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by Crystal

I have very bad cramping r/t endometriosis and this will help me if I catch the cramping in time!

Crystal Keith SRN

by nicole

I have used pamprin for years I can't imagine a month without it. It is the only thing that makes me feel normal during that time of the month. I now have a 13 year old and i give it to her also.Why suffer when you don't have too.

by awesome

this med is awesome

by carol haug

I felt this was a good product. Pricey tho and generic contained the same contents in comparison so usually bought the generic after I discovered this. Gets rid of water bloat well

Carol Haug RN BS

by Adrienne

I am very pleased with this product! Before I started to use this, nothing worked. Now I don't have any problems what so ever... YES, NO MORE CRAMPS!!!

by kristina
by makes things worse

I cant use it, it actually gives me a headache and nausua. I experience really bad cramps every month and I have tried over the years to take it because most my friends have it on hand, but it doesnt do anything for the pain. Makes things worse, cause im in pain, with a nausuas headache.

by lindy turner

These work really well! They are almost like midol - they got rid of the cramps and some of my irritability but all in all they are good.

by Jalanea Ann Briggs

I have used this product for years and love it. It is very effective in not only taking away the cramps, but also the bloating, headaches, and PMS. I have trusted this brand for at least 20 years and give it now to my teen age daughter.

by Yvonne

Pamprin is fabulous! I haven't found anything that works better.

Works Like A Charm
by Natasha

Works like a charm! I take these before I actually get my period and also while I have it. Does wonders.

by Vicki

My girls use this monthly. Relieves the cramps and most important the crabbiness.

Love it
by Kat

I've had many issues with carmps since the beginning and for a non-prescription pain releaver to work just as well as a prescription is a godsend.

by Rita

My daughter thinks there is nothing better for her cramps than Pamprin. She said she has not found a product that works so well.

by dana

This is the only brand I use. It is wonderful.

Great Product
by Nichole Alderfer

This is one of those products I have been using for years and years. It is the only thing that reduces my cramps; and I get cramps bad. So bad I am vomitting. This also does not upset my stomach like aspirin or tylenol.

by Pam

This is only product I ever found to help me with my severe PMS symptoms. A friend had me try it. I tell everyone I know with menstral issues to use this product regardless of what ever else they might use or try. It has to be blue box pamprin!

Pamprin works when other brands fail
by Pauline

Pamprin always works for me even tho my cycles have stopped...helps me every month I use it.

i don't know what i would do with out it.
by Priscilla

I use this product EVERY month. Very reliable formula.

Period Got You Down? Get Pamprin!
by Sarah

Let's face it, no one, and I mean no one enjoys their monthly "visitor". The bloating, cramping, aching, awful feelings associated with the "monthly visitor" are more than most women can handle. So, what is a woman to do? Try Pamprin Multi Symptom of course.

Pamprin Multi Symptom is a quick and easy way to relieve your worst period cramps, body aches (especially those awful back aches), irritability, and bloating. Tylenol alone is not enough for period pain, so why not try Pamprin Multi Symptom?

The ingredients in Pamprin Multi Symptom are Acetaminophen which serves as a pain reliever, Pamabrom which is a diuretic, and Pyrilamine Maleate which is an antihistamine. So, why does Pamprin Multi Symptom work when other pills do not? It's because of the medicine combination found within Pamprin Multi Symptom.

The acetaminophen found in Pamprin Multi Symptom combines with the Pamabrom to form a diuretic and pain relieving effect. This means that you will find yourself in the bathroom more frequently urinating, but you won't be holding all that water weight which causes bloating while you are on your period.

I found that Pamprin Multi Symptom did a fair job of handling the bloating feeling associated with your period. However, it did not touch my strong cramps. Oh well, you can't win them all!

by Pam Cook

If you have PMS. This is all you need. It relieves all PMS symptoms and is only over counter medicine that ever worked for me. Everything from bloat to mood swings to cramps!

Works Great!
by holly sanchez

I use this the first sign of cramps and bloating. It takes care of most of my PMS symptoms. It works great!

Pamprin makes a difference
by Margo Larue

I love Pamprin Menstrual Relief. I struggled every month with mood swings, sweating, bloating, irritability, and cramps. After trying Pamprin once I'm hooked. Even my husband has a hard time figuring out if I am getting my period now. I am able to go about my daily activities without any discomfort at all. I honestly could not get through my period without pamprin.

