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Great product
by Nikki

I saw a change after only two days! Amazingly affective!

certified progesterone cream
by Sandy Johnson

excellent progesterone, I have use several and this one had the highest level of milligrams per dose. This one also was certified bio identical which is hard to find.

by Linda

I've tried many other progesterone creams and this one helps more than any other. I can really tell a difference with deminished hot flashes and mood swings. It makes me feel younger.

very pleased
by Miriam

I had a few friends tell me of the relief they received from bio identical hormones, so I looked around and found this company and was happy with the prompt reply and quality of the information that came with the product. I thought service this good was a thing of the past.

Postive Resuls
by Carolyn

The bio identical hormone progesterone I purchased from women living naturally allowed me to gain significant improvement on my condition with fibroids. I also took the advise of the company and reduced my exposure to xeno hormones which eliminated my estrogen exposure from compound chemicals I was being exposed too.

Bio identical
by Sharon

I read bio identical was the way to go if you wanted to take hormones and have them be safe. I read about the positive effects that many women were having with little or no side effects. I tried women living naturally because they had the most information and they emailed me back with the questions I asked. I am very satisfied with the company and their product.

PMDD mood swings
by happy camper

I suffer from PMDD and had severe endometriosis for most of my adult life.
Even in the darkest of bleak mood down turns a single dose of Progensa 20 can cause a dramatic shift.
I have used this cream for almost two years now and no longer suffer from severe thoughts during my period and my extreme irritability has dissappeared.
My kids have even started giving me gold stars for excellent behavior during my cycle...and that they can see the difference is really the best proof of all that this cream does help.

by Sylvia Brewer

Progensa 20 is a natural progestrone replacement. I have been using it for 2 years now because I could not take the hot flashes and night sweats. Since using the cream, I no longer get menopausal symptoms. I use this as a daily replacement for HRT.

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