f Herbalife N-R-G Tea Reviews and Information

N-R-G Tea

This zesty uplifting tea provides the health benefits of guarana. Prized by the Amazonian Indians, guarana seeds contain a substance similar to caffeine known as guaranine that can provide a gentle energetic lift. Sip a hot cup of N-R-G Tea to start your day. Or try it iced mid-afternoon for a natural pick-me-up.

Provides a natural energy lift.

Delicious citrusy flavor.

Can be enjoyed hot or cold.
Product: N-R-G Tea
Brand: Herbalife (More Products)
Size: 2.12 oz.
Dosage: Mix 1/2 Teaspoon with hot or cold water.
Retail: $14.75
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5 Customer Reviews

Not Really Good
by A. Rush

For this product N-R-G stands for NOT REALLY GOOD. If you are looking for a short term pick me up, it definitely works. For me the energy drinks work more effective and lasts much longer.

So so
by Michael Xiong

Being a college student, I have tons of work everyday and rarely get a good nights sleep, so I am constantly feeling tired. I decided to give myself that extra bit of mental boost and bought N-R-G Tea. I knew that guarana was an effective way to rid yourself of weariness, so I decided to try it. For the first few times that I tried the product, it worked great, and I would immediately get a mental boost, allowing me to focus on my work and not feel tired. After I started taking it more, however, I felt the effects wearing off, until gradually it didn't work very well anymore. I have since stopped taking it, since I have read articles that suggest that large amounts of guarana may not be healthy. Nevertheless, I gave this product an average of three stars, since in the beginning, it worked very well, and would have been worth 5 stars, but towards the end, it was not effective, and would have only been worth 1 star. Thus, I took an average and came to 3 stars.

Worked for a short time
by Christine M.

The very first time I took this, it seemed to work great, but after a few hours I could feel the effects wear off. The next day I tried it, and it seemed like it took forever to kick in and once again it wore off way too quickly.

Feeling Like an Amazon Woman!
by Lana

First thing you must know is that I am a tea fanatic. I drink three to four different types of tea a day, so I am very familiar with different properties and formulations. Upon discovering N-R-G Tea by Herbalife, I decided to try it as a little heath boosting pick-me-up for the exhausting afternoons at the office. I was not disappointed! N-R-G tea was just what I needed on those stressful days! It took me a couple of minutes to prepare it, as I enjoyed mixing 1/2 Teaspoon with hot water versus cold water. I really took pleasure in the taste and it made me feel rejuvenated and ready to finish the day. No, this product doesn't act like an energy drink you would buy at the store, for example Red Bull. It has a much a milder effect, but it feels like it takes away a load of weight from your back as you drink it. I would not advocate this tea to any individual solely looking for a powerful replacement of their energy drink. I would definitely recommend N-R-G Tea to those consumers interested in experiencing the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of guarana. I quickly learned the secrets behind guarana admiration as it became clear why Amazonian Indians placed so much emphasis on its greatness.

Didn't work
by wendy c

I took this supplement when I had to stay up late studying for finals. It didn't taste bad and seemed to work at first. However, an hour later I could not concentrate on my studies at all and ended up going to sleep and having messed up dreams. Don't take this before bedtime.