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by sarah

I was reccommended this product and I do really feel it works. I used it before an asessment. I was so nervous and my heart was racing....yet after using it I was cool calm and collected even my asessor said how relaxed I seemed in comparison...I didn't tell her I was using rescue rememdy!!! Needless to say I passed!!

by patrick

I have generalized anxiety and this supplement helps fight some of that

It really does work!
by Ashley

I was having really bad anxiety one day, when my mom said try this. she put 4 drops of rescue remedy on my tounge, and instantly i felt my heartrate go from racing to normal, and I felt much more relaxed. Right after that I went to the vitamin shop and got some for myself. I use it everyday if I feel anxiety coming. It really helps me a lot! I take it before I go to work and I feel so much calmer!

it works
by Elizabeth Bell

i love this product it helped me with my panic attackes

by Beth

I have been using this product for the past three years. I used to suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks and was on prescription medication that was horrible. I used the Back Rescue Remedy to get off that medication and get on with my life. It works great and just knowing its in my purse or at my bed side is enough to get me through most days. I love this product, it is fact acting and has give me my life back.

Naturally Helpful
by Willow

I think it works. I've used it in many different situations. I feel it helps me feel more relaxed and at ease when stressful situations arise. I'll use some in the morning when I have something anxious coming up that day, and then I'll use it right before the event. That way, I'm not as fidgity and nervous leading up to the event. It doesn't take all anxiety away, but it helps, that's for sure!

Rescue Remedy has an odd flavor, and I don't care for it all that much. I would describe it as a stale herbal flavor. Luckily, it doesn't linger too long after using.

I use the spray version which I think is very easy to use and to keep or take with you. It works well for long trips that can be stressful, too.

i know it works
by ellie owens

I never used it for myself, but I help a pet sitting company and one of the clients uses it for their dogs. And I have seen that it works

Cancel order
by sherry

This absolutely works for stress and anxiety. I use it for myself and my 3 yorkies whenever they become nervous during storms.

It does help!
by Stacie

Over the years, I've tried everything under the sun to keep my anxiety/panic disorder in check - St. John's Wort, Kava, SAM-E, 5-HTP, amino acids... all provided mild relief, but I hate having to take pills every day. This works 'as well as' the other herbals I have tried. The effects are mild, however I do like that I can just take a dose when I'm feeling anxious rather than every day. There is a relatively high alcohol content in the mix, so it tingles/burns a bit under your tongue, tasting a bit like cough syrup. Not a bad product, but I would recommend Hyland's Calms instead as it seems to work better for me!

Works well with stressed dogs!
by Kat

I have a stressed out hyper little dog that gets the benifits from Rescue Remedy. A few drops in his water when he needs it most and the stress is gone. He can relax better. Great product.

Not drastic, but helps
by Valerie

I tried this recently when my body rejected all the benzos I tried-- xanax, ativan, klonopin, and valium all ended up making me so sick I needed prescriptions to relieve the intense nausea. I was a bit on edge and my sister had a bottle of this so I squeezed a dropper-full under my tongue. It has alcohol in it so there was a little tingle, but the taste is very tolerable and I will say that because I'm bipolar and in a medication transition period I couldn't feel direct effects, but I did relax and my anxiety dissolved.

Regarding the reports about using it on cats, I have not done that yet, but after seeing these reviews I will definitely try this before getting kitty valium from the vet unless it becomes necessary.


This is one remedy in the age old and proven line of Bach Flower Remedies. Rescue remedy has helped me with stress, nausea and is excellent for anxiety attacks. It can also be used very effectively for animals who are injured or under duress. I always keep it on hand for all of the loved ones in my life.

Don't forget the kitties
by SueZQ

As a frequent cat show exhibitor, I can't begin to count the praises of Rescue Remedy. Cats as a rule are easily stressed -- they don't want anything to happen today, that didn't happen yesterday -- so you can imagine how some react to the stress of travel and the new sights/sounds of a show! Something spooks your baby & all you have to do is ask who has Rescue Remedy, and there will be five bottles in your hand in a minute! A must-have for anyone who travels with their pets.

