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Great product
by Ronnie

I Have been taking this for just over one week and I feel energetic all day not run down like I used to be. I work for a store on ebay and need to be at a steady pace for picking and packing and i feel like superman all day. I highly recommend this. Thanks Vitabase and keep it up!

Thinking about trying Vitabase
by Martin

I've tried to do some research on Vitabase's Life Essentials Plus multivitamin pills. In general, I have been see possitive feedback. The reason I am being skeptical is this product is only sold online and not a the local health store.

Good value
by John Kook

The cost is not really high when you consider everything in this product. For example, I used to take an antioxidant product, a multi-vitamin, and a minerals product. They cost about $40/month. This product is $22/month if you buy 3, get 1 free, and contains everything those three products did and much more. I will be using this a long time.

by Jennifer Hani

I give this 4.5 because the tablets are a little large. However, it is a great value, and I like most that the nutrients come from plant sources. The quality is outstanding, and while a bit high priced, it is worth it.

Great product
by Jim Cook

I love this product. What a good value. It has replaced about $100/month worth of various products because it contains about everything. I am a huge fan of Vitabase.

Very good value
by Jennifer Hani

Great combination of ingredients and incredible company. My husband and I use this product and I give my children the Super Softgels (easier for them to swallow).

Great product and value
by Beth Moore

I like this product because it is so diverse in ingredients and even diverse in other ways. For example, it has a wide diversity in fruits and vegetables and green grasses in it. That is a good sign because it reflects a commitment to quality.

by Joy Martin

I can only give this product 4 stars because I think there is a better option. Check out Vitabase's VitaComplete which is a liquid, not much more money but has a lot more in it. I do agree with the people here that say that Vitabase is a great company.

I like it
by Ken Davis

My girlfriend and I use this regularly. Great product.

Really good value
by Nathan S

I used to buy all of the ingredients in this product separately, and I spent a fortune. I have cut back just to this product. It has antioxidants, efas, vitamins, minerals, and on and on. Quite an engineering feat.

Great multi-vitamin
by Greg Long

The tablets are a little large. I actually cut them in half. You have to take 3 a day. I actually called and talked to Vitabase about it. They told me they had to either make large tablets or have people take more because they put so much into the product. I do think there are a lot of great ingredients in the product.

Love Vitabase
by Becton

Good product. I have felt a huge difference in energy since starting my current health regimen. I think that the multi-vitamin is only the foundation, but I love the fact that this one is natural.

by Janie

Great product. Great company. Can't believe how much stuff they have packed into these tablets.

Not much to say
by JohnK

I buy all my health prods from Vitabase, and this is no exception. Only problem for me is the cost; this multi is a bit on the high side. But, it comes from vegetarian sources so I guess that is expected.

Good product
by Kyle

Let's face it--you do not really feel any difference when you take a multi-vitamin. That being said, I love Vitabase and I love this product. It is a great value because if I bought everything in it separately, it would probably cost about $100/month.

Excellent value
by Jake Brown

This product packs everything in it. The ingredient list is very long. The drawback is the tablets are not small and you take three a day. I have learned to trust the Vitabase brand very much over the years. They are extremely concerned about their customers.

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graduate student
by Leyda Lugo

Since I started to take Life's Essentials Plus multivitamin every day I feel renovated and full of energy!. I just found the perfect multivitamin supplement that makes me feel healthy and rejuvenated! :)