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animal husbandry
by david

I have tried melatonin previously and it worked well as long as I took it early enough in the night so as to not make me extra tired the following day, and it did not take all that long to take effect.


I have trouble sleeping every night, but not since I started taking this. It has made a real difference for me, and I would not be without it. I even got my husband to start taking it, and he agrees with me.

by Sue Dawkins

I love this product my friend shared it with me and I loved it.

by Michelle

I love this product. My 9 year old uses it and it is excellent for him. I use it on occasion as well if I am having trouble falling asleep. Always wake feeling refreshed.

could not do without it
by barb

This is such a good product, and not harsh like some other products. This helps me get a good night's sleep and I wake up feeling fresh and clear-headed.

melitonin timed release
by Brandy Russell

This works really well. I have always had trouble sleeping and anything that works is my best friend. I love that it is time release. Working all night long.

by Pam

It works like a dream no pun intended.

love it
by mary mcmenamy

I never feel groggy after using this medicine. I always feel refreshed.

Great Product
by Jessie

A friend of mine from work gave me some of these to try out when I was having a hard time sleeping. They worked like a charm. I think they're a great alternative to the sleeping medication that can leave you feeling all groggy in the morning. With these you wake up feeling rested, not like you need to crawl back under the covers for another few hours.

Works Great!!
by Kelly

I have used this product many times to help me sleep. I only use it though when I have plenty of time to sleep! If you can't get a full eight hours, I wouldn't recommend it. It does work GREAT and pretty fast. I have taken it for about 6 months off and on when needed. I take it 20-30 minutes before I lie down and sleep like a baby. I would recommend!

incredible !!
by Arvinder

I had the problem of insomnia. I tried many products but everything failed. I saw its advertisement in newspaper and bought it. The results are incomparable, its just incredible. I can now have sound sleep all night, there are no sleep disturbances.

Bad reaction, probably unusual
by Lori Solomon

My neurologist had me try this when prescription meds did not help with my insomnia. Within two days, my concentration was dramatically compromised. I had to stop taking it right away. My Dr. said this was unusual, that other patients had had good luck with it. The worst thing was that even though it affected my concentration, I still couldn't sleep. I wouldn't go near it again, but it is worth a try for others.

worked for me
by Tim

I have had trouble falling asleep, severely limiting the amount of sleep that I get. I saw this at the drug store and decided that it was worth a shot. I used it that night, and I did notice a difference in my sleep. I fell asleep rather quickly! I will continue to buy this product for the rest of my life!!! There is nothing that I would change about it.

I don't have to stay up all night
by Chris Carter

Great product. I think and plan all of the time, which causes me little sleep. Sometimes I need to get up in the morning early, so I need to go to sleep early. I can't do that without a night-time sleep aid. I heard about this product from my pharmacist, who told me that it has had great success from her patients. The first night I took it, last week, I noticed I started feeling sleepy. I liked the fact that it's a very easy pill to take, and it works within the hour. I am buying another pack to keep in my medicine cabinet in case I need to get some sleep. Highly Recommended.

Good for Jet Lag
by Jen

I got this product not for problems falling asleep but actually for jet lag because a psychology professor actually mentioned in my class that melatonin is suppose to help with jet lag. There have been empirical studies that have shown this too. So I figure why not give it a shot. I was traveling to China last summer so I decided to take it. You are suppose to take a few days before traveling for it to work for Jet Lag and it actually worked! I was much less jet lagged and very shocked by how less sleep I felt during the day in China. I would recommend it and buy it again.

Works good enough for me
by Novocaine

I've head about the powers of melatonin for quite a while now but I decided to take the plunge and bought this brand.
What can I say? The product worked great for me!
After a few minutes of taking the pills I was out like a light!
If it makes a difference, I took the pills right before I was about to go to bed. I am not sure how well the product would work if you continue to do activities after you take it.
For it to work best, you should get a glass of water right before you're about to go to sleep and take the pills, turn the lights out and go right to bed.

Great Stuff
by Green

I liked this product the first time I tried it. I was so surprised just how easy it was for me to go to sleep, without it being a narcotic. And to find out that it's just a vitamin! Melatonin is the only product I will ever use again. I sure wish there was a pain-pill that works as well as Melatonin.

Help do research
by Tian

I am a Ph.D. student. Everyday I have to think and think about my research ideas, which causes that I can not fall asleep at night, and am tired the next day. I am depressed. Since last month my friend told me that there is another medicine which can get rid of my trouble, I have tried Melatonin Time Released for about two weeks. This attempt fully changed my life. Thank you, Melatonin Time Released. It not only helps me have a good sleep, but also helps me keep energy all the day. Moreover, it makes me more confident to do my research. I think its price is suitable for me to buy it more in the future. Thanks again. By the way, I think it makes me put aside my drinking habit.

by Brandy

This is an OK product. I think there are some better ones out there. I took this product for about a month. It helped somewhat but it did not give me the desired effects I wanted it to. I would recommend something else other than this. Don't waste your money.

