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Sensuvive™ is a natural female sexual enhancement formulated to supplement the sexually beneficial nutrients you don't find in your everyday diet. As part of a healthy lifestyle, the natural nutrition in Sensuvive™ can help you revitalize your love life . . . without negative side effects.

Sensuvive™ contains a proprietary blend of natural herbals designed for maximum results.

With Sensuvive™, your love is always in bloom.
With Sensuvive™ you can enjoy:
Increased sexual drive and desire
Boost in production of your body's own natural lubrication for decreased vaginal dryness
Sexual pleasure without menopause or PMS symptoms stopping you
Maximized sensitivity and ability to climax
Support for uterine and urinary tract health & function
Improved sense of well-being
More confidence, sexual appeal, and energy
Better overall health

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Product: Sensuvive
Brand: MicroNutra (More Products)
Size: 60 Capsules
Dosage: Take one or two tablets, twice daily with a full glass of water. If you weigh more than 150 pounds, you should take four capsules daily.
Retail: $57.00
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6 Customer Reviews

worked for me
by Val

In February, I placed an order for Sensuvive. The Sensuvive capsules I bought work really well.

takes a while - but works
by Reggie

My wife used the product for three months before we saw results, but with the results we got, we have no plans to stop ordering the product. We have been using it since mid-August. We highly recommend Sensuvive.

I need my Sensuvive!
by Laura

I have been using Sensuvive for two years now. I take 1-2 tablets a day and my symptoms were still there but livable. I was taking it more as a daily habit than the knowledge of knowing that it worked until I ran out.

The first day after not taking it, I noticed a tremendous surge in my hot flashes and overall personality. My patience was thin and I seemed to be on the edge. I was not like this when taking Sensuvive.

I ordered more that evening. When I started taking it again, within a day or two I did notice a big difference. Not only in my hot flashes, but I was calm. I have recommended this product to several women that I know who are also going through menopause and I will continue to recommend it.

Improved my Sex drive!
by Albertine

My sex drive was in the stalled position. I was just having survival sex because it was my wifely duty.

This product was mentioned in AARP as a natural alternative to hormone replacement options. I said 'I'll try it.'

And guess what, I tried it and I liked it. It took me about three weeks to feel the full effect, but it works. My husband said welcome back!

Turned On!
by Cynthia

I reordered the Sensuvive because I was so relieved to have finally found something that was helping with one of the post-menopausal problems I was experiencing. I no longer desired sex, and as a result, I developed vaginal dryness and soreness. Sensuvive "turned on" my sex drive, and I am happy to report that I am enjoying a happy, healthy sex life again at the age of 58.

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