No more stress
by Arvinder

In today's world the stress has conquered us all. My life was very stressful and because of that my relationships were becoming weaker day by day. Then I started using this supplement and now the stress levels are reduced. I feel more relaxed now and this has reduced quarrels and strengthen the relationships in my life. So everyone who feels stressed should try it at least once and they will surely note the difference.

Actually does seem to help!
by Nicole Morgan

I first tried this product when I was traveling and under a lot of stress. I had a lot of anxiety about upcoming issues and wanted to try a natural supplement to help relax. I did notice that I felt a little more relaxed after taking this product, much to my surprise. It didn't totally remove my stress, but it made it easier to cope and brought about a light, peaceful feeling.
Since then, I have continued to use Rescue Remedy on those days when I feel a little stressed or anxious. I find it most helpful to combine it with deep breathing or other relaxation techniques. It is easy to take - I just place a few drops in my mouth. It has an interesting floral flavor from the flower essences, and it evaporates quickly. I also share mine with my pets before a trip to the vet! My only complaint is the cost, which is high enough that I save this for special occasions, although one small bottle will last a long time.

Great Stuff for the two AND four legged.
by M.B

I've worked in a veterinary practice which promoted natural health, and we have had a lot of success with Rescue Remedy in our patients. It doesn't work for every dog, but I have seen it calm down quite a few that would otherwise have been shaking with nerves! And with the Rescue Remedy instead of a traditional chemical sedative, we don't have to worry about side effects or the dog acting "drugged".

Seems to work
by Green

My wife recently started using this product because of mood swings she had been having. I don't know what it was about this particular blend (she had tried others), but it definitely took the edge off of her moods. I would recommend it to anyone.

Good for mild stress reduction!
by Sandy Carabio

I take this product when I have mild stress, and it does work to help calm me down. I've also given it to my teenage daughter when she gets nervous before a test at school, and she benefited from the calming affect of this product as well. I would not recommend it if you are prone to panic/anxiety attacks though. I do not feel it is not strong enough to help with that.

I also know someone who gives this to her pets before taking them to the vet. She said it helps calm their nerves.

A good product
by Julie Moore

I just began using this product, and I highly recommend it. My sleeping is better than it has been in a long time. Try it.

good for stress reduction
by Antony Copland

My girlfriend introduced me to this product last year, and I've used it ever since. We'd just got done fighting, and she gave it to me. It helped a lot. Now, whenever I am under a lot of stress, I always use this product. It can really help after a bad argument, after taking a test at school, or any other form of stress that may happen. I recommend this for anybody that has stress in their life, and I can guarantee that it'll help a lot.

My Holy Grail
by Tina

I'm terrified of the dentist. I put off going as long as possible, but as the day of my appointment approached, I was growing more and more fearful and my panic attacks wouldn't stop. I was given some Rescue Remedy and began taking it immediately. I wasn't expecting it to work but I was desperate. This stuff really works miracles. I was able to get myself to the dentist and, while, I was still nervous, I got through it. I know it's because of Rescue Remedy.

Good for babies Also!
by Mandy M.

I know friends and have had this product recommended to me by mothers who like it for their children. Especially useful for babies I think, it can be used for those hard nights of teething for you and them!

got drowsy
by Ricardo Gutierrez

The relaxation is almost immediate with this product and I make sure to use it when I have conferences with principals and other people since I'm a private school teacher and I still get nervous. I am left with a drowsy feeling the rest of the day. It is fairly effective, but beware of the side effects.

Not so rescuing...
by Christina Jadwisiak

A friend recommend that I try Rescue Remedy when I got overly stressed because of moving and just other family stresses. So, I figured that I would give it a try. It had absolutely no effect on me what so ever. It was like I drank water. I really would not recommend this to anyone.

This is Like a Magic Potion
by Trudi Konzem

This stuff is so amazing, it works too. I call it my little hidden magic potion. Its small and always hard to find in my medicine cabinet. I always forget that I have it. Whenever I get stressed I always call my friend to vent and every time she suggests I should buy some Rescue Remedy. Well I don't need to as I always have some but for some crazy reason I never remember when I'm having an emotional breakdown. Thanks heavens my friend is there to remind me. Can't live without this.

