f Amerifit Estroven Plus Energy Reviews and Information

Estroven Plus Energy

Naturally, safely and gently provides hormonal support before, during and after menopause - because physical and psychological changes may begin as early as your thirties and continue beyond menopause. You may start to notice physical and emotional change
Product: Estroven Plus Energy
Brand: Amerifit (More Products)
Size: 40 Gelcaps
Dosage: 1 gelcap daily
Retail: $19.99
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5 Customer Reviews

Thank Goodness!
by Sherri Thompson

I just bought this product and from reading the reviews, I see that it is very helpful. I am so grateful. I cannot take replacement hormones as I have IBS. A safe, natural way to help with the issues I have is what I have been looking for. I usually feel like a wrung out dishrag and I'm looking forward to having more energy and relief from my symptoms. Thank you!!

Great product
by Salina

I actually found this product for my mother in law. She is a very old fasioned woman who does not like going to the doctors or taking medicine for things that she thinks she can "just wait out". However she soon realized she could not do this with menopause and so I suggested Estroven and she was very pleased with the way it relieved many of the symptoms she was experiencing. The plus energy is just that a plus! Which really helps her since she has 13 grandkids!

what a godsend
by barb

I have been fearful of taking hormones, but wanted to find something to help with the hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue,etc. of menopause. Since I started taking the Estroven Plus Energy several weeks ago, I can already see a dramatic improvement is all those problems. This is such an inexpensive way to cope, and I feel safe with the ingredients, too.

by Kate

It has only been two weeks since I started taking Estroven Energy and I have gone from having hot flashes and night sweats every hour, to virtually none. I take one capsule in the am and I am hot flash free! My only regret is that I didn't try this sooner. I feel good about taking a naturaly product.

by Jane Ann

I have what my doctor calls 'early onset' pre-menopause. My grandmother, and my mother and her sisters were without cycles by age 42. I am about to turn 41 years old. I have all these crazy things going on with my body and this is the first supplement that I have used that actually makes me feel sane. My cycles are still sporatic and I only spot when I do have one, but I can sleep at night without having to change (or discard) my clothing, my family isn't scared to speak to me, and I am starting to feel some energy. Sexual appetite is low, but that could be due to a medicaiton that I take.

1 Customer Opinions

Hot Flashes
by Brenda

I was having a terrible time with hot flashes. I went scouring the shelves looking for some over the counter product that might help. I have used this product for 2 weeks now and I am beginning to see positive results. The hot flashes are not as often. Night sweats are down to maybe 1 night per week. The energy boost is a plus.Menopause can be very difficult to deal with but this product really helps to take the edge of all the different changes that happen. Definitely a product I would recommend if you are at your whits end and do not want to try hormones.