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Ginseng Tea

Your health is your responsibility. No one cares about your health more than you. Our Best Ginseng Tea made from Original Korean ginseng roots, blended into granules with glucose and lactose, and packed in individually sealed bags. It possesses the strong flavor of pure Korean ginseng.

Our Best Ginsengs tea may help cope with physical and emotional stress, improve memory, increase vitality and open the mind.

Not for women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Individuals with any kind of heart disease should not take Korean ginseng without supervision from a healthcare professional. Do not take more than three tea bags a day. People with diabetes should use caution as this product will result in a drop of blood sugar.

Product: Ginseng Tea
Brand: Young You Corp (More Products)
Size: 20 Tea bags
Dosage: 1-2 times daily,1 bag each time.
Retail: $24.85
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4 Customer Reviews

by Tiffany

Love this tea. Taste is good, hot or cold. At nite before I go to sleep, I enjoy a cup.

Ginseng tea
by Lisa

I routinely get too little sleep, and to keep myself going at top speed during the day, I routinely ingest caffeine via coffee and black tea. If I'm particularly tired and need an extra boost though, I go for the ginseng tea. It definitely perks me up and gives me a renewed burst of energy.

If you are sensitive to stimulants--if you avoid caffeine--if you take ginseng you will probably have a very strong reaction--"bouncing off the walls" is how one non-caffeine-consuming co-worker described it (he didn't know what it was when a friend offered him ginseng tea).

This particular brand is tasty--and strong. Higher priced than some, but I think it is also more concentrated.

by Mary

For me, ginseng gives me energy. I'm not sure why, but it gives me a little extra pep in my step.

Works great against those annoying colds.
by Joel

I have been drinking this tea for years and have to say that it is one the best cold cure. The taste is very delicious.

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4 Customer Opinions

by Kristen

I can't wait to try this product!

by Tracy

I have never tried any products that contain ginseng but may consider it.

by heather

I saw this a couple weeks ago and figured id give it a try,I love it.It has a great taste and my chest and head always seem relieved when I drink it, definitely recommend!

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