Stress reliever
by Rashmi R

I use this product occasionally and only when I am extremely stressed out. It does work as it makes me feel relaxed just within few minutes of consuming it. So it is effective. I take it with water so I don’t realize the taste of medicine. I did not make it a habit of taking this product often as it also contain alcohol and I think this plays a major role in making you feel relaxed. Therefore I take it only wen extremely needed.

by Mandy

I love this product. I also like the spray form that it comes in. I am a very nervous test taker, and when I went back to school I still had this issue as an adult. A dose of rescue remedy before class helped me out tremendously. I was very skeptical at first, and was quite shocked with my awesome results.

I Stress A LOT!
by Mike Huang

I stress a lot every single day because of work and school. It is very hard for me to handle all the stress in one day. After using this solution, I've noticed a dramatic change in my daily life. I don't stress as much and I'm able to do everything.

Helped Keep Me Calm During a Flight
by Rachel B

A couple years back I was a nervous flyer (I'm not so much anymore, because I've since been required to fly many many times). Panicked over an upcoming flight, I read an internet forum for nervous flyers where I saw this product recommended multiple times by other users.

I was hesitant to buy it, since it's nearly $20 for not even an ounce of the solution, but overall I am glad that I did. I took some pre-takeoff, and anytime I began feeling nervous again throughout the flight and it worked great! However I am somewhat skeptical of homeopathic treatments, so I'm suspecting that I may have been experiencing a placebo effect.

It worked either way. You should try it if you don't mind spending the extra cash.

works but makes you sleepy
by Karen

I have used it when I really felt stressed out. I did feel calmer, but it made me feel sleepy and I had a kind of hung over feeling the rest of the day.

Subtle but works
by Michelle

Rescue Remedy is the perfect natural solution for stress. It helps to calm the body and mind to a more relaxed state. Since it is a liquid, you can use the dropper to place a couple of drops into your favorite drink, so you don't even have to taste it.
It is so effective, it is commonly used to help calm aggressive dogs in dog training sessions. Just a couple of drops under the tongue and that barking, growling stressed out dog suddenly become responsive to training. That for me was the proof that I needed and I use it on both myself and the dogs I train.

Worked great for my dog!
by J

After searching high and low for a remedy for my car-sick dog, I came across some reviews for Rescue Remedy. Because I attributed his motion sickness for nerves, I gave it a try and it worked! I add a few drops to his water several hours before putting him in the car and I haven't had a problem since. I've also had people tell me that it works really well on horses.

Great for everyday stress relief
by Angel C.

This product really does help me when I'm having a bad day at work or dealing with a stressful situation. I feel calmer, less anxious, and able to deal with the stress. At least I feel better at the time given. I think this product is really important to everyday life considering everyone has stress and too much of it can cause a lot of unneeded problems mentally and physically. I really recommend this product as it helps me with with my everyday life stresses.

not for me
by John Spindler

Maybe I could feel a slight difference, but nothing significant. This is the most recent stress relieving product I have tried so far, but not for me.

a true rescue from stress
by leonardo

Rescue Remedy is a phenomenal way to relieve stress. Rescue Remedy is an all natural way of healing that can reduce everyday stress and help maintain control of your health. It can be used by the whole family, there is nothing wrong. For a safe, affordable, and healthy way to deal with stress relief Rescue Remedy works!

Works for me
by Shari L.

I have used this a few times when I've felt stressed out and anxious; I don't know if it's just a placebo effect, but it seems to calm me down a bit. It doesn't take away the stress completely, but I think it works because it makes me feel like I am in control of the situation and am doing something about it. I keep a bottle on my night table; most of the time when I use it it is around bed time.

Miracle in a Bottle!
by Jody

I *love* Rescue Remedy. It helps to take the "edge" off and leaves me with an overall sense of well-being. Even more importantly, it works miracles for my dog, who is super-skittish about lightening storms...a few drops of Rescue Remedy and he's able to cope and sit by my side!

It works!?
by allismom

OK, so this product actually worked when I tried it!!! BUT, was it the placebo effect? Was it because my friends swore by it and told me it was a miracle? Either way, it worked for me...and if it works it is worth the cost!

To the Rescue!
by Sarah D.

