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Prenatal Omega Mom

Prenatal Omega Mom is formulated with important ingredients, including DHA from fish oil to support healthy fetal development; fetal eye and brain development including nerve and neurological support; bone, cardiovascular and immune system function for the mother; and soothing of the digestive tract.

The formula in Prenatal Omega Mom includes a combination of Omega 3"6"9 from fish and borage oils, GLA for cardiovascular health and vitamin B-12 for additional nutritional support.
Product: Prenatal Omega Mom
Brand: Country Life (More Products)
Size: 90 Softgels
Dosage: 2 Softgels
Retail: $25.99
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3 Customer Reviews

Good vitamin supplement+
by Jennifer

This is a very good vitamin supplement for pregnant women. It provides the vitamins needed for health for the mother and baby.The price is reasonable, and I would recommend this product to any woman.

Great nutritional supplement
by Nicole Morgan

I have been taking this product for three months in anticipation of becoming pregnant in the next few months. I was delighted to find this product because it contains omega-3,-6, and -9 acids from a blend of fish and borage oils, as well as peppermint and ginger to help settle the stomach. The pills themselves are long but narrow, with a nice casing that keeps any flavors from emerging. I also have not had any trouble with gas or heartburn, which I've suffered after taking other fish oil supplements. The DHA and GLA contained in the product help give me peace of mind that I would be giving my baby the necessary fatty acids to develop well in the womb. Finally, I like the screening process that the company uses to minimize levels of mercury and other toxic metals, which can be an issue in fish oils and can cause serious problems for pregnant women.

what every mom-to-be needs!
by tasha

Every single pregnant woman should take this! Not only does it beat the craziness of pregnancy roller coaster hormones, but it contains dha, which has more benefits to mom and the developing baby than can be bragged about! My 10-month-old son is the proof of the pudding; his eyesight is immaculate. It digests beautifully because of the ginger and peppermint extracts, so you never have to deal with any additional queasiness. Exceptional product.