f Muscletech Meso-Tech Complete bars Reviews and Information

Meso-Tech Complete bars

Increases energy!
Contains 25 grams of musclebuilding protein and zero grams of trans fat!
Absolutely delicious and nutritious!
Product: Meso-Tech Complete bars
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: Box of 12 bars.
Dosage: Take 2-3 bars daily.
Retail: $34.95
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11 Customer Reviews

Not the most appetizing bars
by Josh

I've had Cliff bars and Luna bars (yes, I know they're for women but they're good enough!). After using those, I expected bars with appealing taste. Unfortunately, these Meso bars are not that! The nutrient list is impressive, I don't disagree. However, they are not appetizing! If you're looking for a tasty bar, use Cliff bars.

not bad
by victoria

I bought a few of these bars to try out and they taste pretty good. If you didn't know it was a protein bar you could mistake it for a candy bar. I ate half of a bar before and half of a bar after working out and they worked great at suppressing my appetite while sustaining my energy. The only thing that down grades these bars is that they are pretty expensive for a workout snack. There are other bars that provide just as much nutritional bang for a smaller amount of bucks.

tasty, but pricey
by ed

I used these bars for a short time, and found that they do work as advertised, and don't taste half bad. The major set back to these is the price, they are not exactly budget friendly.

Too Much Sugar
by Stacy

Meso-Tech Complete bars are full of unnecessary sugars. This doesn’t help in the taste any, they have an awful taste. I didn’t really get a great energy boost from them either. There are plenty of other bars out there that taste better and aren’t full of sugar.

Good taste...good results!
by Jeremy Rose

I began taking these bars before and after each 2 hour workout routine. I needed a good tasting, somewhat filling energy boost to help me get more out of my early morning program. This was my answer. I get good results every day and I don't experience any "lows" after taking an energy supplement. The only thing I don't like about this energy product, is the same thing I don't like about anything like these...the price. Yes, the product works good, yes I will continue using this, I would just really love to see the cost drop a little. But all things considered, this is a fine product.

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