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Gonna give it a try
by Michelle

I have tried so many diets and diet pills and nothing seems to work. I was very thin until I had kids and now I am pushing 200 lbs. I feel I need something to supress my appetite since I don't have much time for working out. I have an office job and so therefore I am not very active during the day so I have my fingers crossed that I will see results from this. I will post again in a week or 2 and let you know my progress.

20 lbs
by Patrick

I just started this this morning and i hope it works because i have to lose 20 lbs in 3 months so i can join the army my ship date is oct. 16th but my sgt said if i dont lose the weight by sept. hes cuttin me out of the army... SO! i hope this pill helps me!

Time Will Tell
by Nevara Riley

I just started taking this product a week ago and so far so good as far as the appetite suppressing. I'm a late night eater but it seems as though for the past week i've been drinking more water than usual and eating a lot less. Not sure if it's the pill making me thirsty or not. I seem to have a lot more energy to work out than usual as well which is great. Now i just need these twenty pounds off my September and I'll be highly satisfied. I haven't weighed in yet but am set to do so in another week. Will keep you guys posted.

We will see
by Sam

Just bought today, 2-25-2012. will start it tomorrow and see how it goes. I have lost about 30lb in the last year. went from 240 down to 210. Trying to get back under 200 and cant seem to break the 210 mark. I lost the 30lb by simply changing my diet and being more active than I had been, It did work but seems to have stalled. Hope this jump starts the weight loss again.

by Karin

Does what it says! I work out most every day and it seem almost counter productive because I am so much more hungry on those days that I feel like I ate away all the hard work I put in at the gym! This really curbs my eating!

dexatrim max
by Mimi

Ive always struggled with my weight. 3 yrs ago I went from 223 to 169 on my own no pills just limiting my food intake extremely hard since I love chocolate. But I slowly gained bout 25 lbs. So I decided to try dexatrim Max. Today's my third day. 1st day I didn't notice much effects 2nd day yes! It really helped curve my hunger id always snacked or had a late dinner I forgot dat I hadn't eaten lunch I ended up eating @ 3pm. I did increase my fluid intake I did notice my urine being a stronger yellow color not normal for me. 1 day I took 2 pills in da morning 2 day I read da box & it says u can take 2 pills again in da evening I wasn't able to sleep so third day stick to 2 pills a day. Overall to me they work they supress your cravings & everyone knows that's hard to do! Ima keep on them see my outcome day 1 I weighed 218 lbs have not weighed in till 4 more days will keep you posted

dexatrim max
by Mimi

Ive always struggled with my weight. 3 yrs ago I went from 223 to 169 on my own no pills just limiting my food intake extremely hard since I love chocolate. But I slowly gained bout 25 lbs. So I decided to try dexatrim Max. Today's my third day. 1st day I didn't notice much effects 2nd day yes! It really helped curve my hunger id always snacked or had a late dinner I forgot dat I hadn't eaten lunch I ended up eating @ 3pm. I did increase my fluid intake I did notice my urine being a stronger yellow color not normal for me. 1 day I took 2 pills in da morning 2 day I read da box & it says u can take 2 pills again in da evening I wasn't able to sleep so third day stick to 2 pills a day. Overall to me they work they supress your cravings & everyone knows that's hard to do! Ima keep on them see my outcome day 1 I weighed 218 lbs have not weighed in till 4 more days will keep you posted

Just started and hoping!
by RetiredinAz1

I just bought my first bottle today and will keep my fingers crossed that it works. I am not overly overweight but would feel better about myself if I could drop about 10 lbs. I am taking two capsules in the morning....will keep this site updated.

by Ash

I have started taking dexatrim max and have noticed that it does help with the hunger. But I have also noticed that it makes me really tired and feel like I am on some kind of drugs. I have experienced the "mountain dew" pee but not being more than normal thirsty. I don't want to give up on it yet because it has only been three or four days if there is any advice though I could use it.

another fad
by mysticrain

well, i bought dexatrim max, and it does not work at all. if anything i feel more hungry than i did goin it alone.. it makes you want to eat and i am not a big person by any means. i am 170 lbs wanting to lose 50 lbs..the 22 dollars i spent on this product was like throwing 22 dollars down the toilet and flushing it...sorry,but its true! I am going to keep trying tho,onto the next fad, maybe lipozene, or nv.

Seems to be doing exactly what it promised
by James W

I started taking Dexatrim Max about 3 days ago and I have noticed great results have already lost 3 lbs. I have struggled with weight loss for as long as I can remember because I have a horribly slow metabolism and extreme depression eating issues. Since I started taking the pills I have noticed my cravings are almost completely gone and my energy is up 100% I feel alive again. Cant wait to try it while working my manual labor job and see how I manage.