A good all-around PMS pill
by Cristy Carnes

If I take this as soon as my period starts it does great. But if I have to wait a bit before I can take some it seems to be playing catch-up and does not relieve symptoms quickly.

by Robin Baker

This product is really good for pms symptoms.

I take it for arthritis/joint pain
by Lisa

I started taking these for menstral pain, but then noticed that when I take them, my joint pains caused from a tennaged car accident were not as bad. Now, I take them for other pain other than just menstral ailments.

Good, but have had better
by Tammy

Pamprin is good to take when nothing else is available. I found that it doesn't work as effectively as other brands out there though with the pain and bloating.

I like Pamprin
by Mary

Pamprin has always worked for me. I have horrible cramps, headaches, backaches and bloating. Pamprin is the only medication I need! I take Pamprin as directed and at the end of the day, I feel much better!

by fayee1234

This is totally the best relief for muliti system pain. Dont take my word for it alone try it and you will see why i say that. Pamprin dont just relieve pain in one area but relieves pain in all areas and for a very long time. I love this product and I GUARANTEE anyone who tries it will love it as I do!!!

by Stick with the Original

I love regular Pamprin. I have used it for years. I periods tend to be every couple months, so they are generally very painful a the beginning. This medication works wonders! However, do NOT us Pamprin Max. That stuff gave me really bad side effects that made me wish I only had my menstrual symptoms. Stick with the original Pamprin!!!!!!

Works better for me than the other products in it's class
by MKS

I see a big difference using this product. I have been using it for 4+ years. I didn't know how much different it was till I ran out and bought the other brand. NOT the same results at all. Now I have extra on hand so I don't run out when I need it. It really helps with the stress feeling and the cramps that come along with at time of the month.Don't leave home without it!

This medicine is awesome!
by allyson

I have always had problems with not having a regular period. Unable to take even the lowest doses of birth control, I began taking a Pamprin, just one, every day and it helps me feel so much better. With the lacking of periods for even as long as 6 months I tend to get quite irritable, swollen, and generally not feeling so well. Taking just one of these every day helps control all of that and I do not get the uncomfortable symptoms I got from trying the birth control pills. The reason I chose Pamprin, was it is aspirin free. I have an allergy to aspirin, but needed something to try to help my symptoms. I recommend this product for anyone and I personally will continue to take it.

Im not a fan
by bno

I have terrible visits from my aunt flo and pamprin was going to be my hero. did nothing for me! I still had cramps, felt bloated and just an overall icky feeling. I tried it for a couple months to see and I will admit tylenol works just as good or better. I will not purchase again because its cheaper to buy a reg. pain relief product. It might be better for someone who has light times of the month or teens, but not for me.

Its Great for Me!
by Amber

This is probably the best product out there for cramps and other period related things. Its really help me in the worst of the week. But there is something I'm concerned about, from the day I start till the day i end i take pamprin twice a day. It helps so thats why i take so much

I'm me again!
by Kelli Conover

After the birth of my second child I began having severe cramps, annoying backaches and headaches a few days before my period. My husband use to tip toe in the house after work until he could gage what kind of mood I was in. After comparing packages, I decided to give Pamprin a try. After about an hour, my backache subsided, and my cramps lessened. I've now been using Pamprin for 4 months and my husband doesn't have to tip toe around me anymore.

Good For General Irritability
by Roxane Martindale

I have used Pamprin for about 15 years or longer. Although I am now menopausal, I still use it when I am feeling cranky or when I need help sleeping. When I had periods I got relief from bloating and cramps using Pamprin. There is now a generic version of this at most dollar stores and for me that works just as well as the brand. I keep it around at all times. I will continue to buy this product indefinitely because it makes me feel less irritable in general.

It's not that great
by Katie

I've tried this product (or a variation of the Pamprin brand) for over a year. I have bad menstrual cramps and I gain a lot of water weight around my time of the month. According to the packaging, it's supposed to alleviate cramps, headaches and backaches plus it has something in it to reduce water weight. The only difference that I've noticed is my bloating has gone down VERY slightly but that's it. My cramps are still there, my headaches are still there, PLUS I'm getting nauseous now. Not recommended.

I Like it and I recommend it definitely!
by Paula

I have used Pamprin since I was a teenager and the multi-symptom is even better. I have found relief in this product, and whoever invented this product is a genius and knows what a woman needs. I have a preteen and she will be coming of age, and if she is anything like me when I was young, she will definitely need Pamprin multi-symptom. Before pamprin came along I thought the world was coming to a end. I could not think, I felt bloated, and extremely sick and laid in bed most of the day enduring constant pain, but pamprin helps and changed my life. I know when its my daughters time, she will need the relief and need be able to focus on school better too. I know I can rely on Pamprin multi-symptom. Thank you so much!!!

