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VyoPro Protein Bar

The Vyo-Pro High-Performance Protein Bar is a rich and tasty bar that supplies 20 grams of nitrogen-rich protein in a soft and chewy 2.2 ounce bar that's the perfect power food for fueling hungry muscles. And it does this without all the sugar found in other bars.

The Vyo-Pro High-Performance Bar comes in an awesome chocolate flavor that's kind of like a big soft Tootsie Roll® with just the slightest hint of peanut butter. The taste is smooth and the texture is soft.
Product: VyoPro Protein Bar
Brand: All Sports Science (More Products)
Size: 12 Bars
Dosage: 1 Bar
Retail: $19.20
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8 Customer Reviews

by dillon s

I was eating one of these after i got done working out for a 4 weeks, didnt see alot of gains and vyopro was not cheap. I would say to go with a 100% whey product.

by Pinoy

This product is ok it gives you the bust you need to lift but it kinda takes awhile.

Quick on the Go
by NRK

This is a great on the go fix for a high protein supplement. The bars have a good taste and are great for tiding you over when you have to skip/delay a meal. They have more protein than other bars and virtually no sugar, which I was hard pressed to find another bar that had less sugar. The price is a little steep so I am not going to let them become a habit, but they are great once in a while for a quick fix.

Tasty protein bar
by NTReviewer

This is one of my favorite protein bars on the go. I like that it offers 20g of protein which is more than many other bars. The best thing is that it also only has about 1 gram of sugar. Some other bars have so much sugar that they taste like candy bars. This one doesn't taste bad, isn't too chewy, and delivers quality protein when you need something on the go. Also, sometimes I have a craving for the chocolately-peanuty flavor of these bars. I always make sure to have a few in my car so that I have them when I need them.

A great protein source
by Preston

I'm a skinny (yet out of shape) college student who has been trying to improve my diet, and I've had trouble increasing my protein intake sufficiently. Over the past couple months, these bars have served me well for the days when I don't plan my meals terribly well and need a little boost in protein. They don’t taste half-bad, so they serve as pleasant snacks. Compared to other protein bars available to me locally, their price is perfectly reasonable, making it my preferred choice.

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