f Living Essentials Chaser 5 Hour Energy Reviews and Information

Chaser 5 Hour Energy

Product: Chaser 5 Hour Energy
Brand: Living Essentials (More Products)
Size: 2 Fluid Ounces Liquid
Retail: $2.99
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52 Customer Reviews

Not the shot I am looking for
by Danni B

I really did not get the kick promised on this, I have attempted to use it several times, as has my husband, and we just dont notice the difference that we do with others. I know that some people swear by it, but we work out, so not sure if maybe it has an impact on how it works...

by John

I have used this product before and I personally felt moderate energy boosts but no more so then any other energy drink in a can. The taste is the main problem but if u want quick energy and don't wanna drink a whole 16 oz. can then this drink is for you

Sr Staff/ Manager
by Michele Rea RN

I resisted this type of product for a very long time but I did sample the 5 hour energy and enjoyed it completely. The taste, ( Pomegranite), the consistancy was delicious, and the boost helped me so much thru that long long day! I would try it again, if I had call to do so.

Michele Rea RN Sr Staff

Domestic Engineer
by Leslie

My husband and I both use this product. It is great for working out and general everyday energy, when you need that extra little boost.

by Parrish Vetrano

In my experience, 5 Hour energy is the best energy supplement because I personally do not crash when it wears off. I actually dont notice it wearing off, very smooth transition. I drink half first, then the other half in a few hours. I feel awake, energized, happy, basically ready to take on the day feeling good with no afternoon drag at all, it's amazing.

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7 Customer Opinions

more like half hour energy!
by Michelle

I am a very busy person and this doesnt do it for me at all!!!

Energy For Your Da
by Stephanie Vang

I like 5 hour energy supplement because it is a great change from the usual daily habit of caffeine and junk foods that we often turn to for added energy in our daily activities. The nutrition products around today were not there for me when I was young and I feel they really could have benefited me then. I'm just glad I can start a healthy lifestyle again.

by jeff

I have tried this before. It works well and gives a nice boost of energy without the shakes. Tastes ok - not the best.

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