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Endurox R4 Tangy Orange

#1 Sports Recovery DrinkRecovery DrinkRecover FasterRecover BetterCome Back StrongerNew Improved Taste, Same Great Product!Dietary SupplementTangy OrangeThe Proven Science. Endurox R4 with it's patented† ratio of carbohydrate to protein (4:1) plus antioxidants, electrolytes and glutamine, is proven to help muscles: Recover FasterReplenishes muscle glycogen levels 128% more than a carbohydrate drink*Carb/Protein formula rebuilds muscle protein 38% more than a protein drink*Recover Better Reduces post-exercise muscle damage up to 36%*Come Back Stronger Extends endurance up to 55% in a subsequent workout* Endurox(reg) R4(reg) Recovery Drink The drink that advanced the science of muscle recovery. Developed by leading exercise physiologists Endurox R4, with its patented† ratio of carbohydrates to protein, is proven to speed muscle recovery and reduce muscle damage following exercise.Today, Endurox R4 is the #1 recovery drink for elite and serious athletes in cycling, running, triathalon and swimming and is an essential part of the post-game and post-workout ritual of hockey, football, basketball, lacrosse and soccer players from high school through the professional level.No product can help your muscles rebuild and recover faster.Check out enduroxr4.com OFFICIAL DRINK:United States Track Coaches AssociationAmerican Hockey Coaches AssociationCollege Swimming Coaches Association of AmericaWomen's Basketball Coaches AssociationGlutamic Acid + L-Glutamine 2.6g/serv Branched Chain Amino Acids 2.7g/serv
Product: Endurox R4 Tangy Orange
Brand: Accelerade (More Products)
Size: 2.28 Pound Powder
Retail: $34.99
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2 Customer Reviews

Improved endurance and Recovery
by Barry

Endurox R4 Tangy Orange delivers on to ends: extended endurance levels as well as providing the essentials for muscle recovery. Over several years of bodybuilding, I began to try a variety of supplements that do each of these but only found them in separate products. Endurox R4 Tangy Orange provides the best of both worlds. The electrolyte loss and depletion of glucose levels need replacement asap after intense workouts or taxing athletic performances . I recommend Endurox R4 Tangy Orange to keep your intensity levels sustained and to assist in muscle recovery.

by Keith G

I kayak all summer long, and to keep the energy up in the water I take Endurox.

1 Customer Opinions

Nice taste
by Mike

I've tried a variety of recovery drinks out there and I have to say, this one is the best tasting hands down.

After a hard workout, it's very important to consume carbohydrates and proteins to help repair muscle and replace glycogen depleted during the workout. Endurox takes care of this with the ratio recommended by experts and tastes good. For me, taste is really the most important thing in choosing a recovery drink (because they all do pretty much the same thing).

Just be aware that recovery drinks tend to have a lot of calories (by necessity) so if you aren't going long or hard, you probably don't need a recovery drink. However, for those of us of the slow-twitch cult (marathoners or long distance triathletes) it's a must.