Pros: 1. Curbs cravings for food and allows you to be full off much smaller amounts.
2. Increases energy by a very noticeable amount.
Cons: 1. Causes dehydration make sure you drink lots of water.
2. Had a horrible headache first morning while taking Dexatrim not sure if it was pill related or not but is gone now and has not returned.
3. Makes me feel very warm all the time not horribly uncomfortable but noticeable.
4. Appetite control sometimes is extreme I have to remind myself to eat or like today I went the whole day without eating and didn't even notice it once.

All in all im going to stay on the product and hopefully it will help me shed the pounds ive been trying to lose most of my life.

by Crossing my fingers

Today is the first day! I've read comments and did research and now it's time for action! I tried to eat right and exercise on my own and the weight was coming off fast enough for me. So, now it's time for a change. I'll write back after a couple of weeks for an update.

by Kathryn

I am completing my first bottle, i.e. 60 capsules. I have taken one a day, in the morning, and have increased my water intake. I go to the gym about three or more days a week, and I have lost 15 pounds of VERY stubborn weight. I have had no side effects, and am very pleased with the product. I plan to try to do without it for a while, then restart it. I bought two more bottles today for later use.

by Spotting and cramping

I started taking Dexatrim Max Complex on Sunday August 6, 2011. I noticed some spotting of blood when going to the restroom on August 9,2011. I immediately stopped taking the product. I continued to spot and cramp for 7 days. I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for August 24, 2011. He had me go through a few tests and everything came back ok. So I started to take the Dexatrim Max Complex again on August 27, 2011. Well, here we are 3 days out again and I am spotting again.
So I can not tell you if the product actually works, because I can not get past the 3rd day of taking it.

No Go
by Lee

ive been taken it for a few days and i always get shaky feel like my heart is going to pop out of my chest i cant focus does this feeling ever stop?!?

Im not going to lie it does work but ....
by Josh Johnson

Ok I know a lot of person are going to say that this doesn't work but it works for me. I try to take the pill at least twice a day ( after breakfast and after dinner ) and I does what it says on the bottle, it blocks hunger and as a result it gets rid of fat. However I am an athlete so I workout on the regular so what works for me may not work for the average person, but I think for the best results you should workout along with taking the pill. That only bad thing I have to say is that after my workouts I'm NOT HUNGRY !!! So I don't eat but that isn't good because as a result of that my energy is gone and sometimes I have bad stomach pains. But other then that it works good ! I've cut down on body fat.

by Cynthia

Well, I am about to start taking this I know that it will not work over night. I dont have enery at all. I am stay at home mom.bipolar with extream anxity so idont go out alot.. I dont expect this JUST to work I know I have to watch what I eat and excersice so im working in a excersice thing with it ill check back here in a few days to let u all know how i am doing. I have heard it works for some and not others.. everyone will not get the same results oh and about the mention of green Urine..thats prolly cause of the green tea LOL.

It does work!
by amy

I used this product for the summer and only took one a day.. I lost 35lbs on Dexatrim Max Complete along with exercise. So it DOES work for those who are not using it without exercise or changing eating habits.

Great Product!
by Kelly

I have been using Dexatrim Max for five days now and have lost two pounds but it appears as though my abdomen (problem area!) has slimmed down way more than that. Based on the claims that 80% of the weight loss comes from body fat, this would make sense. I am very happy with this product and have experienced no adverse side effects. It does a great job curbing my appetite.

so far so good
by Debbie

so far i am not getting hungry and have the energy to get on the treadmill i am wanting to lose 20 pounds

by Panda

I have been taking Dexatrim Max fr 2 days. So far the side effects have been severe upset stomach and the "runs" ..when I say that I mean I have to RUN to the toilet. The only reason I don't feel hungry is because my stomach is cramping and upset. When it doesn't hurt I still feel hungry. I am also thirsty all the time..could be because of numerous times I have to run to the toilet. I am very sensitive to stimulates like caffeine , so I bought this because it has the least amount of stimulates. I will continue to take them for a few more days and see if all this is just my body adjusting to them. I am a mother of three, and have been confined to the house raising children for 10 years . I am not over weight ..about 125, but I have noticed some pudge so I am just trying to get rid of that. I run 2x a week when my husband is able to stay home with the kids..other than that I get no exercise ..I really hope this works.

y is it a green color?
by bree

ok so i had to loose a few pounds for my highschool hockey team cuz we had a BIG tournament coming up and i wanted to gain some extra speed... and so i tried it and now my pee is a light green? should i be concerned? so i stopped taking it and it went away.... lost 15 pounds by myself... U DONT NEED IT!

