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Ola Loa Energy is a great tasting effervescent multi-vitamin-mineral-amino powder that provides quick recovery from stress, sports and the rigors of daily life, with all natural energy boosters and a doctor's selection of strategic nutrients providing greater absorption and immune system support. Ola Loa Energy is so gentle on the body that it can be taken anytime. Tired of your vitamin pills? Drink Your Vitamins and enjoy the Ola Loa feeling!

Available in Cran-Raspberry, Tropical, and Orange flavors.
Product: Energy
Brand: Ola Loa (More Products)
Size: 30 Packets
Dosage: 1 Packet daily
Retail: $32.95
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25 Customer Reviews

by Diana Ross

I've been drinking energy drinks for over 20 years and this is the best. The flavors are wonderful and the product works. Thank you.

by Jeremy

I liked this quite a bit but you can still taste a certain taste. This product is fair. It's good because I was able to get all of my essential nutrients as I still take it from time to time, however, it didn't give me that boost of energy. It's still great with all the nutrients it includes and the taste isn't so horrible or distasteful.

Get this product!
by Stephen

This product is great for people who do not like to take pills. I love drinking dietary supplements. My body feels more refreshed and exhilarated the moment they go down. When I take vitamins, they often upset my stomach and I can feel them dissolving slowly while my churning stomach acids making me feel nauseous.

Very good!!!
by MK

I have been taking the Tropical flavor powder for a week now and I love it! Somehow, it has been providing me with both a mental and physical boost with my daily life. I feel no side effects at all (e.g. stomachache, headache, etc.). I plan to continue to take this product as well as try other flavors.

drinking it right now!
by Cynthia

I've been trying this product for the past 3 days, and it is working for me! I've had super busy days which would usually wear me out, but with these drinks, I haven't even had to take a nap. I like the tropical flavor the best; it tastes like fruit punch. Also, with this drink, I haven't had high peaks that drop off suddenly. It seems to be more of an overall, steady boost instead of a "quick fix." I was able to study until 3AM last night because of it (when I usually pass out by 12 AM). I think I will buy another box when I'm done with this one.

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