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Dexatrim Max™

Introducing a breakthrough in the fight to lose weight - Dexatrim Max™! Losing weight is difficult enough without being tired and stressed. You try to eat right and exercise, but find yourself hungry, craving certain foods, tired and eating to relieve stress.

Fight these diet downfalls with the newest ephedra free, multi-vitamin dietary supplement ONLY from Dexatrim. Dexatrim Max™ gives you an activating complex you can feel working that...
FIGHTS hunger and cravings with a complete daily dose of B vitamins and ginseng

FIGHTS lack of energy with its exclusive Vitabolic Energy Boost and clinically-proven dosage of EGCG from Green Tea

FIGHTS stress-induced eating and weight gain with powerful anti-oxidants and key metabolism boosting ingredients.

Product: Dexatrim Max™
Brand: Dexatrim (More Products)
Size: 75 Caplets
Dosage: 1-2 capsules per day
Retail: $25.09
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85 Customer Reviews

Gonna give it a try
by Michelle

I have tried so many diets and diet pills and nothing seems to work. I was very thin until I had kids and now I am pushing 200 lbs. I feel I need something to supress my appetite since I don't have much time for working out. I have an office job and so therefore I am not very active during the day so I have my fingers crossed that I will see results from this. I will post again in a week or 2 and let you know my progress.

20 lbs
by Patrick

I just started this this morning and i hope it works because i have to lose 20 lbs in 3 months so i can join the army my ship date is oct. 16th but my sgt said if i dont lose the weight by sept. hes cuttin me out of the army... SO! i hope this pill helps me!

Time Will Tell
by Nevara Riley

I just started taking this product a week ago and so far so good as far as the appetite suppressing. I'm a late night eater but it seems as though for the past week i've been drinking more water than usual and eating a lot less. Not sure if it's the pill making me thirsty or not. I seem to have a lot more energy to work out than usual as well which is great. Now i just need these twenty pounds off my September and I'll be highly satisfied. I haven't weighed in yet but am set to do so in another week. Will keep you guys posted.

We will see
by Sam

Just bought today, 2-25-2012. will start it tomorrow and see how it goes. I have lost about 30lb in the last year. went from 240 down to 210. Trying to get back under 200 and cant seem to break the 210 mark. I lost the 30lb by simply changing my diet and being more active than I had been, It did work but seems to have stalled. Hope this jump starts the weight loss again.

by Karin

Does what it says! I work out most every day and it seem almost counter productive because I am so much more hungry on those days that I feel like I ate away all the hard work I put in at the gym! This really curbs my eating!

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16 Customer Opinions

by Glenda

I have only been taking the pills for a couple days now, but so far I'm loving it. Everyone concerned about the color of their urine are just uneducated. The discoloration of your urine is from the vitamins, so don't freak out.

Starting Today
by Courtney

I have just gotten my first bottle, and I'm starting today. I am very pleased with the reviews I've seen, and hoping it will work for me. I just need to shed this extra weight!

Curious to try it
by Cory

I have been curious about this product for some time now. I have had two children and have hung onto that last 15lbs for about 3 years now. I eat pretty well and work out some but not enough. I too have late night sweet cravings so I will give this a try and focus more on my eating and exercise routine and hopefully it will work.

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