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makes this grandma happy!
by Linda

In September 2008 my daughter and granddaughter became infested with head lice. We are pretty sure they were picked up at summer camp.

I searched the web for something non toxic to try. That is when I found MicroNutra and Licenex. After 2 applications our family was lice free.

Then my son came to visit with his 3 children all scratching with head lice. The 3 grandchildren used Licenex at once, and again after they went home and they were head lice free. It works and we do not have to fear some toxic poisoning of the kids.

This is a Great Product
by Julie

For the first time in two and a half weeks there are NO bugs on my daughter's head! It was as simple as put it on, rub it in, rinse, and 5 min of combing! This is a great product for parents of young children or anyone sick of the long process of the over the counter stuff! Thank you so much for bringing peace back to my home!!

The lice were really bad before this...
by Carrie

I have a little girl that just seemed to just keep getting lice from school. After 2 bouts of it only 3 months apart she would cry so bad.

I found this on line and tried it, everything else I was doing was not working for her. I am still using it on a weekly basis to prevent even getting it again, and some of her friends have gotten it but not her. I believe this product works, and because of it she has got her life back and is happy again.

Licenex worked for my Girls!!
by Christine

My girls aged 4 and 7 both had a very bad lice infestation. We live in England and I had tried, unsuccessfully, every lice product on the British market. It had taken us three months of laborious combing and still the eggs were there and hatching into lice every week.

At my wits end, I scoured the Internet looking for a healthy, non chemical solution - one that particularly dealt with the eggs. I found the MicroNutra website and the Licenex product that claimed to attack both the nits and the eggs. Within two weeks all the nits and the eggs had gone!

We have just finished another round of treatment having got lice a second time. Licenex was equally effective this time and thank goodness I could start the treatment straight away!

We Always Use this on the Grandchildren
by Daryl

We have five grandchildren and before we discovered Licenex we had no success with our head lice problem. Since we started using Licenex the head lice are gone and any time they reoccur a washing with Licenex sends them away again

Can use this for the house as well.
by Penny

My son came home from school with lice and I immediately ran to the drug store, bought traditional kits, and spent hours combing and picking nits out of his head. After a few days it was back and his 3 year old brother had it as well.

Frustrated, looking on the Internet I found Licenex. I liked the fact that it said it would get the eggs as well. I ordered it and it arrived quickly. I used the same bottle to spray furniture, car, etc. and use in the laundry. Finally the lice were gone! I continue to spray linens and furniture often. It has a nice peppermint smell!

Got rid of the lice AND nits!
by Maggie

The nits are just falling off and my girls' heads are almost clean. I sincerely recommend this product to anyone who has tried everything already. The hardest part is getting rid of the nits. Licenex does that for you.

I highly recommend this.
by George

This is to let everyone know that Licenex is a wonderful product. We have a teenager who has several friends who sleep over often and we got into an awful mess with head lice.

After trying several products and being very frustrated, someone told me about Licenex. The product is pleasant to use, smells good, and it works!! We have furnished the product to the families of the friends and some others who had similar problems. I highly recommend this product.

Lice and Nit Free!!!
by Mike

Our family was devastated when our nine year old came home with lice. Then we found out that our six year old had it too.

We found Licenex from MicroNutra. We called and Pauline was extremely helpful and took extra time explaining the product and that it was 100% natural and it removed lice and nits. What a relief!

The product is wonderful, smells great, and WORKS! Thank you Micronutra and Pauline!!! We are lice and nit FREE!

Finally - something that works!
by Beverly

I've used so many things on my head... and keep in mind I used some of these for weeks or months at a time for many hours and some overnight: natural and OTC lice shampoos, hair gel, hair glue, hair putty, hair spray, vinegar, salt water, olive oil, baby oil gel, petroleum jelly, hydrogen peroxide rinse, and special combs. And the lice kept coming back.

In desperation, I found the Licenex website and ordered one bottle of the shampoo for a mere $37.
I used Licenex as instructed and then 2 days later felt some angry, biting lice jogging (but not running!) around.

I still have residual itching from the desperate lice bites but I have nothing running, jogging, crawling, or biting me now. I tearfully and joyfully recommend Licenex to anyone as desperate, depressed and frustrated as I was!

Worked for me
by Shweta

I used it on my daughter's hair who got lice infestation fron her school. It helped eliminate all the lices and I loved the fact that it is non-toxic and safe for kids.

Works great, relieves stress!!
by Angie H

My daughter brought home head lice from school and it took weeks for us to discover it. It was so bad, I was going crazy. I tried everything and just by chance I found Licenex. Licenex is a great product. We used it for head lice and for laundry to make sure the lice were completely gone. I work with 4 year olds and I always recommend it to the parents in my class. I works great and relieves stress!

The best Lice solution ever!
by Margaret

I live in the U.K. and the lice here are terrible, they have build up a tolerance for over the counter lice remedies. I foster a African girl and she got head lice from school. It was a night mare. I couldn't even use a nit comb on her hair. My sister who lives in Dallas, TX recommended your product so we used it and the problem was solved. We have not had to deal with lice again since. I love this product, it worked so well on her African hair which is great because using a not comb is out of the question. Its amazing!

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