f Herbal Care Direct Liquid Multi Vitamin Supplement for Women Reviews and Information

Liquid Multi Vitamin Supplement for Women

Liquid Vitamin Supplement for Women provides essential vitamins at many times the bioavailable levels normally found in traditional tablets or capsules, which helps ensure that you are receiving the full health benefits from vitamin supplementation you require on a daily basis to experience better overall health and vitality.

Liquid Multi Vitamin Supplement for Women is a high absorption liquid supplement that contains abundant amounts of vitamin C, folic acid and B-complex vitamins, together with several important fat soluble vitamins, such as vitamin A and D, all in the proper proportions to ensure maximum absorption by your body. Iron, calcium and magnesium, which are vital to a woman's good health, have also been added to facilitate vitamin absorption and to provide additional nutritional support and protection.
Product: Liquid Multi Vitamin Supplement for Women
Brand: Herbal Care Direct (More Products)
Size: 16 fl. oz.
Dosage: 1 Tablespoon Once a day
Retail: $23.45
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4 Customer Reviews

Better absorption
by Elizabeth

Well there is an after taste for sure, however, the way I can appreciate this multi vitamin is knowing that the absorption of all its vitamins is more effective in liquid form. Now a days with the stress of life I need any booster that will help so down the hatch it goes and I know that I can keep up with my hectic life. I've even switched my kids to liquid vitamins but mix theirs with some juice. I do that with mine once in a while too!

Liquid Multi Vitamin
by Charisse

I don't like to take pills, so I found this liquid vitamin to be a godsend. I thought it was well worth the money, and after I started taking it, I noticed my hair became very shiny.

by Shannon

I love this product because it has a good well-rounded mix of vitamins. I also like the fact that it is liquid. I take a lot of supplements, and I choose liquid over tablets when I can, because it is so much easier to swallow. I think liquids are more easily absorbed into the system. I take this every day and I feel great.

Ugh the taste.
by Jennifer Stewart

This product was no very good. The taste was horrible. Liquid multivitamins is not a very good idea. The price isn't very economical either. I will stick to the chewable or easy to swallow vitamins.