f Hammer Nutrition Hammer Gel Jugs Reviews and Information

Hammer Gel Jugs

Consistent, reliable energy - no sugar crash
Easy to consume and assimilate, gentle on the stomach
Versatile and economical
Made with real fruit and wholesome ingredients
The four amino acids that are in Hammer Gel - l-leucine, l-isoleucine, l-valine, l-alanine - are vegan-friendly, being derived from corn.
Product: Hammer Gel Jugs
Brand: Hammer Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 26 servings
Dosage: Take 1-2 servings daily.
Retail: $18.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Great taste, great energy!
by Marlon

After my afternoon exercises I usually feel lethargic and out of energy. I usually stock several varieties of energy bars and drinks that I take throughout my workout, but to little or no effect. I was recommended Hammer Gel by a fellow gym goer and decided to try it for a few days. I was surprised at its taste, as I have had many bad experiences with mix drinks. Hammer Gel, however, had a rich taste of fruit and was not excessively sweet like other drinks I have tried. More importantly, I felt more active during my workout and even after I left the gym I still had energy to spare. It is convenient in that it can be taken straight or diluted to your personal tastes and in its portable jug form. Recommended for active people in need of a versatile energy source.

Immediate Boost
by Silvio Chiba

Whenever I start to feel weary, tired, or just not into it, I take a gulp of this stuff and within seconds I feel like I have added a whole bunch of adrenaline like energy to my body. I start to become alert and awake, and I perform at a much higher and intense level. I always take a bottle of this mixed with water whenever I play tennis, bike, or swim. You have to keep drinking it though every 15 minutes, or else this stuff will wear off gradually. One can get tired of the limited selection, though. Overall, this item is great for that extra boost and is worth the every dollar.

Great Source of Energy
by Pat

This stuff is great for use during long distance runs and bike rides. Much more economical than gel packs and easy to mix with water and carry in a water bottle. Flavors are OK, and I've suffered no gastric distress or stomach issues. Flavor selection is limited, otherwise this product would get my highest recommendation.