Lawsuit waiting to happen
by Disapointed

Well, i am a highschool wrestler. I decided to use dexatrim to help me cut weight. I practice every week day for 2 hours and i get more intense exercise than most people do. Still i have lost maybe 5 pounds, and that might just be from natural weight loss. So far the only mentionable result i have gotten is that my urine is a lightsaber-like green, as if i was bitten by an irradiated rodent. this product does not work at all. Do not fall for the false advertisement. The only true way to lose weight is to cut back on your food consumption and get plenty of exercise

by ally

I have just started taking Dexatrim max and it works except for one side effect that i dont know if i should be worried about. it makes my pee a really weird green like mt. dew?? lol

It really works
by Amy

I've been using Dexatrim Max for a month and its worked wonders. I am not hungry and I actually feel energized. With my new found additional energy, I've begun walking and exercising some too.

by Mandie

Been trying this for a few days and its great. i tried weight watchers.... FAIL.... i tried going for a run 5 times a week and.... FAIL. i was cheating with food and the runs weren't helping and i was exhausted. i was using 5 hr energy shots but those actually did nothing for my energy. in fact i can take a nap an hour after using it. but this dexatrim max is amazing. i haven't felt tired. I can go to bed normally with no problems. I have enough energy to enjoy my runs, and i drank water all day, ate a kellogs special k bar for lunch and had a sensible dinner, and I'm FULL. no desire to snack which is usually what happens about an hour after dinner.

feeling great and really happy with this. i have lost 3 lbs this week!!! amazing!

by Someone wanting to lose weight

I have been taking the dexatrim Max daytime appetite control for about a week now. It really does work for me as far as suppressing my appetite, I love it. I don't know if I have lost any weight yet though. I'm waiting another couple days before I weigh myself (don't want to get discouraged too soon) so we will see. Also, to be continued....

Worked, but not worth the side effects.
by Tara

I started taking this today, I'm not particularly overweight I just want to shed maybe 7 pounds. This product made me feel extremely jittery for about three hours and then I became really tired with an upset stomach and a horrible headache. Granted I didn't have an appetite, but only because I felt like I had the stomach flu. It wore off after about 12 hours.

It works for me
by Winky

I am thrilled with the results. I had lost some weight but over the months gained it back. I am very active, riding a exercise bike for an hour a day walking 5 miles daily,yet kept gaining. I started Desatrim 2 weeks ago and started doing some core exercises instead of all the biking and the results were amazing. I have already lost 6 pounds.

Works Great for me!
by Betty

This works very well for me. I also experienced the upset stomach feeling in the beginning and still do from time to time. My cholesterol & Triglyceride levels were high and I knew I had to take control. I eat right now, exercise a little, and take Dexatrim Max once in the morning and sometimes one later in the day. I have currently lost 34 lbs. and am well on my way. Hope this helps! :)

by Soccer girl

I have always been an athlete and never close of being overweight by any means but when I was home over the summer I was eating everything in sight! My friend and I would eat a half gallon of Blue Bell ice cream every night. So I wanted something to curve my appetite so I wouldnt be so hungry all the time. Its AMAZING what it has done for me! I can actually relax and not think about food every minute in the day. So I would not use this as a metabolism booster kind of alternative. I would ONLY USE this product if you need to control your hunger issues. I have lost 6 pounds in 5 days and with no side affects. After reading other reviews I did realize that I can feel myself becoming obsessed with taking it in fear of feeling hungry again so im worried what will happen when I stop taking them if I can but its only been 5 days so we'll see....

by Leslie Oakes

I started this a week ago and I have not noticed anything yet. I am careful about what I eat but dont seem to be gaining any of the results I was hoping for like the energy and the loss of appitite and cravings. I hope it works out! Any suggestions?

Does nothing for me!
by Lisa Kirby

I have used this for 2 monthed now. Nothing! I have ganied weight instead of losing any. I have cut down on calorie intake and moving more. So why are they not working?

For those who feel jittery...
by Brittany

I just started this a few days ago to jumpstart my motivation for the summer. Granted, I think that if I just ate better, I'd be fine because I'm not overweight in the least. In my case, I do not feel jittery, but I am an avid Montser Energy Drinker (Low carb of course) and that may have something to do with that. Maybe I have a high tolerance. Regardless, I'm a very mellow person on and off the product.

My friend took it last summer, and lost a ton weight. She weighed almost 160 and lost 40 pounds in about 2 months. It came off quickly, but be forewarned: she said it is hard to stop taking the product for fear that you'll quit eating right. It's not so much of an addiction-more so something you end up doing everyday without really thinking about it.

by Ann Smith

I started the Nutrisystem diet losing 2lb a week. I decided to try Dexatrim Max to see if I could lose more weight. For me, this is not working, as I am not losing any more weight by taking these pills. I go to the gym 4 times a week.

