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Megatonin 500

A natural sleep aid that contains melatonin, the body's "internal clock" regulator, Megatonin 500® supplements your body's decreasing melatonin levels to help provide sound, deep sleep without drowsy after effects.
Product: Megatonin 500
Brand: Neways International (More Products)
Size: 60 ml
Dosage: 3 mg (4 sprays) daily
Retail: $22.95
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3 Customer Reviews

excellent for jet lag
by K Tabassum

I personally have used this spray whenever I visited my parents in south east Asia. Before trying this product I used to have jet lag for almost a week, my average vacation was 3 weeks and one week was lost in jet lag. But now as soon as I land I use Megatonin 500 and it really works wonders. I was amazed as to how fast and effective this product is. Thumbs up to Megatonin 500. I will never fly oversees without you.

Sleepless Nights
by jean

These pills, which claim to contain melatonin and other natural sleep enhancers, did not work on me and my grandmother at all. After taking these pills for three months regularly, we did not see any improvements at all. I do not recommend this product to anyone.

Sweet Dreams!
by Dee

I began trying natural sleep remedies for my persistent insomnia after finding that there was no prescription sleep aid that left me able to function the next day.
I must admit to being skeptical of Megatonin 500 since I had already tried melatonin in tablet form on many occasions. I doubted that it would be any different in this transmucosal form, but I was pleasantly surprised.
It not only seemed to work better, but also much quicker. And I did not experience the one major side effect that I had when I had used melatonin in pill form... a very stuffy nose upon awakening.
The only disadvantage for me is that it does not work as effective if used on a very frequent basis, but that seems to be true of everything else I've used for insomnia.
So when it comes to natural sleep aids, Megatonin 500 is on the top of my list and the only form of melatonin I'll ever use again!