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Vitality Prenatal

Vitality Prenatal: complete vitamins and minerals for nursing and expectant mothers.
Product: Vitality Prenatal
Brand: Melaleuca (More Products)
Size: 90 tablets
Dosage: Take 3 tablets daily
Retail: $23.00
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6 Customer Reviews

by Mari

One thing many people need to understand is one vitamin is not going to treat everyone the same. This vitamin worked great for me. I felt I was delivering great nutrition to my son while I was pregnant and nursing. He is now 3 and very very smart.

feeling good!
by Deb

I have been on these prenatal vitamins for over 5 months without any stomach issues at all. I am nursing so I continue to take them even though I am not pregnant anymore. I did find that when I started them I was a LITTLE nauseous for about 1-2 weeks until my body adjusted to them but it was very mild and I have no complaints since. I can even take them on an empty stomach if I forgot to take them with my meal, and I have been fine. I definitely think the benefits I have noticed have outweighed the 2 weeks of slight nausea I had.

by Sally

I was sorry to see that some folks had issues with these prenatals. I LOVE them! Mostly I love their small size, as the big prenatals are really hard for me to choke down - especially as I battled morning sickness.

I also found their flavor much more mellow than the Rainbow Lights I'd been taking. They taste a little sweet, maybe a little like vanilla.

I take all three in the morning, because I take calcium supp's in the evening and don't want to mix the calcium with the iron in the prenatals.

Made me sick...
by A. Bowles

First, let me start off by saying I am a firm believer in Melalueca's products and I purchase many of them monthly. When I ran out of my other prenatal vitamin, I decided to try the Vitality. Although I was no longer pregnant, being that I am a nursing mother I continued to take prenatal vitamins. In my first week, I began to feel extremely tired and very sick to my stomach. Initially, I thought I was possibly coming down with something. When it had not gotten better after over a month of feeling lethargic and constantly having an upset stomach, I knew something was wrong. It didn't occur to me that it was my prenatals.

As fate would have it, we went on vacation and I forgot to bring them with me. Within 2 or 3 days, I was feeling great! The upset stomach was gone and I was feeling my energy coming back. I figured it was the vacation. When I got back home and began taking the pills again, after just 1 day, the symptoms returned. I realized then that it was the Vitality Prenatals. I have since stopped taking them completely and I feel wonderful. Looking at the other ratings I realize that it was not just me. Maybe it has to do something with their special compound? All I know is that I wouldn't recommend these prenatals to anyone as they made me very sick to my stomach.

by Mommy to a little girl!

I would say this is average. It is hit or miss when it comes to having an upset stomach during pregnancy. It did it's job. There were times I just couldn't eat the best foods and this helped fill in the gaps. I have a happy and healthy baby girl now, too.

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