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by Chris

I used Osolean in conjunction with a diet and it stopped me craving food. It worked as a filler and I got off my need for a sweat fix. But it is expensive for what it is - maybe protein powder will do the same ?

by L van der Bergh

Het Osolean Target fat loss by vriendin gekry het in 1 maand 2kg verloor. Waar kan ek dit te koop kry asb bly in Bellair Durban.

by Carl Sampson

I think protein is protein as long as you get enough your body can build muscle.

by Kerrie

I am slim and have been within the healthy weight-range for years. I started Osolean with the hope of losing the bit of tummy fat I have never been able to shift completely since having children. During the first couple of weeks of beginning, I lost 3cm from my stomach... (I think fluid)... then suddenly after about 6 weeks on Osolean I put on 3-4 kgs. This is the first weight I have put on in 5+ years....and I am disappointed as I can't even fit into my jeans anymore. I continued taking Osolean for 5 months in the hope of losing it, but nothing. It has had the opposite effect on me.... so yes, a waste of money

what a crock!
by terra

After reading all these reviews, I decided to try this Osoloean stuff. I spent my hard earned money and NOTHING in return. No, in fact, I gained 5 pounds! And my jeans are too small, have to spend more money. I walked 30 min each day and cut the calories like they said, but I still gained the weight.

by Lee

I haven't tried this product for weight loss,

by cathy

I wish that I had measured my body before starting! all of my jeans are loose at the waist!

by Terry

I am on my second bottle of Osolean and already I can feel the weightloss. I can slip my ring off my finger now which I could not do for several years.

by Lauren

Since taking Osolean I have been feeling more fit and healthy then I have in years. My biggest goal was to be able to fit into a pair of pants that I have only ever worn once about 7 years ago. Today my I FIT INTO MY GOAL PANTS!! All women can understand what its like to 'need' to fit into something, if thats you try Osolean its awesome!

by Linda

I have been taking Osolean for two weeks and have lost 3cm off my waist, 1.5cm off my rear end and 1cm off my thighs - all without doing any exercise or changing my eating habits. I can't believe it!

by Peta

16 weeks in and I've now lost 17.9kg and 79cm from my body. fantastic, I love it. give it a have nothing to lose except fat.

by Matt

5 stars. I have used this product for one month and have noticed fast results. I am down 2 inches on my waist. I will continue to use this product. Awesome!!!!

by Lauren

This product is fabulous, in two weeks I lost a 3cm from my waist and hips, 2cm off my thighs and 4cm of my bum. I am very athletic and exercise every day of the week twice a day, I got to a point where I started to plateau so I tried Osolean to help push me past this point. I’ll admit I eat healthy but I am don’t deprive myself of a treat if I feel like it. The combination of healthy eating + exercise + OSOLEAN has seen me pull fantastic results. I’ll be recommending this to anyone who wants to lose fat and lead a healthier lifestyle. Thanks also to Steve (my purchase rep) for all your support.

Body Shape Changes
by Zain

Since starting this product a few weeks ago, everyone has noticed how much more toned and leaner I look. I have more energy to go to the gym and workout to get even greater results.

Getting slimmer
by Leanne

What a wonderful product. I am finally shifting those stubborn areas of fat. After the first week I'd noticed my jeans getting baggy, I am continuing to lose fat and am finding it easy to fit this product into my day.

A Better Body
by Kaye

Using this powder is unlike anything I've used before. It actually works.This fits easily into my busy life and though I've only made a few minor changes to my diet ( less chocolate and chips) I can see my waist returning. 1 month in I've lost 3 inches aroung my waist, 2 inches off my thighs and hips. More to go but this is working.

Feeling And Looking Good
by Isabelle

Energy increasing, body toning, fat reducing. After 2 months using Osolean everybody's noticing my more youthful shape. I now walk more without needing a rest at the end. I sleep better and love the improvements in my weight and shape I'm seeing.

