f EAS Myoplex Deluxe S'Mores Reviews and Information

Myoplex Deluxe S'Mores

Product: Myoplex Deluxe S'Mores
Brand: EAS (More Products)
Size: 12 Bar(s)
Retail: $35.95
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3 Customer Reviews

Myoplex Deluxe S'mores Bars
by Donna Albright

My husband and son, sya these are a must have product.My 19 yr. old son is trying to bulk up alittle bit and my husband is trying to maintain his shape. The s'mores is among one of their favorite flavors. My husband say the s'mores takes him back to his camp fire days.My son was just sent to Iraq, and has asked me to ship him some of these bars to him in his package. So, i am off to go buy 2 boxes of these today.

by judy

My husband enjoys these bars after golf or before the gym. They give him energy.

by judy schenck

I buy these bars and think they are packed with nutrition. However, they are awfully expensive for the average family person especially in today's economy.

1 Customer Opinions

Free Bar
by Liz Theobald

I love these bars, there really filling and a good source of vitamins and energy. Yes, I agree they are expensive but EAS is having a promotional coupon right now that can get you a free bar for up to $3.89.