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Alluna™ Sleep

The natural properties of Alluna help your mind and body relax so you can drift off to sleep naturally.† It has been clinically tested and shown to be effective in actually promoting your body's own natural sleep pattern-safely and gently!

Alluna features a natural combination of valerian and hops which have been safely used by millions of people to promote restful sleep.

Product: Alluna™ Sleep
Brand: Enzymatic Therapy (More Products)
Size: 28 Tablets
Dosage: 2 tablets daily
Retail: $12.49
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10 Customer Reviews

Sound sleep
by Pattie

Just last month, our store was out of Calms Forte (my brand) so I bought Alluna for my husband instead. I had heard about it from my mother's friend, so I figured it was worth a try. My husband slept soundly and felt rested after taking these and suggested I switch to them also. The size of the pills (or the odor) didn't bother him, but it would for sure bother me.

by Sharon

While these provided a slightly more sound sleep, the grogginess in the morning, as well as the slight headaches were not worth it. I wanted to wake up feeling refreshed, not as if I were suffering from a hangover!

All depends on the person
by Ted

I've read the other reviews on this product referring to odors and feeling dizzy. I personally have no problems with this product. I purchased it a couple of times when I was having issues with insomnia and it's worked like a charm each time. I wake up refreshed and ready to start the day on the right foot.

Works, but leaves me groggy the next day
by George

I have taken Alluna Sleep for those nights where I know (after having laid there for 30+min) that I will have trouble sleeping. It lived up to its name in that respect, however, each time has left me waking up groggy the next day. I also felt lightheaded at various times through the day after I had taken it. Use with that in mind...

Not For Me
by Rhonda R

My physician gave me a huge bag of these in an attempt to get the odor out of her sample cabinet. Having chronic insomnia, I happily took them easily overlooking the smell.
Unfortunately as with any natural sleep aid I have tried, this was worthless. I doubled and tripled the dosage hoping to feel something with no luck.
I'd save my money and warm up some milk.

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1 Customer Opinions

by mary johnson

A friend gave me a couple of this alluna sleep pills to take as I hardly ever slept over 5 hours without waking up. After taking two alluna sleep pills I slept 8 hours without waking up and I could feel it when I woke up...no groggy feeling and felt good.

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