Beating the Bulge
by Harry

This product is easy and convienient to use. The love handles are gone, I am trimmer and have more energy. My work mates in the office have noticed the changes, they say I look younger.

A New Me
by Gayle

For years my the fat had been creeping on. I'd tried so many diets and products with few results. Now after a few weeks on Osolean I am seeing changes to my shape and weight that I'd been longing for for so long. I can now buy clothes 2 sizes smaller.

Loving OsoLean
by Sara

I am into my 2nd week using OsoLean and seeing the results aready. In fact I saw results after only 1 week. I have tried most of the weight loss products out there and this one is far superior.
Not only have I lost centimetres, I also have new found energy. I would recommend OsoLean to anyone, whether they need to lose a little or alot. A great product!!!

Wedding dress size
by Fiona

I'm going to be a June bride so I went to get measured for my dress 4 months ago, I realized that I needed to lose some fat. Since then I've been on the Osolean and to my surprise and the annoyance of my dressmaker, my dress has had to be made 2 sizes smaller. I feel so much more confident about walking down the isle.

My clothes fit again
by Ellen

After my second child I'd put on a lot of baby weight, my energy was zapped. I then began using Osolean and my energy improved and my old figure is returning quicker than I was expecting. I will keep using this product forever as I look and feel better every day.

Back to lean
by Dan

After a sporting accident that stopped me from exercising for 6 months, the fat had piled on.3 months ago I started using Osolean and now my old lean shape is returning.My energy levels have improved and I've gone back down 3 notches on my belt.

Enhanced fat loss
by Carol

This all natural ,easy to use product has helped me get the results I've wanted for so many years.My weight has dropped and my dress size has gone down by 3. I'm looking forward to going to the beach in my new swimsuit without the old wobbly embarasment.

The easiest way for me
by Betty

Over the years I've tried so many ways to get rid of the flab, but now since using this product my skin is tightening and my muscles are friming up and my slimmer shape is returning.

I'm winning the flab fight
by Alison

In such a short space of time I've reduced my dress size 3 times. My old clothes are now way too big for me and I've had to buy new smaller clothes, hurray..

by sharon galbraith

from the first day my energy level lifted. and I lost 10cms in 10 days and ifat continues to leave my body. I will stay on it forever.

My Progress
by SMP

10 inches of FAT GONE after just 9 weeks! I have more energy, endurance & increased muscle definition to my chest & arms. Give it go! I am the Mannatech merchant on this site & proud to be associated with a company that offers a Full 180 Day Satisfaction Guarantee on ALL their products.

No more struggling
by Juliet

I have been using this product for 3 months. Wow what a difference. I'm shrinking. All those nasty stubborn areas that I've struggled to get rid of are disappearing fast.

I found the answer
by Jane

Finally,after all the diets and products I've tried, this is the one that has made a huge difference to reduce my fat and weight. It's so easy, I'm loving it. In a few months I've dropped 2 dress sizes and I have so much more energy.

Best Ever
by Audrey

As an older woman constantly struggling to keep my shape, since finding this product I've lost inches in all the places that were troubling me. In only a few weeks use I can see my shape and weight improving back to my youthful shape. Even my husband says I'm looking more trim. I'm so happy with the results I'm seeing

by Garry

When my wife kept telling me to 'suck it in' I began to realise that the abs were beginning to turn into a belly! So we set to work - lots of abs work and of course a definate improvement was seen as a result.

BUT there always seemed to be a stubborn Inch or so of blubber that inconveniently hid the rippling abs I could feel underneath!

So I started Osolean not to lose weight but because I heard it was good for lean muscle bodyshaping - and let me tell you, 3 months later my abs are looking gooood!

A word of advice before you start on osolean Take photos - I really regret not taking before photos of my slack tummy - I guess I was a) embarrased b) didn't think I'd be able to get ripplin abs at age 50!!! Osolean is AWESOME!