So so product good for bloating but not pain
by Donia

This product is good for bloating but did absolutely nothing for my pain in PMS and on my period. If you have much pain at all and women most of us do, I suggest you try another product. If you have bloating and occasional mild discomfort then this might be OK for you.

Good for some PMS issues
by Jody

Pamprin is the first thing I reach for when I get that irritable PMS feeling, but it doesn't do anything to help with the ensuing cramping. It has a remarkable effect on my *mental* state during this time. I just wish it took care of the more physical effects too (back ache, cramping, etc.).

Its Ok
by Tami

I'm one who gets bad cramps and I tried this produc. It worked somewhat on me, maybe I'm overweight. It might work better on someone else. Works good on bloating but I still get the cramps. I just still take Advil.

by Karla

This helps, especially with my cramps. Works within 30 minutes from taking. It also helps with my severe bloating. Great product at a great price.

Good product
by NTReviewer

I bought this when I was out of my regular PMS product and it worked really well for me. It minimized my bloating and took away my painful cramps. I thought it worked very fast too. Honestly, I couldn't tell the difference between my regular product and this. I would buy it again anytime.

by Jeff

My wife has always had severe menstrual cramps. She has been takin Pamprin Multi Symptom for a while now, and it has really helped her a lot. The cramps have not disappeared completely, but they have gotten much better. She used to almost get sick because her cramps were so bad and this has made it much easier for her to deal with it.

Not good enough
by janet

This product did not work for me much at all. It may have relieved some of my misery, but not enough to want to buy it again. I even took the max dose. It does not live up to what it is supposed to help.

A step up from some.
by Jennifer Tyler

I think that pamprin is a pretty good pain reliever, however I wouldn't say the best on the market for this price. I have found that personally, it works better with the bloating than the cramps. believe this is a great product for someone with mild cramps, but for those that cramp severely, they need something a little stronger.

It was OK
by km

I didn't really think it worked as good as it could on my PMS symptoms. It helped maybe the first hour but after that it was like I had not taken anything. I think your better off with just a regular pain reliever for the cramps and just have to deal with the rest.

by Sarah

I am one that suffers from terrible cramps and bloating every month. I have always taken Advil or Aleve for my cramping, but they didn't help with my bloating, so I decided to try this product to get the best of both worlds. This product did nothing to relieve my cramps, but it did help with the bloating a little. I wouldn't count on this product to get rid of your cramps by any means but if you want to help the bloating, it is worth it to me I guess. I might buy it again just for the bloating, but not for cramps. I will continue to use other products for that problem.

Worth the money
by Kathy

This is my monthly remedy! It tends to take care of 90% of my symptoms. My husband is very grateful for this product, a must-have in every woman's medicine cabinet! The price is reasonable as well, and a box generally last through two cycles.

Good for Most Days
by Hayley

My cramps are too severe the first day to take this product alone. I did not find it that effective to ease my pain, I did find however, that in later days it worked well to reduce my bloating and cramps.

Better than Advil
by Roberta

I recently tried this product after having it recommended to me by a co-worker. I was a little skeptical, because in my experiences these types of products usually don't work very well. I was impressed. It did help my symptoms and did not upset my stomach like Advil does sometimes.

Relief at Last!
by leslie

I have horrible PMS symptoms--bloating, aches and pains--the typical drill. After trying Pamprin Multi-Symptom just one night, I was so relieved that I did a happy dance. Woohoo! my PMS symptoms had packed their bags and left my body. Who cares where they went! ha ha. I'm sold on Pamprin Multi-Symptom. Try it --you will be too.

by Lori

Pamprin Multi-Symptom helps me with those bad days, and works better than anything else that I have tried. I would not even try to get by without using this for my menstrual cramps, as Motrin alone does not help me.

Not the greatest
by Melissa

I am one of those people who feel like they are dying when it comes to PMS. When I tried this product before I took the maximum amount allowed in a day. It might have taken the edge off but that is it.

