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Stacker 3 XPLC

Stacker 3 XPLC is another new thermogenic breakthrough formula that can Help You Burn Stored Body Fat thanks to a process called Lipid Mobilization. In vitro research shows that Lipid Mobilization is one of the processes that release Fat into the blood stream to be Burned as Energy. On the fat cell’s surface are receptors that signal the cell to hold stored fat. A natural antagonist in New Stacker 3 XPLC chemically switches off these receptors. Freed fatty acids can then move out of the cell and into the blood stream. In combination with our enhanced thermogenic agents and energy boosters, this proprietary formula is designed to Help You Burn Stored Body Fat while delivering an additional Boost of Energy.
Product: Stacker 3 XPLC
Brand: NVE (More Products)
Size: 60 capsules
Dosage: 1 capsule, 3x per day
Retail: $39.95
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69 Customer Reviews

love this stuff
by amanda

helped me looes weight fast!

by Ty

by the way the smart person obviously its not just some people its like half and these are the people that just reported it. something like this should not be anywhere near people without doctors approval me being a very healthy human being would definetly know that its to dangerous in the hands of anybody. i only took one of these pills at 6 pm yesterday!!!! and its 7:11am Right NOW!!!! so yeah people may have different body chemistry but thats exactly my point with these types of side effects it shouldnt be open to just everybody

by Ty

I just took one and i have been up all night with all the symptoms. I also have to take a cold shower every 30 mins so that way i dont freak out. i do not recomened this product to anybody my stomach is in knots and my mind is going crazy

by Anonymous

On the back of the product, it tells you the symtoms , you read them , and you knew it would happen. They do warn you.

Not too bad
by Jamie

I am in the army and have a hard time finding the energy a lot of days. Early mornings and late nights make people tired. I started taking these about 2 weeks ago and I like it. I suggest starting them when you have a few days off work so that your body can get used to the product. I have PTSD so I don't really sleep well anyway, but I also take sleep meds. If you don't have meds to help with sleep, try some of the alternate methods of sleep aids. There are plenty of options online just use google.

And most importantly EAT...EAT...EAT!! And eat real meals. Don't try to starve yourself it just causes more health issues later on.

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10 Customer Opinions

I feel like s*it
by Jasmine Lotta

This stuff is crazy. I'm a minor, looking to loose weight. & I took two of these, with a HUGE sandwich. My dad had to pick me up at school, because my heart beat was as loud as anything. I thought maybe the person sitting next to me could hear it. I ran out of the classroom, and I was very nausous. I couldnt breathe at times. If your 14 or younger. DONT TAKE THESE. I read the directions. Even if you eat, the same symtoms happen. I threw the pills away, i agree with many of you. This stuff REALLY shouldnt be on the market.

by Angela

im not sure if its a good thing or a bad thing, swety hands and sweting bodie along with shivering
does this mean its working or does it mean

great product
by danielle

i am newly trying stacker 3 xplc, so far i really like it........loads of energy and i have already lost 5 lbs in a week..........very happy. sometimes do notice a little jittery and def have 2 eat something before taking. i would recommend product to anyone wanting to shed a few extra lbs

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