Dexatrim Max
by Sexy Momma

I have been taking Dexatrim Max since 12/7/2009 I have lost 44lbs. I started at 228 and I am now 184 3/11/2010. I feel GOOD!! I really have to make my self eat because I really don't have a the urge to eat ANYTHING!!! I used to hate working out but now I have so much Energy. I work out on the treadmill every other day for 30 minutes. If you are thinking about starting this product or just staring this product it works. I tell everyone I know that is trying to lose weight try this pill. I even took myself off of it for 2 weeks and I still kept my weight down.

just started n good
by Shauny

I just started taking it and i see results already. Its just been a few days. I excercise and try to eat right. But i get evening cravings for sugar, chocolate, ice cream, and fast food. i would lose weight and by end of week gain it back. Dexatrim helps fight these cravings. I am able to eat my 1200 calories and i am satisfied. Lost 2lbs in one day! next i may buy evening kind w/o caffeine

starting tomorrow
by John

I work in a high energy retail capacity but I have picked up bad eating habits because of the "lack of time"; I am hoping that Dexatrim Max will help me lose some extra pounds.

Pros and Cons
by Kirstie

I started taking the extended release Dexatrim so that I only had to take one pill a day, not before each meal, and it worked fairly well. I lost an average of 5 pounds a week, for 6 weeks and it cut out my cravings for almost everything. I used to have horrible habits of eating at night, and now I literally have to force myself to eat. it is very effective. The problems I have with this product are that the energy boost is so strong, I get jittery, and my heart sometimes skips beats like I am nervous or overly-excited. Also, I have not been able to sleep more than 4 hours a night with this. I go to bed around 10, but dont get to actual sleep till around 4 am and cant sleep because i have so much bodily energy. It's exhausting, and not worth the side effects to me. I stopped taking this because it wore me out. Almost like Meth, I could stay awake and accomplish alot, but I kept going and going and going, and ended up like a zombie mentally. IF you can stand the side effects, it is really effective towards dropping weight. I also got stomach cramps often, but they werent too severe.

works great!!
by Rebeca

I took this for 2 weeks and noticed a huge decrease in my appetite immediately and was only taking it in the a.m! I was working out 3-4x a week, nothing major just some push ups and crunches and lost on average 1/2 pound to a pound a day. Then stopped taking it and stopped losing weight. So I started back up and am hoping to lose my last 20 pounds. Oh, and I ate very healthy- low carb.

by amanda

My girlfriend has been using this product for a couple of weeks and is doing the no carb diet. She gets to one weight and won't get any lower. She is concerned that it's not working. Is there a conflict with the no carb diet and that is why it's not working?

So Far, So Good
by Emily

Over the past 6 or 7 months, I have lost about 50 pounds from diet and exercise. But the last couple of months, I have had the hardest time losing the last 15-20 pounds! So this week I decided to try Dexatrim. It did give me noticeable energy and really curved my cravings. I have only been using it for a few days, but I have lost several pounds. The first two days I made the mistake of taking it in the morning without eating anything. I felt dizzy and lightheaded throughout the day because of taking Dexatrim on an empty stomach. But I figured out pretty quickly what was wrong, so now I eat an apple before I take it.
I have only been taking it for 5 days, but so far it has worked. I will be curious to see how long it takes me to lose those last few pounds!

It Works
by Matt S.

The last time I used Dexatrim max I lost 45 pounds in about 4 months. Of course I have horrible habits and wound up putting the weight back on. I just recently started using this product again and have lost 6 pounds in the past week. It works and it's not that expensive.

Dextrim works
by Robin Johnson

I had gained weight after having a hysterectomy and started using Dexatrim. I've lost 40 pounds and feel so much better. I'm able to excercise regulrly now.

Side Effects
by D-nice

I was just wondering...I see a lot of comments about this product. I just want to know has anyone experienced any side effects? I am interested in trying this product. This is why I am asking.

dexitrim max
by anna

I tried only one pill. It made me feel sick, and my head felt really weird. I was not able to take it again.

by JC

My biggest problem has always been eating out of boredom. When I'm bored I think of food. When I'm anxious I think of food. I recently stopped in at a neighborhood CVS and saw Dex Max 75% off so I picked up a couple bottles. After almost 2 weeks, I am still amazed at what it does for me. It takes all thoughts and cravings of food from me and gives me tons of energy. I've lost 5.5 pounds in 2 weeks but it seems I've gotten my uncontrolable eating un control for once in my life.

I'm actually amazed
by Riktor D

Although it is NOT a miracle drug it does work. I don't exercise other than normal walking and the occassional hard labor at my job. Keep in mind none of my physical activites last for more than a couple hours. My body type is an INDOTHERM so i naturally have a high metabolism but over the last few years I have seen it degrade and I just wanted a bit of a boost to get it back up to peak and to help curb my 2500-3000 calorie a day diet. With a little mental focus and a positive attitude my hunger pains are basically gone. I notice when i am hungry but it's a dull feeling; not the aching and headaches I got before. I eat right around the target 1500-1750 calories I need and although I don't weigh myself I am 100% sure I have lost body fat.

