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by Heather

Tastes great. A real good pick me up in the middle of the day.

by Matt H

Not worth it. I take a protein shake and its more effective and for the same cost you can have mixes for months, instead of 2 weeks of bars

by Tim

They had these bad boys on sample at the SOS near my gym. It was the only time I tried the product, but I felt it worked. It tasted really good, however it turns out that they are pretty expensive. I went to the gym afterwards and I felt I could do more weight for longer. Overall the product is effective, but is rather expensive.

Not too bad
by rui

Finding a good protein bar is tough when taste is a key component. These bars taste ok compared to some poor ones I've had before, but still nothing great. A little tough to chew and chalky. They get you the protein you want and need, but it's not as easy as drinking a shake daily after working out

Yummy but expensive
by Carrie

These bars taste very good, and are loaded with the ingredients an athlete is looking for. My only complaint is the price. Unless you are seriously looking at the extras that this bar provides and the price doesn't matter, I'd choose a more reasonably priced alternative.

by Kevin

The first thing I do when I open a protein bar is sniff it. When I picked this bar up, and saw the "S'mores" reference, I thought about the last time I was visiting one of my sisters and her children. My daughter and I watched as they prepared plates with graham crackers, Hershey's chocolate blocks, and marshmallows, while my brother-in-law poked the fire to reveal the hot coals. We slid marshmallows onto the green sticks we had cut earlier and started baking them (the kids enjoying it as some of theirs burst into flames) and we carefully slid the steaming soft pillows of sugar off of the stick and onto the graham crackers with Hershey's chocolate, and the taste still rings in my memory as standing firmly on the front porch of Sweets Heaven.

Flash forward; protein bar. Smells like buttered popcorn and cinnamon--not bad, but not good. Somewhat reluctantly, I took a big ol' honkin' bite, and I was moderately pleased with both the texture and the taste. The average person who is not used to diet/nutrition/protein bars will not enjoy something like this. But, in the relative world of protein bars, this one ranks, at least, in the upper half.

The consistency was chewy; less chewy than a Pure Protein Bar or a Charleston Chew (do they still make those?) but much more chewy than a Milky Way. The cinammony-graham scent/taste is somewhat overpowering, but tolerable. There is a strong aftertaste, but it fades quickly.

not bad
by victoria

I received a few of these in a goody bag from a 10k run and they taste pretty good. The taste is similar to eating a candy bar treat but it does have a slight after taste from the artificial sugars. They have a significant amount of protein which is good after a hard work out. Overall I'd say, not bad.

Works as well as 99 cent energy bars
by pianogoosie

This works as much as any energy bar does. The only is so much more. If you have a lot of money then this is a good bar but if you don't, stick with Clif bars or whatever. I can assure you this doesn't do anything special.

Not quite junk food
by Brian

In a way, any product with flavors of “S'mores” and “Chocolate Caramel Nut Crunch” (my two favorites) are automatically suspect, but these things are loaded to the gills with carbs and protein, and they’re just the kind of portable food you need when out on the road. I use them on hikes, and find them satisfying, though have enough water afterward.

Great energy filling bars!!
by Theepa

If not for the price, I would really go for this product. It keeps my energy levels up throughout my workout and it is very tasty too. But being very pricey, had to let this product go.

Great Energy bar, but it Takes the Energy Out of Your wallet as well.
by Jose

This energy Bar tastes great and is very healthy, but the price tag on it is very overpriced compared to other energy bars on the market. If you want to save money and get a good energy bar, don't buy this product.

Nitro-Tech Bars
by Patrick

I was given one of these bars by a friend. The taste is great, rich and filling. I went to the store to buy some however the price scared me off. At $40.00 it seems a bit extreme. I fell back to a cheaper energy bar such as Power Bars. If you have the money these are great, if not stick with something cheaper that won't break your wallet.

Good but not worth it
by Eli

I enjoy eating the Nitro-Tech bars but it is too expensive. The protein amount is my favorite thing about the bars. It also has a very good chewy taste. My recommendation is buy elsewhere as that there are other products out there that taste the same and are cheaper.

Nitro-Tech Bars
by Christy R.

I tried these out and I liked the taste right away. They had a really nice, rich and chewy taste that made me feel like I was eating just a regular granola bar as opposed to an energy supplement bar. Unfortunately the energy boost wasn't as much as it was with some of the other bars I've tried, so that was a small downside. If you'd prefer a great tasting bar with a decent energy boost go with these; if you'd prefer a less great tasting bar with a stronger energy boost then look elsewhere.

by MK

These bars are nothing special and are too chewy just like all the others! These are one of the higher priced bars and the taste isn't worth it. I recommend the Opti-Meal bars. They aren't too chewy and taste great!

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