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Diesel Energy Stix Sample


Cost Efficient: Let's face it - who has lots of spare money these days? Diesel Energy Stix are reasonably priced, and cost much less than energy drinks.

Fast Acting: Diesel Energy Stix is effective in 10 minutes or less, because they are dissolved through mouth enzymes instead of stomach enzymes delivering very rapid, healthy results.

Convenient: A distinct advantage of convenience and portability, you can bring Diesel Stix and take them anywhere: put as stash in your pocket, gym bag, car, or purse.

Great Taste: Diesel Energy Stix has a pleasant orange taste and can be compared to a “pixie stick” and people will want to take Diesel more frequently.

Low Calorie: Only 8 calories per stick with only 2 grams of sugar and total carbohydrates!

The active ingredients in Diesel Energy Stix can give your performance the edge you need, when you need it. The study on reaction time illustrated below shows dramatic differences with Diesel Energy Stix. But don't take our word for it - taste for yourself.
Product: Diesel Energy Stix Sample
Brand: Diesel (More Products)
Size: 2 stix
Dosage: Open the package, empty entire contents of package into mouth, let dissolve on tongue - you may chase with water (not necessary.)
Retail: $0.00
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6 Customer Reviews

Diesel does the job!
by Barry

I tried this for the first time about two weeks ago, as a result of free samples from Nutritional Tree. I was amazed. I used this as directed, about ten minutes prior workout. I stacked it with Nitric Oxide supplement, and hit the weights for a full out quad session that was mind blowing.
My pump was increased, I had mor focus and energy- and honestly, was able to give 150 percent.
This one, i am buying on my own and keeping it a staple. It's the best new product I have tried in a few years.
Thanks Nutritional tree for introducing me to it.

Diesel energy stix
by Jalanea Ann Briggs

I tried this product for the first time today and I have to say that I was quite impressed! It gave me energy and alertness that I didn't have before. I was awake and alert. When it did wear off there was no big crash at the end and that was nice to not feel like you are going to suddenly crash right where you are--will use this product again!

I keep getting more,so...
by Paul St. John

I've gotten them a few times. I really like them. Honestly, I like the bitter type of taste, but I also like the taste of all energy drinks.
I like to take the diesel energy stick before work, and occasionally, keep one in my pocket for lunch time. They give me energy and me feel just a bit stronger.
It's kinda like extra power in a little pouch.

by Shannon Kimsey

This was a pretty good sample. The taste wasn't all that bad, but I would recommend mixing it with some sort of juice as opposed to mixing it with water. It's a little bitter. It seems to mildly work.

by carolyn

Good product. I tried it and it does give you extra energy. A little bitter for me.

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2 Customer Opinions

love em
by heather

I'd recommend these to anyone.The taste was neutral and they worked very fast. Didn't feel any negative effects.

Average energy
by Marek

My feeling is that Diesel Energy Stix is a good energy supplement for the masses, but I have to admit that I felt it needed a little more "kick" for the more hardcore weightlifters.

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