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Multi Prenatal Complete

"Nature Made knows that pregnant and lactating women have special needs for the development of their child. Nature Made formulated Multi Prenatal with those needs in mind.
High Folic Acid content (100% of the Daily Value for pregnant and lactating women), which is important in the healthy development of the nervous system and fetus
Provides additional Iron needed to support a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby*
Provides additional Zinc for healthy fetal growth*"
Product: Multi Prenatal Complete
Brand: Nature Made (More Products)
Size: 90 Tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet daily
Retail: $11.99
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24 Customer Reviews

Awesome Prenatal vitamin
by Araina

My doctor told me that I was borderline anemic and suggested that I take a prenatal vitamin which has more iron than taking a regular multivitamin. I immediately noticed a difference the first week as I was no longer feeling dizzy and most importantly their prenatal vitamin stopped the nail breakage. Thank God!
Well I found out this week that I am pregnant. What a coincidence because I had been taking Nature's Made prenatal vitamin for my borderline iron and didn't know I was pregnant during that time. I will continue to take this prenatal vitamin throughout my pregnancy instead of going to my hospital to get their prenatal vitamins. Thank you Nature's Made for once again bringing the best scientists together to make an awesome prenatal vitamin.

Wonderful Product
by Amanda J

This is one of the best prenatal vitamins out there, in my opinion. I had a hard time finding the right one for me, as many of them made me nauseated. I couldn't even get some of them to go down! But Nature Made's prenatal never made me feel sick at all, and they were recommended by my OB/GYN! Overall, a great product, and will buy for future pregnancies!

Great product
by Montana

This is a wonderful product. I actually didn't get sick after taking these prenatals. My ob-gyn also approved these. It was great to know that what I was taking for my baby had everything I needed and all the great benefits. I will buy this product again.

by Jeremy P

When my wife got pregnant back in the spring of 2003 her mother suggested these. I don't know if it was due to her possibly having pregnancy cravings but she was addicted to these things. She loved them so much that I honestly had to tell her not to take too many because too much vitamin C or pholic acid is bad for the baby. The price is fantastic and the amount fits perfectly. I wouldn't expect any less from Nature Made and they produced no less with these prenatal vitamins. If my wife gets pregnant again we will be sure to go out and buy these once more.

Great Vitamins all around
by Helena

I started taking these vitamins after finding out I was pregnant with my first child, and my doctor suggested I start taking prenatals to get all my nutrients as it would be good for the baby and give me energy.

Shortly after I started taking them through my pregnancy I felt more energized and I think it helped with my morning sickness a bit too. My hair looked and felt healthier. Also it seemed my nails grew faster and stronger.

I took these all through my pregnancy and through breastfeeding for 2 years as I was told it helps with your breastmilk supply. Even after breastfeeding ended with my first child I kept taking them for awhile.

I started taking them again with my second child being born recently and am so happy to feel more energized with two children now. I really recommend this product as it has really helped keep up with them feeling better and looking better.

A drawback is the pills are a bit big for my liking but all around great. I do intend to take this throughout breastfeeding again and during these years I will be using the Nature Made multi prenatal vitamins.

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