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LipoSan Ultra Chitosan

Get fit the right way; eat smart, exercise regularly, and don't forget the fitness aid chitosan. The fat-absorbing capabilities of chitosan have made it one of the nation's most popular diet aids -- but there's never been a chitosan product as effective as this one! Our LipoSan ULTRA binds up to five times more fat than competing brands, and that's not all. Unlike conventional chitosan products, which take up to two hours to work, LipoSan ULTRA goes to work right away, so you can take it when you eat! LipoSan ULTRA is simply the best chitosan on the market -- no other product compares!
Product: LipoSan Ultra Chitosan
Brand: Swansons (More Products)
Size: 240 capsules
Dosage: 2 capsules, 3x per day
Retail: $10.49
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4 Customer Reviews

by Sierra

I've heard good things about this product and was wondering what was the most weight anyone has lost while on it and if they ate right and exercised regulary?

by Amber Webb

I have heard so much about this product from several people, and they are all great things.

Lose a few pounds
by Tejas Patel

I took it for about three months and lost about 8 pounds. I didn’t even have to exercise extensively. At the end of the third month the results started slowing down so this might not work indefinitely. Worth a try for a little while

Chitosan is great
by April Smith

What I like most about this product is the chitosan. I don't think the medical community has done enough research into the wonderful benefits of chitosan. This product really helped me to lose the last ten pounds. It is a product that any person with a few extra pounds should look into. It helps to block the fat, so it moves right through your system.