If you have a negative outlook on anything you will get a negative effect. Give it a try.

Great for that little boost !!
by Kassandra Varca

I have never been obese, I am 5'10 and weigh 135 but I've always needed some extra help with losing weight because I'm already at my healthy BMI. Anyways, I started taking dexatrim and walking 20 minutes a day, and it's finally a product that is working for me!! Now, mind you, that you will only see results with even a small amount of workouts, but the caffiene gives me energy, and i can honestly say it truly blocks my hunger...I'm finally on the road to my success and weighing my happy weight at 120 lbs ;)!!!!!

Didn't work for me
by CC

I am constantly working on my weight. I have yet to find a pill that works, and this one is no exception. It did not cause me any distress, no bad side effects, however I do not think that it helped my metabolism at all.

This is a great product!!!
by Cheryl

I started taking this about 3 weeks ago. I have been trying to eat healther. I have lost 11lbs so far. This pill helps alot.

Its working !
by Maria

Ive been taking Dexatrim Max for a little over 2 weeks and I recommend it. Ive been doing cardio for about 40 min and also changing my diet. Cutting out fatty foods and eating fruits,veg, basically healthy foods. Its not a MAGIC PILL ya"ll but it helps 50% and then "we" need to do the rest. When i read comments saying " im not losing weight but they havent changed their eating habits or dont exercise AT ALL, what do you expect ! Im so excited and i hope anyone taking this product works for them like it has for me.

I am so overweight!
by Lisa

I get severe migranes and was trying to find something that wouldn't trigger them. Anyone have any comments about that? I am desperate to lose weight and am looking for something that stops or lessens my cravings. This all started 8 months ago after my first child.

It works and I feel great
by Terri

I am very much over weight and have struggled with my weight since I have had children , This is a great product in fact I hardly feel hungry but I don't feel weak or irritable . It does change the color of urine due to the high vitamin content as it states on the package. That does happen but that doesn't concern me since it is listed on the product. Highly reccomended

by Faith Smith

I am looking for a review about the health effects more than the weight loss. I believe for weight loss to take place you need to eat little, move a lot and take something to make your metabolism faster. I purchased this product but Im afraid to use it if its going to have some negative health effect on me.Did anybody experience anything really severely negative? If so please post up a comment!!

I love it!
by Jilly1

I just started taking Dexitrim about 2 weeks ago and I love it! I no longer have cravings for fatty foods or candy.. I feel completely full when i just take one pill.. The only thing is that i have to remember and force myself to eat becuase it makes me not hungry at all. I will just take a few bites and my stomach will feel full. I love it because now i eat healthier because i dont crave any fatty foods... oh by the way I lost 4 pounds already and thats without exercise.

I want motivation!
by DowntownHeidi

(Ladies, keep in mind that we are all different, therefore any pill is going to give us all different reactions, these are my own personal reviews. I only hope that it’ll help ease that we are all in the same boat if we’re looking for the same reviews) I’m 34 and over the last year have gained about 15-20 lbs. Mental note, this all started the day I quit smoking. I started working out a few months ago, about 3 times a week. Nothing hard core, 20 min cardio or weights from Exercise TV. I started eating more fruits, no sugar in my coffee. I saw a very slow going change, so I bought DM on Saturday and today is the 3rd day I’ve been taking it. The weekend is hardest for me to exercise because it’s family time or just plain relax and movie time. I really needed the charge to get more motivated. First day, I did feel more charged, had a headache that lasted a few hours. I did not get fuller faster. I knew going into this, it was all up to me, no pill is going to just shed my weight. I want the motivation, I want to see that my body can change in order for me to keep going. I am extremely sad that my jeans can not go up past my hips anymore. I wear leggings like it’s my skin because it’s comfortable and there’s no muffin top. I am scared to buy anything for fear of staying the size I am right now. On the 2nd day, I knew it wasn’t working. (I also made sure on Friday, to only buy fruits, fat free popcorn, pretzel and food, not junk food) I still ate normal. I want help controlling my portions (Yes, I will buy smaller plates for the house, if I hear this one more time, I’m going to go right into depression), I only want to start eating half of what I normally do. So, I’m pulling for DM to help with that. Today is the 3rd day. The bottle says take 1-2 daily. I’m only taking 1 at 9:am everyday. It’s got the extended all day release. There are 60 pills in a bottle. Tomorrow, I think I’ll take 2 instead of 1 and see if this helps. Stay tuned.

