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It is available now
by Naveed

You can get it now from us. Soon it will be available at stores.

by Nawaz Malik

Wonderful Product. No suitable words to express my feelings. Me (70 years) and my wife (62 Years) are both using Vivioptal Active and Vivioptal Plus once daily. Keeping us marriage fit and very active. We do not feel any pain or side effects. Very useful for over fifty people. Unluckily I have to arrange them from England or Ireland through one of my friends because I am in Saudi Arabia and it is not easy to get anything like this here. I don't understand why the company is not able to send them here through any of its clients. Excellent body help. May All give him rewards who made such a formula. I wish someone help me get these capsules here in Jeddah Saudi Arabia. Money is no problem.

Manager Coordination
by Talib Hussain Chohan

I have been using this product since 8 years, its really a wonderful and energetic for the body muslces, peace of mind, reduces working pressures, alleviates BOSS attitude and bed sex as well

IT Manager
by Qazi Jawad

I have been using this product from 6 years, one a day only one month with the interval of every two monts.
I found it wonderful. Highly energetic and really helpful.

by jawed Mirza

I have used this product for 15 years it is an excellent product for general tonic and I was benefitted by it as a good overall tonic for sex as well

must must must wants plz plz plz plz
by hamza

plz i want vivioptal capsoule .. mabe by pakistan because before i used nd i,ve got good benefits but now it not in the market .. plz gave me the mabe by pakistan plz plz plz plz plz

by elizabeth ruelas

i have only begun using these vitamins and have a noticeable increase in energy level throughout my day, so much so that i try not to take it after 10am. or i am too alert at bedtime..

Executive Secretary
by Fazal R. Sheikh

I have been working 6-8 hours daily (6 days a week) on computer. I have been using VIVIOPTAL capsules for many years for nervous weakness very effectively.

After stoppage of supply of VIVIOPTAL in Pakistan (Ali Gohar & Co) the product available in market is from India which is not upto the mark while German packing is being sold at a price 3 times higher.

IT Technician
by Aumeeruddy Zaaki

I have used this vitamin for 20 years .There was no use to wear glasses .Now since this product is no more available in my country and though i tried other vitamins for eyes .It is a top vitamin ,

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by isabel

am very please with this suplement are the best


THE BEST......................I PILL A DAY..CHANGE MY LIFE.......