Egg white protein is good because of the protein in it. I felt a lot better after taking this after my work outs. I was able to recover a lot faster.

Won't taste funny
by Tiffany

I was turned onto this product by the health food place by my gym. They make the best protein shakes and I wanted to be able to make them on my off days. I want to warn you: if you take this, you most likely will get sleepy. It's got 320mg of L-Tryptophan, which is found in milk and 5 HTP (which regulates sleep). It was not until I read the label and found this that I realized why I was so tired after taking it. If you take this with that knowledge, you should be fine since it doesn't have a bad taste and will not interfere with anything you mix it with.

Stomach pains
by Serge Howard

I bought this because I thought it could be a good change of pace from the normal chalky whey protein. I'm not really sure why I expected this to be different. It made my stomach cramp really bad. I am not lactose intolerant and have never had a problem before.

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