Probably more suitable for minor weight loss.
by 20 year old

Ok, it could be because I'm young or because I'm only slightly overweight looking to get rid of an extra 10 pounds i've gained over the holidays. However, i've only been taking it a couple of days and notice a huge difference. I still have an appetite but it's more under control, I feel full after just a snack! It did turn my pee a neon green color but the bottle said it would. On the second day I felt so energized, It seemed like I had no choice but to burn that energy on the tredmill (which I haven't done in months!), I ran for an amazing 40 minutes. So, in a nutshell, so far... so good. I'm hoping dexatrim keeps this effect on me, at least long enough to keep the healthy habits on my own. I'll come back in a month to let u guys know what happened.

Caused red veins in eyes that won't go away
by Jackie

I have taken dexatrim max for 2 weeks now. I loved the energy it gave me. However about 2 days ago I noticed my eyes had red veins in them. It makes me eye look bloodshot along with slight pain in my right eye. I have stopped taking the pill and am waiting for it to go away. I have taken multi vitamins and fish oils for over a year, so I am not laking in vitamins.

Also, dexatrim did not assist in my weight loss. I took it while exercising 4 times a week for 30 minutes. Nothing happen except I gained 2 pounds. So I changed my already healthy vegetarian diet and reduced my calories and exercised more without the dexatrim and have already lost 4 pounds in one week.

weight loss
by mrs.s esqueda

well i just started this product i used to use dexatrim when i was a teen ager it worked then. over the years i am older now which means things in me are changing especially my weight. so i am trying it now eating vegatables soups and baked fish and chicken using portion control. i am hoping it will work for me since it work back in the days it should work now.i do add just stomach crunches in the morning and before i go to bed. so keep me in your prayers. i will write back when my next weighing in is to see if i lost which is next week friday.

I will never take this again!
by Anonymous

I took ONE of these pills and I have never felt so strange! I was so out of sorts that I had to call my husband to come home from work because I couldn't take care of our kids!! I am not on any other meds and I took them on a full stomach. I was dizzy and disoriented and could barely catch my breath!! There needs to be more warnings on this bottle!! I will never take diet pills ever again.

Im gone try again
by Toya

when i first tried dexatrim, i lost about 8 pounds. My pee was green but that was to be expected. I noticed that it craved my appetite. Normally, i would eat a whole combo meal at a restaurant but once i started taking dexatrim, i got full quicker. Im not a very big person so i did not want to lose a whole lot of weight so when i did lose the eight pounds, i stopped taking them. Now, 1 year later, i have gained a few pounds and im gone try again. I will write a response with my results.

Still Unsure
by eviemarie

I've been taking this product for about two and half weeks. I havent felt nervous, or jittery at all in anyway, but I have noticed that my pee is neon green lol. and I've lost about 5 pounds, I still sometimes get hunger pains, but they arent as bad as when I dont take the pills.

I'm not lookin for miracles, and I know that the biggest and most hardest part of a diet is self conrol, and this has helped just a bit.

Can't Believe it...
by Sasha

I started to take Dexatrim to slim down before the holidays. At first I thought...why am I taking a diet pill, then I started noticing the effects. I started sliming down slowly, which I liked. I am only taking one pill now and the weight is still coming off slowly. The weigt is coming off with minimal exercise, right now. I am working on controlling my eating and getting sensable food portions under control. Slowly I will incorporate more exercise. Dexatrim is working out for me. I can see that I am changing my eating habits and more cautious of what I am eating.

Working so far
by Liz

I've been taking Dexatrim Max for three days and so far it's working great! I haven't had any hunger pains and it's really helping to curb my appetite. The only negative side effect I've noticed is that I sometimes feel a little jittery but it never lasts that long. So far this seems to be a great wight loss aide along with a healthy diet and exercise.

I Love it!
by Jolene

I have used dexatrim in the past and it was always worked to curb my appetite so this summer when i decided to slim down a bit more i went out and bought the dexatrim MAX and again, it works great! it does everything it promises and i was not able to notice any side effects at all! It gives me energy to work out longer than i normally can. I aim for 30 mins of challenging cardio on 5-6 days a week. With dexatrim i can last 45 mins AND get some strength training in! It completely eliminates my cravings and curbs my appetite so much that i need to make sure i'm eating enough for the day. I aim for 1200 calories a day. without dexatrim i cant stand to go below 1500 because of the hunger pains. My goal is to lost 15 pounds. I've already droped 70 last year so i'm struggling with the last few. I know dexatrim will get me there in no time! I recommend this product to anyone who is willing to eat sensibly and exercise most days of the week. without those two elements no diet pill will bring results.