Not worth the money
by christina b

This product didn't work very good for me. I get pretty severe cramps and this just didn't cut it. It did work okay for bloating, but I don't think it worked well enough to justify spending the money on it. Ibuprofen does a much better job in killing the cramps.

by Hava Lyon

I absolutely LOVE using Pamprin. As soon as I know that I am going to start my period, I start taking the pills. I have horrible, horrible cramps (I throw up because of them, pass out because of them, etc) and Pamprin is the only thing that I have found that keeps them from getting too overwhelmingly bad. If I start taking them soon enough, I can sometimes even head the cramps off entirely, although I usually don't get that lucky.


Works Ok
by KimP

It works ok. I guess it helped with the cramps a little bit but, I still felt very bloated. I would just keep taking Alieve.


I have used Pamprin for years for cramping and it always helped, but the Multi Symptom type is so much better. It not only helps with the pain of cramping, it also helps with my bloating and the irritiability. I always make sure that I replace these as soon as they are gone.

Worked for Me
by Melissa

I find that the older I get, the more painful my menstrual cycles have become. Pamprin Multi-Symptom helps ease my discomfort so I no longer have to lay in bed on the first day of my period. It's wonderful to be able to go about my every day work business without having to be in pain or feel bloated.

by Stacy

I have always had the worst time with cramps throughout my life, and nothing worked for me. I have tried everything. My mother had recommended this product, and I was quite surprised. No bloating no PMS no cramps! I could go on with my day.

Better than motrin
by Valorie Joy

I was taking prescription Motrin(Ibuprophen)800mg. I tried Pamprin Multi-Strength because I needed something for the bloating. The key is to take Pamprin at the very first sign of PMS but it is better than Motrin.

A Killer Combo!
by Annalisa

I don't know about you, but when I menstruate my cramps are so intense I want to curl up in a ball on the couch and call my mommy. But I can't let my period stop me from my daily activities. What I like about this Pamprin is that it can be taken WITH Ibuprophen. For me, neither one alone can do the job and relieve my pain, but together, they're a killer combo!

Great Product
by Rebecca

Pamprin has always been my first choice for PMS relief. Terrible cramps, back pain, and bloating have always plagued me, but Pamprin relieves these symptoms quickly so I am able to function normally.

Pamper Me Any Day!
by Lana

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I do not give out five star reviews like napkins at the restaurant. Pamprin Multi-Symptom deserves all of the fame and praise it could possibly handle from me. I am one of the thousands of unfortunate girls who feel like dying during that special time of the month. I have symptoms that range from massive migraines to cramps and bloating to nausea. I've tried countless herbs and medicines out there and not a single product other than Pamprin was able to alleviate ALL of my symptoms at once. I used to stay awake all night and all day during the first two days of my cycle, unable to move and function as the tenderness and pain would consume every bit of life inside of me. Then, one lousy afternoon during my cycle, my sister came over and introduced Pamprin into my life. It was as if I died and was reborn again! I couldn't believe that it was possible to have no symptoms during my menstrual cycle. I now act like any other symptom-free girl on a normal day! I loveeeeeeee this product and I would advise all of the women to seriously consider Pamprin Multi-Symptom during their cycle.

Works for me
by Robyn

I have horrible PMS, cramping and bloating, and this product works great for all of my symptoms. I didn't have any side effects from this product. I will use this again and again each month!

Helps Make Cramp Less Painful
by mary

I have tried the product and it seem that it help make the cramp less painful and relieve the bloating. Even though this product is expensive, it is very good product.

Wonderful Reliefe
by Stephanie

I have used many PMS products in the last few years and this is the only product that actually keeps me feeling like it's just another day. It is the only product that I will use now that I have discovered how wonderful it works. I would recommend it to anyone who has horrible cramps and discomfort due to their menstrual cycle.

Not all it's cracked up to be
by TMCole

A friend of mine told me to consider Pamprin for menstrual cramping after my first child. I never had cramping until after he was born. I gave these a try and they did not help my symptoms at all. I would not recommend these to anyone who has extreme cramping as I did. You know, where you lay in the fetal position and can't seem to move due to pain. They may work for some, but for me, I might as well have taken a tic-tac. The results would have been about the same.

Not that great
by Sudie

I've tried pamprin before, and it worked for maybe an hour or two, but that was it. My cramps are very painful, and this just didn't do it for me.

Not a Fan!!!!
by Beth

I have experienced severe PMS symptoms since initially getting my "friend" :) Pamprin was one of the first treatments I turned to! It did absolutely nothing for me - especially when you need relief fast! I find using Excedrin Migrane is most effective!