Quite Satisfied
by Doug

I had tried some cheaper sleep aids prior to picking up this melatonin, and I was pleasantly surprised at how much better this worked for me. The first day using this product, I fell asleep much faster. The only negative comment I will give is that I sometimes had a bit of cottonmouth when I woke up in the morning.

Not a Huge Fan
by Lynne Parker

I began taking this product after a doctor's recommendation but did not find it as effective as I would have liked. I took the product for approximately a month and did not find the quality of my sleep to be much improved. The product also made me wake up with headaches so I discontinued using it.

Melatonin Time Released
by carol1560

I am shift worker and this non drowsy supplement is the greatest of all times. The price is good and it is not addictive. This brand is very easy to find. The product does live up to the claims. I would buy this product again without a doubt

Sleep is key, this helps!!!
by Chris

Price to benefit, simply the best! I honestly have used this for years (not EVERY night) but it seems to help me sleep deeper, not wake up in the middle of the night, and doesn't give you the groggy (drugged up) feeling like sleeping pills. If you need help with sleep, give it a try inexpensive and effective!

Safe and effective
by Nhility

I have had trouble sleeping and staying asleep for years. I was explaining this to a friend and he recommended this product, melatonin, to me. I decided to try it since I figured it was worth the try, and to my surprise, it worked! I fell asleep pretty quickly after initially taking it, I didn't wake up all night, and I woke up without feeling groggy. I actually felt oddly refreshed. Melatonin really has helped me keep to a healthy sleeping schedule.

Melatonin time released capsules
by Lee Weddle

I liked this product the first time I tried it, I was so surprised just how easy it was for me to go to sleep, without it being a narcotic. And to find out that it's just a vitamin.
Melatonin, is the only product I will ever use again. I sure wish there was a pain-pill that works as well as Melatonin.

Didn't work for me
by Jamie

I have tried Melatonin in this product before for sleep problems. Unfortunately, it did not work for me and it gave me a low grade headache. Can't work for everyone I guess.


This is a very good sleep aid. I am able to sleep throughout the evening whenever I take this. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has trouble sleeping, and who does not want to take any prescription drugs.

Great Stuff
by toddm

Melatonin is a great sleep aid. The great part about this product is it's time released so your body gets it spread over time. I sleep like a baby now. High suggest you try this product if you cannot sleep.

Really works!
by Elizabeth

My mother has been using Melatonin to help her sleep for years, but I always thought it was silly and refused to give it a chance. A few months ago though, I was suffering from a particularly bad spell of insomnia and was desperate. I finally gave in and was pleasantly surprised. It helps me sleep throughout the night, and it's a GREAT alternative to addictive sleep medications. I will continue to use this.

Decent sleep aid
by Andrew

Melatonin is something I have used off and on to assist me in getting to sleep over the years. It works well in fighting off jetlag. The only side effects I have noticed have been an increase in strange vivid dreams. I would recommend taking this medication only when necessary.

Thank goodness for Melatonin
by Christina Jadwisiak

My 4 year old son is autistic. Sleeping was a hard thing to get him to do when we wanted him to instead of when he wanted to. His doctor said to get some melatonin. We picked these up and gave him some that night. After literally 3 years with very little sleep because my husband or I always had to stay up with him, we got sleep. We still continue to get sleep. This product is amazing. I totally recommend this!!!

Lights Out
by Robert

I took one of these about an hour before laying down and don't remember falling asleep. I normally toss and turn a couple hours before remembering when I fell asleep. It is a legitimate product.

More Natural
by Stacy

I really like these pills. They are a more natural option than other sleep aids and they do really work. I don’t feel like I am drugged on them. They are not really strong which is okay because I usually just need a gentle push towards sleep.

Great night's sleep!
by Kristina Richardson

My 11 year old has ADHD and sleeping isn't one of his strongest suits. He has trouble calming down and when I talked to his doctor, she actually had this in her office and offered me 5 pills for him. He took them that night and every night after and I've not been without them since. He sleeps well and actually gets a full night's sleep not to mention my sleep has gotten better without him jumping up in the middle of the night getting into things.

by zhen

I really like this stuff. I was given a sleep aid to help me beause I couldn't sleep due to stress. Everything I was given was so STRONG. I was passing out at work and was so tired during the day. But this is wonderful. I can tell that I start to feel tired and not all spaced out. A++++++ will reorder.

Hurray I can sleep
by mike

Suffered for years with insomnia or after taking prescription medication would wake up in the middle of the night. This product works like other prescription sleep aids but now I sleep 6 to 7 hours instead of the usual 3-4.

Sleep aid
by Debb

My husband has sleeping problems for years now. It is a factor in his multiple sclerosis. The doctors want to prescribe things that are addictive when this product isn't. He has been using it for years now with no side effects at all. I'm so glad this holistic product works and he is able to sleep well again.

