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Hydroxycut Hardcore

Team MuscleTech researchers have invested in clinical studies to discover the most powerful formula ever to alter the way you burn fat. Hydroxycut® Hardcore makes all other fat burners obsolete. It is the most extraordinarily powerful fat burner ever developed.*

Hydroxycut Hardcore utilizes an exclusive liquid Micro-dispersion Technology to deliver fat-burning components immediately to the body.*
Hydroxycut Hardcore attacks the fat-burning process through a proprietary blend 5-step process to ensure maximum strength fat-loss.
Product: Hydroxycut Hardcore
Brand: Muscletech (More Products)
Size: 120 Capsules
Dosage: 3 Capsules, 2x daily
Retail: $59.99
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26 Customer Reviews

used this line for years
by brandy

I've used hydroxycut for years, even when it had ephedrine, that was the best, but because some stupid people thought more was better, they recalled ephedra in everything. The original hydroxycut hardcore was awesome, but again, because people had pre existing conditions, causing liver failure, it was recalled. If you dont' follow directions, you can get adverse reactions, also, not al drugs affect everyone the same way. Look how many side effects, and deaths prescriptions have caused. I would recomend this product, just FOLLOW DIRECTIONS.

Work Really Well!!
by Richelle

I have tried losing weight on my own with regular excercise and diet and it never work. I have tried other herbal products that worked well. But i have a busy Schedule work 12hrs, own a business and have dogs to work out also. So i would take hydroxycut and it would help me perform better at work and i would still have energy to work my dogs out. Felt no sickness the first time i tryed this product. It worked wonders i lost 10 pounds in two months. As long as you eat a heathy diet this will work.

Stop using immediatley
by Scott

I started using this product about a month ago and to date I have lost 16 pounds. Great results right, but just wait until you stop cold turkey. It is hard to describe the pain I was in. It has been 3 days, since I quit and I am still paying for it. The first and second day severe headaches ALL DAY, the third day aching all over my body. I am telling you PLEASE DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT AND STOP TAKING NOW!!!!! It is doing more damage than good.

It helped some
by mroyer1459

I tried this product in the winter time , but I believe if I had tried it in the summer I would have had better results. In the winter I do not do as many activities and I think that if I had done more my results would have been way better, but I still lost about 10 pounds in 3 months. I would say that it works.

It works (with diet and exersize)
by Drake

This has helped me lose 50lbs in 8 months! It works. It makes u go to the bathroom like crazy but its well worth it. No pain no gain!

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2 Customer Opinions

hydroxycut hardcore
by heather

This actually works. Started using after the hydroxycut and this was the one, lost 25 lbs and still losing-awseome!

by Nancy G.

I was about to order this when, thankfully, it was recalled due to causing very serious liver problems that actually killed someone that was using the product.
As of now, I would stay away from any and all of the products by hydroxycut.

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