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OsoLean Powder does what most diets cannot. It allows your body to burn excess fat while retaining lean muscle mass. We need Lean Muscle mass to Burn Fat!

OsoLean has four smart active mechanisms to help target fat Loss:

1. It Increases Fat Metabolsim which means less new fat is stored.
2. It Helps to convert protein into Lean Muscle mass.
3. It Helps control your appetite, you will feel fuller longer.
4. It Tells your body to convert existing stored fat into energy.

Any 1 of these 4 active mechanisms are a product by itself.
Product: OsoLean
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 12.9 oz
Dosage: Mix 2 scoops in 8 fluid oz of liquid or add to food twice daily. For best results, take this product before breakfast and 20 minutes before dinner.
Retail: $55.56
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39 Customer Reviews

by Chris

I used Osolean in conjunction with a diet and it stopped me craving food. It worked as a filler and I got off my need for a sweat fix. But it is expensive for what it is - maybe protein powder will do the same ?

by L van der Bergh

Het Osolean Target fat loss by vriendin gekry het in 1 maand 2kg verloor. Waar kan ek dit te koop kry asb bly in Bellair Durban.

by Carl Sampson

I think protein is protein as long as you get enough your body can build muscle.

by Kerrie

I am slim and have been within the healthy weight-range for years. I started Osolean with the hope of losing the bit of tummy fat I have never been able to shift completely since having children. During the first couple of weeks of beginning, I lost 3cm from my stomach... (I think fluid)... then suddenly after about 6 weeks on Osolean I put on 3-4 kgs. This is the first weight I have put on in 5+ years....and I am disappointed as I can't even fit into my jeans anymore. I continued taking Osolean for 5 months in the hope of losing it, but nothing. It has had the opposite effect on me.... so yes, a waste of money

what a crock!
by terra

After reading all these reviews, I decided to try this Osoloean stuff. I spent my hard earned money and NOTHING in return. No, in fact, I gained 5 pounds! And my jeans are too small, have to spend more money. I walked 30 min each day and cut the calories like they said, but I still gained the weight.

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5 Customer Opinions

by Linda

Bought Oselaen last week. Keep thumbs, must loose weight !

by kate

i have used this and it has done nothing!!! waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sara

I having being using OsoLean for a couple of months now and the results are excellent. I went to a concert recently and wore a pair of Jeans that had been sitting in my cupboard for over a year because they hadn't fit, now they do! I feel fantastic and have energy to burn. Other people have noticed my weight loss as well, I never get tired of hearing "you look great!"

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