Dexatrim Works!
by Hailey

I am a dancer and used Dexatrim one summer to lose weight to help with my performance levels. I ate a very good diet with low calories and low fat; not starving myself. I ate three meals a day with usually one or two healthy snacks. Seriously, I ate hamburgers made on the Forman can eat healthy and be satisfied. I also worked out 3-4 times a week, simply taking a walk or doing crunches while watching a TV show works. I did more working out than most people would, but I enjoy working out. The green tea in Dexatrim helps boost your energy levels, you won't be tired or drained. Plus, Dexatrim doesn't make you "not want" to eat, it just helps you not eat as much. This stuff is healthy and works great! After three months of healthy eating, and working out with help from Dexatrim I lost 30 pounds, dropped 4 shirt sizes and 3 pants sizes!!

Awesome adder to diet
by Kristina

I love Dextrim!!! I have been taking it for a month now when I started my diet. i have cut out sodas and junk food and take my pills daily and do my 30 min. walk everyday and I have lost 15 lbs. so far. Dexatrim isn't supposed to make you lose weight on its own, with the proper reduction of calories and exercise it works great. I love it!!

Its okay
by Kayla

i've been taking it for about a week. It actually burned alot of fat off of my stomach, but it made me feel so sick i thought i was pregnent!!

Works Great
by Mark C

If you're looking to kick start a diet, these are a great way to go. You have to realize that this product shouldn't be used over long periods of time. It definitely helps with those annoying cravings, but eventually your willpower has to kick in so you can do it on your own and realize what you should and shouldn't be eating

by Jen

I have only been taking Dexitrim Max for about a week and I have noticed a difference. I also have been watching what I eat and exercising. I feel that this product really does help my accomplish that. For all of the people who tried it and it didn't work, did you exercise? Stop eating fast food? Eat more fruits and veggies? Cut your caloric intake? This pill will not just make you lose weight. If you want to lose weight and do nothing but take a pill, then you are in a dream world. My advice to anyone is to workout more and cut certain things out of your diet. I know it is not easy but in the long run it will be. Some ideas I have for you would to be go for a half an hour walk each day. You could use your lunch break at work. If you work in a tall building try taking the stairs. The stairs work your legs and buns really well. So anyways I am babbling on and on. Basically, if you are going to give this product a try make sure you plan on putting more physical activities into your life and reduce calories. If you don't do that then do not even waste your money. I will try and come back on and write another review in after a couple of months so you know if it worked or didn't work.

by BA

I fell for the advertising claims of this product, purchased the product with a desire to lose some weight before a reunion, and was disappointed. Dexatrim did not help me curb cravings nor did taking dextrin contribute to any weight loss. I had seen the numerous commercials and decided to give it a try. Save your money and don't fall for the false promises. Dexatrim is no good at all.

by Patsy Scott

I have stubborn hunger pains when dieting and was looking for a product that would curb them, even just a little bit. This product had no impact on my hunger pains at all, and I was disappointed that I was out the money it cost me to buy it.

Not Worth it...
by Helena

My mother has been overweight my whole life. Popping out 5 kids will do that. She was a skinny minny before the 4th and 5th (me). Well she has tried all different diets, pills, programs and pretty much you name it, she has done it.

So she tried this product too. She also added walking 2 miles a day for a month. But as much as she tried exercising and with these pills she didn't lose ANY weight. So I would not recommend this product.

Big Thumbs Down!
by Sabrina

I tried this product because I needed exactly what it promoted.... a way to curb my cravings. It was doing well worth trying to eat healthy during the day, but I found myself giving in to my cravings later in the evening. I thought this product would help with that, and boy was I wrong! It did nothing except make me focus even more on the fact that I was craving something sweet! I kept thinking it would "kick in" at some point, but it never did. What a waste of money.

by Brenda B.

This product did not seem to help me. I tried it for about a month, and didn't notice any difference in weight loss. The only difference I found was that I seemed to have a little more energy. But for weight loss, I didn't seem to lose much at all.

Dexatrim Max
by carol1560

Don't throw your money away. This product claims to fit cravings but about after a week, these pills do nothing to curb your appetite. I am starting to believe that none of the OTC diet supplements work. I felt jittery and kinda nervous at first.

I lost alright.........
by Stacey

I lost about $15.00 investing in this broken promise. I tried to add Dexatrim to a diet that was already doing fairly well and when I started taking the Dexatrim to boost results I had no significant difference in my appetite, inches, or the way I felt. My only loss was my investment and I can live with that and live without Dexatrim.

Great Kick Start!
by Margi L

Dexatrim Max works great for about the first week that you take it. After that, seems like you need to take larger doses or supplement with something else to get the full effects. I found that if you have your mind right for dieting and are really serious that this is a good product to get you started and let you start seeing results to be encouraged to continue.

Don't bother buying
by Alle G.

This product is bad for a number of reasons. First of all, one pill often doesn't cut the cravings. Secondly, you become accustomed to needing these to reduce cravings instead of learning healthy alternatives to curb your appetite. They are safer now that they don't contain ephedrine, but they are not a good long-term solution. Plus, although you are not physically hungry, you still are looking to eat something, just to chew.