Please note this is a honest opinion - I am NOT the Mannatech merchant on this site

Bridget from Australia
by Bridget Allen

I’m Bridget Allen. As a Jazz performer, I like to look and feel good. One year ago I started on a Low Glycemic diet and exercise program. On December Ist 2008, I started on the new product, Osolean . Imagine my surprise when after just 3 weeks I lost an overall total of 19.5cm from my body i.e. 2cm from my arms, 7.5cm from my waist, 3cm from my hips and 4.5 from my thighs. I look and feel better than I have for years. All this despite passing through the usual Christmas indulgences! I can only attribute this excellent result to this new technology product since I have not made no other changes to my daily regime over this time period.

Fat Loss Just Got Easy
by Susan

What a fantastic discovery. In two weeks those stubborn areas of fat have gone. So far I've said goodbye to 2cm on each arm, 2cm on my waist, 2cm on each thigh and 1 on my butt. My youthful shape is coming back at last. Even when I've reached my goal size I will continue to take Osolean on a maintenance level as I know the benefits of extra calcium and magnesium in my diet may help me as I age.

Give it a go!
by Net

I lost 1kg in my first week & I was not taking the product twice daily as advised but only once daily. Also the fact that I lost cm's in the chest, arms hips & thighs - this is WORKING!! By the third week I started to have more increased energy levels on a regular daily basis whereas before by the weekend - absolutely knackered.
Additionally I had'nt included any exercise activities & no diet regime. So now in my 7th week I have started to take the product twice daily to achieve more results including GI diet intake & exercise.
Look out I'm loosing my "FAT".

Fat release miracle
by Peta

Well I have tried everything over the years to lose weight and all I got was fatter. And then I found OsoLean. What a miracle!!
I started the plan almost 11 weeks ago and I’m really happy. To date I have lost 12.1kg and an amazing 21 cm from my waist, 21cm from my hips and 12cm from my thigh. I’m very excited to see where this takes me. I can imagine that it will be much easier to stick to long term as one of the benefits of the product is a reduced appetite and that’s a benefit I can already feel. I’d never say anything is easy but this program is the closest thing to easy fat loss I have ever experienced.

by Kim

I have lost 1.6 inches in 2 weeks from my bust. I am thrilled with this product, what's even more exciting is that I was taking it wrong! I had only been taking 1 scoop once a day, instead of 2 scoops twice daily. Cant wait to see my results over the coming weeks following the correct regime .... will keep you posted!

Also, I haven't made a huge change to my diet or exercise levels. Recommend you try this product, if you don't like it, get your money back - whats to lose?

by Sally

This product has changed my life. When I reached 60 my waist started to thicken which was very distressing. Then 3 weeks ago I started taking OsoLean and this week was able to do up a pair of jeans that I had not been able to wear for six months. It is absolutely awesome, so for anyone wanting to change their shape I highly recommend OsoLean.

Goodbye Fatso
by SMP

In 3 weeks I lost over 2 inches from my waist & nearly 3 inches from my chest & I’m exercising less. This stuff works!

5 Customer Opinions

by Linda

Bought Oselaen last week. Keep thumbs, must loose weight !

by kate

i have used this and it has done nothing!!! waste of money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Sara

I having being using OsoLean for a couple of months now and the results are excellent. I went to a concert recently and wore a pair of Jeans that had been sitting in my cupboard for over a year because they hadn't fit, now they do! I feel fantastic and have energy to burn. Other people have noticed my weight loss as well, I never get tired of hearing "you look great!"

by sue brewer

If this product does as good as the people wrote I would love to get some and try it. I need to lose about 100 pounds mainly around my stomach and waist.

OsoLean Update Review
by Kim

I continue to be thrilled with this product, I can't express my amazement at how excellent OsoLean is! I have now dropped in both weight and measurement and feel so much healthier. My energy levels are surprisingly high which is a fabulous benefit as well!