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Libido-Max for Women

LIBIDO-MAX™ FOR WOMEN: Decreased female libido is a real issue and one experienced by women of all ages. Recent research from a prominent medical journal reports that up to 48% of women experience difficulty when it comes to the ability to achieve orgasm and feel sexually aroused. Fortunately, nature offers traditional wisdom in the form of nutrients and botanicals, used for years to support healthy sexual function and desire. Libido-Max™ for Women, a 2-part formula, supports a healthy libido promoting sexual performance and enjoyment.

Part One: Desire & Libido

Part Two: Arousal & Function
Product: Libido-Max for Women
Brand: Applied Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 72 Liquid softgels
Dosage: 4 Liquid softgels
Retail: $26.99
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10 Customer Reviews

Worked for me
by C.J.

Kaye if you ever read this, it doesnt say when you posted you can get it at Meijers in their vitamin area. As for the product itself, I didn't take it on a long term basis so I can only review from the short term point of view. Although the supplement did make my stomach a little nauseous and I had an overall uneasy feeling, sort of anxious, restless that sort of thing, (that is why I gave 4 instead of 5) it did really seem to help. The topical types I have tried did absolutely nothing. It didn't really give me the urge to initiate but once things were happening they were much more enjoyable and then later I did find myself wanting to initiate for more! It also seemed to increase my natural lubrication quite a bit. I am going to try taking it everyday because if it did work so well even short term I'm very interested in seeing what it could do for me long term. I would recommend giving this stuff a shot to anyone of any age, especially those who have a decrease due to medications such as antidepressants, like myself.

by kaye

I used to buy this at walmart and now I cant find it at all. All I can find is the male enhancemt . why did they stop saleing it my husband is very mad because it realy worked for me.

by tina

bought your product and took 4 last night at 9pm. made love about an hour and a half later but nothing felt any different. today ive been nauseated all day. wondering if i should take 2 daily and see what happens. will write another review in a week or so.

by Karen

I really love this product. Being post menapausal had taken its toll on my desire for sex. My husband wasn't aware I was taking it and asked me what had gotten into me lately. I have even noticed an increase in bust size. I fell 20 years younger in the bedroom. I highly recomend it.

by G

I have been using this product for about 8 months. Works great for me. You have to take it regularly, don't expect a miracle in 45 minutes. I have had no side effects either. Works for some, doesn't work for others. For me...it works!!

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1 Customer Opinions

Don't Waste Your Money
by K

I recently purchased Libido-Max for Women and am very disappointed. It did nothing for me and the day after I took it, I was nauseated then ENTIRE day! I'm kind of aggravated since it's somewhat expensive. I will not use this product ever again and would not recommend it to anyone.

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