Worked for me at first!
by Kelli

These really worked for me when I first bought them, and they helped me kick start my diet plan and I lost about 20 lbs! But then I got pregnant and had a baby, and when I bought these to help me loose A LOT of extra baby weight they didn't seem to work for me anymore. I figure maybe I built up a tolerance to them, but who knows?! If you are just looking to jump start a diet plan, they work great!

Waste Of Time
by Trisha

These didn't work at all for me. I lost more weight just cutting coffee out of my diet. I dislike putting things into my body that don't work or even help. Waste of time, energy and money if you ask me.

Not recommended
by S. Grevious

At first they contained ephedrine and were withdrawn from the the market because of seemed to work better then because it suppressed my hunger. Now they are back again and claiming to be completely safe. Well they didn't work for me at all. It didn't suppress my appetite as in the past, but of course in the past it contained ephedrine (which was not safe) They do use Green Tea as an ingredient and it is a great hunger suppressant. For some reason it just didn't work for me at all. I'd rather go out and buy me a bag of green tea than spend another dollar on Dexatrim. I do not recommend this product.

new formula is not good
by wendy c

Dexatrim Max used to work for me- when it contained the ephedra that they found out was so very bad after the fact. Now that they have reformulated this to be ephedra-free it does not work at all. It does nothing to suppress the appetite and more calories are not burned when you're on it.

This stuff stinks!
by Kathy

I've been overweight for sometime now, and I've tried just about everything to get off that excess weight. I tried Dexatrim Max after a friend recommended it. I used it for almost a month. It did absolutely nothing for me. I still had those awesome cravings and felt hungry more often. It just didn't cut it for me.

16 Customer Opinions

by Glenda

I have only been taking the pills for a couple days now, but so far I'm loving it. Everyone concerned about the color of their urine are just uneducated. The discoloration of your urine is from the vitamins, so don't freak out.

Starting Today
by Courtney

I have just gotten my first bottle, and I'm starting today. I am very pleased with the reviews I've seen, and hoping it will work for me. I just need to shed this extra weight!

Curious to try it
by Cory

I have been curious about this product for some time now. I have had two children and have hung onto that last 15lbs for about 3 years now. I eat pretty well and work out some but not enough. I too have late night sweet cravings so I will give this a try and focus more on my eating and exercise routine and hopefully it will work.

by jessica

still as tired as always and eat just as much as always not working

love it
by aa

it works amazing. just eat right and exercise

first day
by morgan33

first day of taking it and my pee is green. it warned about that on the box but... anyways I have lots of energy, and I've not been hungry almot all day..

I like!
by Tammy

This is working very well for me. It definately suppresses my appetite. I have lost 35 pounds so far. Hoping to lose 35 more! be continure...

by Kristy

I have just started taking it today. I haven't seen any difference yet. I have stopped drinking pop and watching what I eat. I am hoping it will do some good.

by sherra

I used dexatrim max to curve my appetite. I felt like I could eat everything in the refrigator. Then I started taking dexatrim max it stopped me from feeling that nagging hungry feeling. I have lost 50 lbs. I feel go and look alot better. This is a good product.

by superstar

I have just started the Dexatrim Max Daytime pills and they make me feel funny - a little upset stomach and headache, which I usually experience with these types of pills. I don't want to waste my money, so I will continue to take them until they are gone - I hope I will see some results. I am not over weight but my BMI is slightly over the average and want to get it back down. I exercise 3-4 times a week so we'll be continued....

Just Starting
by Anne

I just started this product yesterday and can already feel a huge decline the urge to eat everything in sight. I did feel jittery at first, but that feeling quickly went away. So far, so good.

I quit smoking
by Indiana

I Quit smoking exactly a year ago. I've gained about 15lbs since I quit. I noticed that since I quit I want to snack all the time. I went to CVS looking for something to calm my appetite and I remember hearing about this on the radio. I started taking it and it's just been 2 days and I have noticed a huge difference. I am in a better mood full of energy and I don't want to snack all the time. I even lost 3lbs lol. I'm going to continue using this and keep posting But over all this might be the stuff I needed after all ;-)

by Charley

Yesterday, I spoke with my pharmacist about the best weight loss product over the counter and he suggested dexatrim max. I start today. I'll continue to post about the results. P.S. I do eat healthy and exercise 4 times a week.

by Brook

I am fine with my body but just wanted to get rid of any extra weight for the summer basically. I've been using this product for only 3 days and i already lost 5 pounds!!! It helps to eat healthy and excersize alottt.. It's working for me so far!

Not Sure
by Bill

Not sure yet as I don't know if it is helping.


I have seen advertisements and read many reviews on dexatrim max. I am anxious to try this product and will continue to provide reviews on my progress.