Cramps No More
by Nikolas M

My wife has always had HORRIBLE cramping, ever since here early teens. She has tried numerous medicines with very little GREAT results, until now. This seems to be the one that works, her cramping is down about 80-90% on average while on this medicine. ANOTHER GREAT PRODUCT!

by J

This product works great. I always get very bad cramps at the beginning of my menstrual cycle and upon waking up, I take this product and within an hour I'm feeling fine. It also reduces bloating. Without this product I would have to stay in bed all day in pain.

Not worth it
by Allison

I tried it and it didn't work any better than standard pain relievers. I thought it worked better for my cramps than my headaches. Keep what you usually use, this product is expensive and doesn't work any better.

by Claire A.

This is the only medicine that helps with my cramping. I know if I take this as soon as it comes on, it will feel better. Also, the convenience of taking this knowing that it will last the entire 12 hours.

Relieved bloating for me
by D&Q'sMommy

I was pleasantly surprised that this product relieved most of my bloating issues. I was able to wear the same jeans throughout the month without having to resort to my "PMS" jeans once. I didn't find that it really helped my cramps or headaches though.

by Ellisha

I really like this product. It helps relieve the cramps and headaches associated with my period. It also helps me feel less bloated. It is very effective!

Sometimes you just need help!
by heather

I tend to get a bit unbearable at times, and this seemed to be one of the only things that helped! It works great to dull pains and aches, but it also seems to calm my headaches to a manageable size. I also felt less bloated on these!

Great Product!
by Sara

This product is the best!! It relieves all of my cramps. Sometimes I get a headache (with my cramps) during my menstrual cycle, and Pamprin gets rid of both!

Its ok
by Bethany

I have tried numerous other over the counter PMS products. This product has worked the best for me. It worked fast on my cramps and relieved my bloating. Also, it curbed my mood swings that I tend to experience during my period.

Use this product!
by Rebecca Brown

If you suffer from horrible cramps like I do, this is the product for you. Ever since I was a teen, I have suffered from awful cramps, and I finally found Pamprin. Don't suffer anymore - buy it now!

Only product I used
by Lois

I have had problems taking some products in the past, and this one doesn't contain the caffeine others have so I didn't have a lot of the side effects. When I do have a period this is all I take. It also helps you sleep a little which is great when you are in pain.

PMS relief
by Mindy

I never had a problem with bad PMS until I got older. Now I suffer from bad cramping and headaches. I wasn't sure what to try, so picked up Pamprin to try. It did wonders on my cramping and helped dull my headache. My headache was still there, but nothing like it was!

Not strong enough
by Wendy C

Pamprin Multi-symptom is not strong enough to get rid of my monthly cramps. It also does nothing for the feeling of being bloated as I experience once a month. I usually have to take other medicine for pain and something seperate for bloating- Pamprin does not provide adequate substitute for this.

A lifesaver
by Jaime

Pamprin is the ONLY remedy that has worked to alleviate my PMS symptoms. I've tried many other pills and various methods, but this is the only one that worked for me. It is safe, it is effective and I cannot imagine ever taking anything else.

painless period
by donna harris

After several years of painful periods I was given Pamprin by a friend of mine. My life was changed, no more bloating, irritability or cramps each month. Pamprin pampers my body and soul when I need it the most. No cramps during my period.

Relieve the cramps
by Henley

This product works great. Sometimes I have horrible cramps in the beginning of my menstrual cycle. These tend to work well for me and relieve my cramps and my bloating.

by Bobbiesue

It works to dull the pain of the cramps, but did not work too much on me for the headaches. It also got rid of some discomfort of bloating, but not all of it.

Works great
by Kim

This is honestly the only thing that has ever helped me with PMS symptoms and I have tried everything. Especially the cramps and headaches.

I love this product
by Melissa Miller

I swear by Pamprin Multi-Symptom. I suffer from horrible cramps. About 2 days before my period is set to start I take 2 pills at night and keep taking it until the second day of my period. Pamprin helps to relieve the cramps and also relieve the horrible bloated feeling!

I'll always use pamprin
by B. Turner

Pamprin has always been the pill I could trust to relieve all my pms symptoms. Nothing else helps to beat cramps and (ugh!) bloating when that time of the month rolls around.

by lala5

I have experienced severe cramps since the age of 13 and the only thing that really has proven to help me is plain Motrin. As far as Pamprin goes, I have tried it several times and have not found it to work like they claim.

by Holly Wilson

I keep a steady supply of this around the house, which I'm sure my husband and children are grateful for! I get very bad menstrual cramps almost every month, and this is the only product I have found to be effective for me. The only thing about this product is that you really should take it with food because it can upset your stomach. But it is far worth the price!

