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Protein Diet Bars

Fuel your workouts to new levels and bring your body to it's best shape! Now you can enjoy the low-carbohydrate goodness you've come to expect from Complete Protein Diet shakes, in a convenient bar. The Complete Protein Diet Bar travels easily in a purse or gym bag and is great for low-carbohydrate dieting and in-between meal snacking. Each delicious bar supplies an abundance of quality nutrients and can be used with a number of different low-carbohydrate diet program or in place of Complete Protein Diet shakes.

Product: Protein Diet Bars
Brand: Optimum Nutrition (More Products)
Size: Box of 15
Dosage: Take 1-2 bars daily.
Retail: $23.85
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8 Customer Reviews

Protein Diet Bars
by Donna Albright

I use these bars each day. I start with one each morning. The taste and texture of these bars are great.It helps to curb my appetite and still gives me the strength to go all day.I recommend these bars highly.

Different taste
by Green

I have tried many protein bars, but the texture of this one was very memorable. It wasn't crumbly like some bars or brick-like, like some others. This was more chewy, I suppose. It did boost my energy level and provide me with a good source of protein so it served its purpose, but I don't think I'd recommend it. As a protein source, there are other bars that provide more protein per bar.

Edible but not great
by Ryan

I have only tried the chocolate fudge protein bar. They are edible but by no means are they tasty. I have never finished eating one whole bar in one sitting. I usually only eat half of the bar and save the other half for the next day. I can say they do satisfy my hunger but I cannot say they actually improve or add any health benefits. As for me, I have not felt any additional improvement to my health. Given the price and the fact that I only eat half of a bar a day makes these protein bars reasonably priced.

Tastes good to me!
by Bryan M

Great balance of protein and carbs for a cutting cycle. Taste is pretty darn good, and I have had them for around 4 months or so. I would definitely recommend the bars to someone else.

Bulk Up Fast
by Mike

Protein Diet Bars nourishes your body with the same ingredients in a wholesome protein shake. They are light and convenient to travel with, packed with vitamins and low in carbohydrates, and great tasting. Not to mention it also puts you in great shape and fuels you throughout the day.

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