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Emprizone is a soothing, moisturizing gel that combines the legendary qualities of aloe vera with vitamins E and A to rehydrate and refresh your skin. The perfect way to nourish and cool your skin, Emprizone is pH-balanced and will leave your skin feeling silky, soft and smooth. The unique hydrating gel also protects against and smoothes roughness due to dry skin.

Vitamin A helps nourish skin damaged by UV radiation. In addition, moisturizing Emprizone helps soothe grazes.

Emprizone is water-based and suitable for use on aged skin. It also includes Ambrotose complex to help support your skin by nourishing its natural texture and beauty. In addition, Emprizone helps make your complexion look revitalized and with continued use even assists in reducing the appearance of fine lines and minor wrinkles.
Product: Emprizone
Brand: Mannatech (More Products)
Size: 5 oz
Dosage: Apply at least once daily
Retail: $27.86
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13 Customer Reviews

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by Linda Graviett

I won't ever be without this product!! It is great for bites, burns chapped skin, etc., etc. I was stung by 5 wasps. The stings were throbbing really bad. I ran straight into the house, grabbed my Emprizone and put it on the stings and the throbbing went away immediately and there were just little red marks were I got stung. Mind you, I am allergy too wasps!! I normally swell up and these were those nasty black wasps. It sits on my kitchen counter at all times, lol.

Outstanding product!
by Chad

Best thing I've found for dry, chapped, cracked, peeling hands. A true relief. I've tried steroid creams, hundreds of other over the counter lotions, nothing works like this. Amazing.

by Doris Hirsch

The tech at my dentist gave me a sample fore sores on the coner of my mouth and it made them feel good.

by Oktay

I have a sore on my leap,it's been efacted sun shine and it happened two years ago. Four days ago one of my friend gave me a sample Emprizone gel.My lip's sore getting better.Now I need some more.Thanks a lot..

by colleen petersen

I burned myself. I immediately put some EMPRIZONE over the burn area. Within two hours I was pain free. This was a second degree burn. I want to buy more so that I will always have some on hand.

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2 Customer Opinions

life changing
by teresa ryu

i start using this for about 7 months.
i used to have pimples and white heads and it totally cleared up.and also i had rednedd and now i dont get anymore.. i am super happy that i found this product.
and price is very reasonable and good size

by Luke Strumbell

I started using this product after I got a scar on my face. I t was about a quarter of an inch wide. I started using Emprizone while my stitches were in and continued after I got them taken out. T hree weeks later people are complimenting on how well the scar has healed and very few people even ask about it.

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