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Spiru-Tein Chocolate

This product is not available in Saudi Arabia. Nature’s Plus(reg)The Energy Supplements(reg) SPIRU-TEIN(reg) HIGH PROTEIN ENERGY MEAL* CHOCOLATE Great Taste – Mixes Instantly SOY PROTEIN POWDER with Spirulina OAT BRAN, APPLE PECTIN, BEE POLLEN, ENZYMES, VITAMINS AND MINERALS NET WT. 32 OZ. Nature’s Plus CHOCOLATE SPIRU-TEIN(reg) POWDER features a unique blend of ingredients, including… 100%of the USRDA of all Vitamins and most Minerals.ENERGY NUTRIENTS: High Quality Soy Protein and Bee Pollen DIET-AIDS: Lecithin, Spirulina, Choline and Inositol ENZYMES: Bromelain and Papaya CLEANSING:Chlorophyll FIBER:Bran, Cellulose and Apple PectinPlease ask your store or write to Nature’s Plus for information on how to obtain your copy of the SPIRU-TEIN Weight Loss Program. CHOCOLATE SPIRU-TEIN(reg) NOTICE: THIS PRODUCT IS SOLD BY WEIGHT, NOT VOLUME, THEREFORE SETTLING OF CONTENTS MAY OCCUR DURING SHIPPING AND HANDLING. *Not to be used as the sole source of dietary calories. **Please refer to product label for Nutritional Facts.
Product: Spiru-Tein Chocolate
Brand: Nature's Plus (More Products)
Size: 1 Pound Powder
Retail: $20.95
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3 Customer Reviews

delicious flavor

I am on a high protein diet, and I drink this to keep me full in between regular meals. It does the trick, and it tastes delicious so I feel like I am having a treat.

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by sherry albright

I love to make morning smoothies with this. It has loads of nutrients & minerals that get my day started. A very healthy choice and easy to mix when I don't feel like cooking breakfast. Nice favor.

by Sara

I really enjoy the chocolate taste of this product. It mixed well with water or milk.