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Expert Health XS2

XS2 is a Powerful, State-Of- The-Art Advanced nutraceutical supplement formula that “makes a difference” now in a concentrated, convenient formula. This formula delivers high end nutritional supplements containing high doses of vitamins, minerals, adaptogens, herbal extracts, flavonoids, detoxifiers and energizers. It is an “All In One Bottle Formula” as compared to all in One Pill or One-Pill-A-Day Multi.

For years consumers had to rely on commercial “one-a-day” supplements that provide extremely low potencies that actually delivers no benefits. After 15 years of medical hands on experience, observations, reading nutritional supplements medical studies and observing what actually works and what doesn’t, Dr Calin Pop designed The EXPERT HEALTH series of high impact supplements. "More Ingredients = More Power!" All you need to do is take Expert Health for a month!

Expert Health XS2 Has The Equivalent Of:

* 10-15 bottles of “Centrum" Multi Vitamins OR
* 3 Bottles of "Powerful", Superior Quality
* 2 Bottles of A Superior Expensive Form of
Vitamin B12
* 3 Bottles of Folic Acid
* 1 Bottle of Stress And Fatigue Formula
* 2-3 Bottles of Herbal extracts
* 1 Bottle of Enzymes
* 1 bottle of Anti Oxidants
* 1 Bottle of Liver Detoxification Factors
* 1 Bottle of Coenzyme Q10 (30 mg)
* 1 Bottle of Vitamin D (1000 IU)
* 1 Bottle of Anti Allergy Supplements
* 1 Bottle of Amino Acids
* 1/2 bottle of Vitamin E - The Best Kind - (With
All The Tocopherols And Tocotrienols)
* 1 Bottle of Chromium Picolinate
* 1 Bottle of Adaptogens And Adrenal Support
* 1 Bottle of Electrolytes And Athletic Activity
Product: Expert Health XS2
Brand: Expert Supplements (More Products)
Size: 180 capsules
Dosage: Take 4 capsules twice daily with food, or 8 capsules with food in the morning five times a week.
Retail: $77.97
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1 Customer Reviews

I didn't expect...
by DMC

At a Natural Health product conference I was given a free sample of this product. It was said that this product had the most concentrated form of nutrients that the human body needs. Like a Multi vitamin on steroids. After using the supplements for a week I must report feeling more alert and just having a better feeling in my body overall. I have always taken multi-vitamins not really noticing any difference. So I never expected this kind of performance from this kind of product.