f Solaray Sleep Blend SP-17 Reviews and Information

Sleep Blend SP-17

Promotes restful sleep.
Product: Sleep Blend SP-17
Brand: Solaray (More Products)
Size: 100 Capsules
Dosage: Take 2 capsules daily.
Retail: $8.79
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4 Customer Reviews

Fast effect, no side effects - highly recommended
by Jack

My wife began trying natural sleep remedies for her insomnia that developed after her 2nd child delivery, and after finding that prescription sleep medications left her unable to function the next day.
While my wife was skeptical of Sleep Blend SP-17 at first and since she had already tried melatonin tablets from several other brands, she was pleasantly surprised! She took 2 capsules about an hour before bed time and she was almost immediately able to sleep all through the night and quite restfully. She didn't feel dizzy or tired next morning and it had no noticeable side effects throughout her 4 months of taking it, after which she did not need it anymore. It only cost $7 a bottle of 100 capsules too - a bargain! She highly recommends this product!!

Sleep the Natural Way
by A G

I have been looking for a natural way to sleep. Many of the OTC’s have “extra” ingredients. I haven’t slept better in weeks. If you are looking for a natural and safe product, look no further.

Healthy sleep the natural way
by AR

When I went away to college, it was my first time sleeping away from my home for an extended period of time. I really had a hard time adjusting and wanted to find a supplement that would help me, but not introduce a bunch of unnecessary and unnatural ingredients into my body. It also needed to be non-habit forming. I found Sleep Blend SP-17 at a GNC near my college and decided to give it a try. SP-17 is a natural approach to restful sleep utilizing a minimum amount of ingredients for maximum effect. The primary ingredients are Valerian extract (for promoting restful sleep) and Hops (relaxes the smooth muscles and acts as a sedative) working together to help get you to sleep. I used 2 capsules about an hour before bed time and they really seemed to do the job. Great, restful, and uninterrupted sleep throughout the entire night. I didn't feel overly tired in the morning and it had no ill side effects through the night/day. It is definitely not as potent as some of the other major supplements out there, but it does it's job in a safe and effective manner. For less than $8 for a 50 day supply, it really is a great product at an affordable price.

works OK
by Noah Bratvold

This product doesn't give you the groggy feeling in the morning, but at night it takes a little while longer than other products for this to kick in, I would still be awake for a few hours after taking these.