f Biossential Nutrition Multissentials Complete Wellness Formula Reviews and Information

Multissentials Complete Wellness Formula

Multissentials Complete Wellness Formula is a balanced, daily multivitamin and nutritional support formula designed to take the guessing game out of nutrition by providing the body with everything needed for optimal health and wellness, in one easy to use product.

Product: Multissentials Complete Wellness Formula
Brand: Biossential Nutrition (More Products)
Size: 30 Daily Packs
Dosage: As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 pack daily or as directed by physician. This product is best taken with meals.
Retail: $69.99
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5 Customer Reviews

Multissentials really worked out for me!
by Mike

I Started taking the Multissentials about 8 months ago and ever since have had improved energy, appetite, food digestion, and just all around better feeling about my self. I would highly recommend that anyone in the nutritional market try the Biossential's Multissentials products. The customer service that I received was phenomenal and I would recommend the company overall just for how they handle their customers!

multissentials complete for women
by heather

It was ok but I really could not tell a difference n this compared to other supplements or even generic supplements.

Multissentials is the best multivitamin supplement I have ever taken
by Miami Health Nut

I’ve been taking Biossential’s Multissentials product for over 6 months now, and am extremely impressed with the results I’ve gotten from the product. I’m a former athlete, and have been lifting and working out for years, always taking vitamins and supplements to gain that extra edge (for over 15 years now). Before I found Multissentials, I used to by mostly cheaper supplements in the grocery store or at GNC. I have never really noticed a big difference from taking supplements until I tried Multissentials.

I chose the product because I like the fact that it has daily packs and I realized I could replace all of my existing supplements with one bottle and one daily pack. I also was extremely impressed by the supplement facts of this product, as I have not seen as this many great ingredients in a single supplement before. Usually I would have to buy all this stuff in separate bottles, which costs more money and was a hassle opening bottle each every morning.

After taking the product for a week or so, I could easily notice that this product definitely gives you more energy, which is something I have never really experience from taking a multivitamin before. The energy I noticed was not like a caffeine rush, but I felt more like my mind and body was better able to carry out my hectic daily work schedule without getting tired or lazy later in the day. I feel the same in the afternoon as I do in the morning now, which is great!

Before I started taking this product, I used to always get tired at work midday in the afternoon, usually after eating lunch. After my first week taking Multissentials, I noticed that I wasn’t experiencing this midday crash anymore. After taking it for 3 weeks, I noticed that not only was I not tired anymore, but I actually felt alert and like I had more energy. The great part was that this extra energy and alertness would carry over into the gym after work, which is where I really started noticing a big difference from taking this product.

I always make an attempt to goto the gym after work (as long as I’m not feeling too tired and beat up from work), and usually I would be rather exhausted and tired from working all day. Being tired at the gym is not a good thing for getting a good workout in, and I usually wanted to leave the gym as quick as possible (after 30 mins or so) ready to relax for the night. I was rarely up for running on the treadmill unless i drank coffee or something to perk me up beforehand.

After taking Multissentials, everything has changed in my workouts after work. I am never tired after work anymore (unless I didn’t sleep well), which is greatly helping my workouts. I have been lifting a lot more since I now come to the gym with a serious face, and my endurance on the treadmill has increased greatly from running 2 miles and being very tired and out of breath to running a full 5 miles strong after being on the product for 3 months. I attribute these gains in the gym directly to taking this product, as I didn’t really change anything else in my diet (I always take whey protein after working out, and still do). I feel as if the increased energy levels gives me more focus and stamina in the gym, which motivates me to lift more weight and run on the treadmill a lot longer. I read on their website that this product has a special blend that supports cardiovascular health, which may be the reason why I am able to run so much longer on the treadmill now.

Onto reviewing the product itself – Multissentials comes in one average sized bottle (about half the size of a small tub of whey protein), and inside there are 30 daily vitamin packs that have a total of 12 capsule and softgel pills in them. I was a little surprised at how many pills there were to take each day, but they are pretty easy to take and swallow since they are capsules, and they don’t get stuck in your throat at all. I usually take half the pack with breakfast and the other half with lunch. The daily pill pack concept is very convenient, as I can take them whenever and the pack fits nicely in a pocket.

What I really like about Multissentials is the fact that it has replaced all my other supplements I used to buy (one-a-day multi, fish oils, and bone formula, and a few others) making it so easy to get my daily fix of vitamins without the hassle of opening tons of bottles of supplements. It also saves me some money each month, as buying everything is separately costed me more than what I spend on Multissentials.

Other things I Iike about Multissentials is the quality assurance, as it says on Biossential’s website that all the ingredients are highest quality and pharmaceutical-grade and the product is made in the United States. This comforts me because I have read about the scares of some supplements that are made in other countries such as China being contaminated with lead and mercury. I have also looked up the various forms of the individual ingredients to make sure they were the best quality, and have confirmed this to be true (they use all natural forms of each vitamin and ingredient, and also chelate some of the vitamins so they are absorbed better). Also on the bottle it states the product is made in an ISO9001 and ISO17025 certified lab, which are certifications I rarely see on products from other companies.

After taking this product for a while, I wanted my mother to try it who is always tired because she had her thyroid taken out years ago. She was a little reluctant to try at first because she never believed in taking vitamins, but once I convinced her to try it out, she said the same thing I did, that she could definitely notice the product gave her more energy. We are both now hooked on this formula.

Multissentials is the first multivitamin product I have ever noticed a difference from taking, and I highly recommend it to anyone that wants more energy in their daily activities and any athlete or person who works out that wants to experience increased cardiovascular health and stamina benefits that I did.

5 starts and 2 thumbs up for Multissentials!

Multissentials High Quality Product
by Michael George

Multissentials is a very high quality product that comes from a company that has followed a very high standard with research, production and customer service. Their attention to not only quality ingredients is important, but their commitment to balance is what seperates this product from the rest. All ages can benefit from this forumula which really had a positive effect on my mood and alertness.

This product can help people of all ages and goals. From the olympic weightlifter to the retired businessman looking to stay active and be healthy. This is definitely worth trying for numerous health benefits. I had a good experience with this product and the company was available to provide more information on the product and answer any questions. I appreciated that.

Multissentials is the BEST MULTI-VITAMIN formula I have ever tried
by Mike Noe

I have been working out and using supplements for over 20 years... and I have found Multissentials to be by-far the most effective and convenent formula I have ever tried.

The packs are so easy to use and have replaced several supplements that I was taking before, as well as my daily vitamin. This has been very cost effective for me to get a whole array of supplements in one pack.

I am very picky about what I put in my body and chose Multissentials because it is made with the highest quality pharmaceutical ingredients.

I know this to be trus. as I feel a lot better and notived more energy after consistently using Multissentials.