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Cooling Incense

Cooling Incense - this formulation is a blend of herbs to balance pitta.
Cooling ayurvedic incense is specially designed to give cooling effect.
Cooling Incense reduces pitta and balances kapha and vata dosha.
Cooling Incense is useful during meditation and helps to improve concentration.
Cooling Incense is 100% Natural.
Cooling Incense is Free from harsh chemicals, additives & hardening agents.
Cooling Incense has No animal ingredients.

Additional Information: Cooling effect, Soothing, Improve concentration, Meditation, ph balance, Pitta, Kapha Dosha

Ingredients: Chandan(santalum album), Khas(vetterver zizinoides), neem(Azadirechta indica), Majeeth(Rubia cordifolia), Eucalyptus, Elachi(elattaria cardamomum), Laung (clove), Guggul(commiphora mukul), Ghee(cow milk fat) and Jasmine, Alua and Rose.

Product: Cooling Incense
Brand: LiveHerbals Ayurveda Sandhu's (More Products)
Size: 20 sticks
Dosage: Can use anytime. Most effective during early mornings and late evenings.
Retail: $1.95
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