Will help you get the sleep you want and need
by Robert

Melatonin is a great supplement that has helped me get to sleep many times. You should take it an hour to an hour and a half before you want to go to bed (worked best for me).

It took me a little while for my body to adjust to the heightened levels of Melatonin, but once it did I had much better quality of sleep, better dreams, and I didn't awake as much.

I would highly recommend trying this before a prescription drug.

Sleep at last!
by Jody

I've taken these capsules when I travel overseas for business and I have to literally have two "back to back" business days, seperated by a "night" spent in an airplane. It really helps you to sleep very "efficiently", meaning that you reach a full, deep sleep (and reap the restorative effects), rather than just drift in and out of a light sleep. Highly recommend this product!

by cindy

Finally I have found something that actually helps me sleep. I work nights and my sleep has always been pitiful. I started taking this a few months ago and actually manage to get quality sleep . I was very skeptical but pleasantly surprised. I recommend it to other nurses I work with and they like it, too.

It does work!
by Sassyswt

I like the fact that its not loaded with things you don't need. I tried this awhile back and took it on a regular basis when I had trouble sleeping. Its gentle and really worked great. I recommend this product. It has made a huge difference in my ability to fall asleep.

Melatonin Time Released
by Sandy B

Sleep troubles are over with this product. It is highly effective in helping you fall asleep without the morning side effects of grogginess that you get with regular sleeping pills. The cost is fabulous also with over a three month supply for less than five dollars a month!

by nicki

I am NOT a pill taker, but still struggle with restless sleep and do not want to be taking something that could be "addictive" - was introduced to melatonin years ago and the only "sleep" aid I will use.

Melatonin Time Released
by Christy R.

These worked very well. I took them and I found that I slept deeper and a lot better and I stayed asleep longer. I didn't wake up as much during the night and when I did wake up in the morning I felt as though I were more rested and more comfortable.

It Really Works
by Valorie Joy

I found that as long as you take it when you are ready to lie down it really does work. The time release helps me stay asleep rather than regular melatonin where I would wake up in the middle of the night.

I love it!!!!
by Holly Wade

Ever since I was a child I have had sleep disturbances, either trouble getting to sleep, or staying to sleep. My Aunt, who is a nurse, introduced me to melatonin years ago. I think this brand though, is the best value for your dollar. I have used it for the last 2 years and have loved it ever since I started taking it. Try it, you will love it!!!!!

I can sleep!!
by Stacy

I have always had a hard time falling asleep and have tried pretty much everything and my friend suggested I try this product. I was quite pleased with the results and sleeping came easy on those nights when I had so much on my mind I take this when I need to and wake up refreshed and not groggy at all.

Odd side effect...
by Tiffany

I had to leave this stuff alone because it knocked me out, no matter how much I took. However, I do suffer from insomnia at times so I did keep it in the house. I also have told my friends that have issues sleeping about it as well, because it really does work. As my title says, this stuff works fast, so I would get in bed, grab a a book or turn on a show and you'll be off to sleep soon.

The odd side effect that I mentioned is nightmares. I am 32 years old and have not had them for years, but on this stuff I did. Once I stopped taking it, they went away.

Sleepy Time
by Valerie M.

Melatonin is so great for anyone whose sleep schedule is out of whack. Depending on how much you take for your weight, you may find yourself conking out, but you also might just start relaxing and going to bed when you feel ready. The real benefit comes from the capsules recharging your brain's melatonin storage, which then makes it easier for your body to wake up when it gets lighter, and get tired when it gets dark. Eventually it all falls into place- without harsh drugs!

Excellent sleep!
by L. S.

This melatonin will knock you out, plain and simple. It takes about half an hour to really work, but after that don't plan on being conscious.

Nighty night naturally--I like
by R. Todd Woodstock

I tried this and it is exceptional. There may be other products similar and are less expensive; however, I sleep perfect and it truly felt natural, not a drugged feeling. Plenty of dreams throughout the night. This is well worth the try. Sweet Dreams.

Great for sleep
by April Smith

I tried this product, and I slept like a baby. Within 45 minutes of taking this, I felt so calm and relaxed. After laying down, I bet I was asleep within 2 minutes. I never really believed this product would work like that until I actually tried it. I was so impressed with the results.

Works in the short term
by EM

My mom used it for a while and it seemed to help in the short term, but it gradually lost it's effectiveness, like her body was getting used to it

not too bad
by Barb

Seems to work pretty good. My daughter used it when she was on some asthma meds that kept her up. This seemed to help settle her down.

Melatonin Time Released 3 mg
by Candis Kane

This is a really great product. I really didn't think that it would work and I was wrong. I get a great nights sleep and much more energy during the day

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by heather

I can't sleep at all without this, Its not addictive, so I don't need it, but I have minor insomnia and refuse to use meds,but this I will.I dont feel groggy and I sleep for more than 2 hours at a time-use it!

melatonin time release
by heather

This product is great! I don't wake up feeling antsy or groggy and I actually sleep through the whole night! Thanks!