Works okay
by Amanda

I get terrible cramps, like sick to my stomach barely able to stand up cramps. I dread getting my period for the pure fact of having to deal with the stomach pains, back pains, and headaches for 4-5 days. Pamprin works alright, but in my opinion it does the same thing for me as Alieve does. For someone who gets cramps, but not terrible cramps, I'm sure this would work wonders!

My Gold Old Stand By
by Denise Grier

I have always been able to depend on Pamprin when that time of the month came. Since I was a teenager, which was a very long time ago, I have taken Pamprin to relieve my menstrual headaches and cramps. It has never let me down.

These are so great!
by Laura Frost

I take these every month just about and they are so great for your cramps, bloating and backache. Thumbs very much up to this product!

The best on the market, for what that's worth
by Brenda

I always have seriously bad cramps and other symptoms during my period, to the point where I usually miss a day of work every month. I've learned that there's really no medication strong enough to take all of that away, but out of all of them, Pamprin comes the closest to doing the job, and that's saying quite a bit. It really can work wonders on headaches and bloating, as well as cramps and fatigue. It's not a miracle drug. I would have to pop it every hour in order to feel totally normal, but it definitely does better than anything else I've tried.
One thing to watch out for, though, drink plenty of water and preferably eat something when you take the pills. They can cause "bounce back" headaches as well as stomach upset.

Relief for PMS!
by Michele Fair

I've been taking Pamprin for a few years. It works wonders on bloating, headaches, and cramps whenever I have my period. I highly recommend this product!

Can't do without it
by JW

My periods have gotten worse through the years. I take iron supplements all month, and start with Pamprin PMS two days before my period. Though it's still tough, I can actually do housework and not snarl at my husband now -- and my fingers don't swell like they used to.

Definitely helps
by EM

The first 2 days of my period are always horrible. Between bloating and bad cramping, I can barely function. This helps take the edge off so I can go back to functioning like normal.

Works great
by Jessica

I've been so sick through the first two days of my period...throwing up all day long, extreme pain. Then, I found this product. Works great...I don't even know I'm on my period!

7 Customer Opinions

Hoping for the best
by Roni

About 2 days ago I started my period and for the first time I had the really bed cramps and back pains. Even though I'm only 13 I asked my mom for some meds to take for the pain. The cramps were the worst part my best friend Amber cameover that day and all I did was lay on the couch and scream and moan in pain, my dad even offered to take me to the hospital. So yesterday my mom took me to walmart and I was actually looking for that iphurban or something like that that my other friend recommended. But my mom just picked up Pamprin and asked me and I just wanted to leave wal-mart and go home. My period is just now starting to end so next month when my period comes I'm going to try it for the first time. Most of the reviwes on here are great so I'm thinking it will work for me. I'm just worried that the relieve won't last long and I'll be at school or something and the cramps will come and I won't have the pills on me and get everyone freaked. My friend told me the iphuban thing last 8 hours and I red somwere here that Pamprin only workd about 3-4 hours. So I need to know that for sure because it dosent say on the box.

student in Va
by KC

This product is fabulous. Relieves cramps and bloating and that ucky feling. In addition to taking drugs, however, I find that self-care during your preiod is key. Getting extra rest (lethusband an kids take care of you for once) and eat well before and during your peiod (warm, nourishing foods) and lots of hot herbal tea and soup will ease the cramps. So al lthis combined with Pamprin, you will be straight!

by christy

I think if definitely worked on cramps for sure. Didn't see difference in bloating versus just Ibuprofen. I was still cranky too.

by Kim

It was ok, but I still had cramps pretty bad.

by Minnie Chatham

Pamprin Multi-Symptom has relieved me of my monthly back pain and headaches. It did help me with the usual menstrual aches, pains, and bloated feeling, but It was not as effective in preventing my severe cramps.

by heather

I use this on my lighter days when the cramps are med and it works great,doesnt have any bad effects on my stomach either.

makes pms more tolerable
by Brenda

Pamprin multi-symptom works well in helping to control the aches and pains. Especially the backache! Pms is bad enough if you don't take some type of pain reliever. I take it as soon as I feel the first cramp.I have terrible backaches and bloating, and a walking mood swing during my cycle and pamprin helps with these symptoms. I have recommended this products to my friends that experience the same problems