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Liquid Gel Cortisol

Cortisol Hunger Control liquid gel capsules is a dietary supplement. Cortisol Hunger Control blocks the hunger caused by our bodys release of cortisol. For many of us, constant cortisol release creates a near 24-hour need to snack. Cortisol Hunger Control works in two ways. First, it stops us from overeating. Second, it speeds up our metabolism so we burn more calories from the food we do eat.
Product: Liquid Gel Cortisol
Brand: OMNI NUTRACEUTICALS (More Products)
Size: 30 Gelcaps
Dosage: 1 Gelcap
Retail: $7.29
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12 Customer Reviews

I lost 65 pounds!!
by SG

I really liked this product. My overeating vanished and I had energy. It took a few weeks for the full effect, but I tried the more expensive cortisol pills and they made me very jittery and my heart raced at times. I bought the carb blocker too, and really saw results!! It took 6 months and I lost 65 pounds!! I really did not do exercise just an occasional walk., but the energy they give you is great!!

by Daniel B

After using a lot of different product to help control cravings, I found liquid Gel Cortisol. This has been a gift to improving my health. Not only my obvious weight loss, but a surge in energy. Great product!

It surprisingly works when used longer than a week! =O =D
by Courtney Johnson

I decided to try this when my father stopped using them for medical reasons. I had used them for about two to hree weeks and noticed that my appitite had dwindled. As well as that, a friend came up to me afraid for my health, asking me if I was anorexic because she had noticed I'd lost weight. Though I didn't notice this myself, many of my friends had. I would reccomend this product because of it's good price and how it accutally does work when people decide to use the product in it's entirety, no just for a few days, or for a week. I've now have been using it for about a month and still seem to losing weight. I will be using this stuff again!

by Julianna

This is the first time I have ever tried something like this and at first, nothing seemed to be happening. After 2-3 weeks I have noticed a big difference in my appetite. I am not always hungry and eat way less per meal. My clothes are still fitting the same, but I definitely have more energy and exercise more. It was worth the test.

Cortisol not so good
by Marianne M

I am always looking for new products to try out in hopes that I will find something that works well for me. I happened to pass by Cortisol and saw that it was on sale. I thought "well I can't beat that price" so I grabbed it and bought it. I took the pill right away and felt no different. I thought maybe it would take a few days to kick in so I continued to take it over the course of a week. Nothing changed I still had an appetite and was still snacking. I didn't see a point in taking a pill that wasn't working for me so I discontinued use. Unfortunately, Cortisol is not all that it's cracked up to be. I now understand why it was on sale.

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