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St John's Positive Thoughts

Positive Thoughts™ combines mood-soothing herbs, calming factors, and uplifting amino acids. It contains standardized herbal extracts of St. John's wort yielding 3% hypericin, and valerian yielding 0.8 valerenic acids. It also features Relora®, GABA, magnesium and the amino acids taurine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine, L-theanine, and L-phenylalanine.
Product: St John's Positive Thoughts
Brand: Source Naturals (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: Take 1 tablet 3 times daily.
Retail: $19.50
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26 Customer Reviews

It works alright... too well.
by Kyra

My father bought this for me as an alternative to the sometimes harmful prescription anti-depressants. It began working within a day, but it destroyed my mind when I was on it. I felt "floaty" and couldn't remember anything, even from five minutes before. It made me happily numb but it was difficult for me to concentrate or think. After a couple of days, it made me feel extremely suicidal and I stopped taking it. Now I'm back to how I was before.

Exactly what I needed
by MG

After years of mild to moderate depression and having mixed results with prescription SSRIs, I gave this a try. I now feel just the way I want, just the way I used to naturally feel before the depression. It does take some time to have the full effect, several weeks at the least. It's a pretty serious mix of ingredients, and I would wager the DHEA, GABA, Tyrosine, Phenylalanine, etc., are as much or more part of the effect as the St. John's.

by Barbara

I tryed this and I haven't had to take my perscription pills since for my anxity. It really takes the edge off and I sleep so much better now..It took me a few days to notice. It really does work.

Mood Mix
by MJ Ferruzza

I was looking for St. John Wort's in a compound that I could use as a de-stresser and mood stabilizer. This product worked, but it took almost a week to get the full effect. It is not a cure all for depression, but it did seem to take the edge off of simple low mood situations. I would recommend this product.

by Stanimir Yordanov

This is a very good product for us those who are stressed out. I have used it especially before exams, since I get a little stressed out. It does calm me down and I am able to study. Before using this product it, was very hard for me to focus just because of the stress.

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