This was recommended to me by a friend whose husband had used it to relieve stress while quitting smoking. I had been dithering, trying to decide which of the flower waters to use. My friend suggested Rescue Remedy, since it was good for taking care of the basic, underlying stress. I won't say Rescue Remedy saved my life but it certainly helped me to cope with problems so I could enjoy my life!

Absolutely Wonderful
by Angela

I love this product and recommend it to anyone and everyone I know. I worked in telemarketing for a few years and this was the only reason I lasted so long at the job. Anytime I know I have a lot to do or I am having a very stressful time I just put a few drops in my bottle of water and sip on that. Rescue Remedy works fast and for a long time, it is absolutely wonderful!

Got me through the tough times!
by Renea Champion

Rescue Remedy has helped me through so many tough times, I've lost count. For a while there I was carrying it in my purse with me because I never knew when a panic attack would hit me.
It's also came in handy when a friend of mine was having a hard time with a break up. He was a skeptic, but after one try, he was a believer. Rescue Remedy really does work!
This is a great product to keep on hand, whether you work in a high stress workplace, or are having a rough day, or for those tough times in life. It's a product that does exactly what it says.

by tasha

A truly wonderful product. In theory it may seem a little new-agey to those who have not heard of it, but it works so well to calm your anxious nerves in times of stress. It's so handy, it fits discreetly just about anywhere for times of emergency. It's lovely that it is packaged in glass, so it maintains that nice brandy flavor. It also works beautifully for animals, too. My cat was once feral, and as she adjusted to life as a house cat, Rescue Remedy really helped when she became aggressive due to her nervousness. this stuff is indispensable! buy the largest bottle you can get your hands on!

Rescued Me!
by Carrie Russell

I would have never made it through college without this wonderful little bottle! I have turned so many of my friends on to this product. We all have stressful lives & we need to be rescued once in awhile!

The best!!
by Francesca Muir

I would never be without Rescue Remedy. I'm not sure how it works, but it works wonderfully. Of all the Bach Flower Remedies, this is the best!

Everyone swears by it
by Niki Hause

I never really understood this stuff. I have it closeby during times of stress and use it when I feel that I need to. But I doubt that the actual flower essences are what is calming me down; I blame it more on the amount of alcohol you get from the shots from the dropper. Each time I use it, it tastes like I had a shot of whiskey, without the needed numbing. I'd rather take a valerian pill, then spend the money on this to ease tension.

Stress Free
by Amy Jackson

Rescue remedy is one of my favorite remedies by bach flowers. It's a good thing to carry with you, especially if you feel yourself getting stressed's pretty instant relief. I also give it to my dog if he is having a bad day.

Safe and effective for everyone
by Dani

What else can you take that is completely benign if you don't need it and produces AMAZING results within seconds? What else can you have on your nightstand that you can take and give to your dog or cat too? You can't beat the safety factor or the efficacy of Rescue Remedy!

This serum works!
by S

Rescue Remedy is a lifesaver! It's fairly popular in Europe, and brings instant results and benefits after just one dose. Just a few drops can bring clarity, peace of mind, and overall refreshment after a stressful day. When anxiety is high, it's hard to concentrate and focus. Removing the feelings of anxiety can help you get work done, refocus, and feel better!

this is wonderful stuff
by Kelly Morris

It was actually recommended to me by a therapist, and I was amazed at how well it works. I keep some at home and at work. I highly recommend it.

Rescue to the Rescue
by cynthia

I keep a bottle of Rescue Remedy in my purse. Any time I am in a situation that seems stressful (traffic, someone who is upset, kids fighting), I use a few drops and voila, all better.

Rescue Remedy Natural Stress Relief
by sharon hines

I was introduced to Rescue Remedy right after I moved from America to the Netherlands, when everything seemed to irritate me. I was amazed at how well - and how quickly - it consistantly seemed to calm me down so I could keep everything in perspective. I keep a bottle of it in my medicine chest; I wouldn't be without it.

2 Customer Opinions

by Melissa

Very good, and it keeps you calm!

buy it.
by sasha

It honestly does work. during school when I have to present I take two drops of this and I'm totally calm! Also, I feed it to my pets during thunderstorms to keep them calm! Its amazing.