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Enfuz Advanced

EnFūz is a complete nutritional supplement program designed to meet your basic nutritional needs. When you take one small packet a day, you get all of the supplements that are widely accepted to be necessary by medical professionals and nutritionists.
Product: Enfuz Advanced
Brand: Vitabase (More Products)
Size: 30 packets
Dosage: 1 packet/day
Retail: $39.95
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5 Customer Reviews

Switched from VitaComplete
by Raphael G.

I have used Vitabase VitaComplete for a few years but when I got the sample card in my last order, I decided to try this. I am glad I did. It is actually a bit of better value. VitaComplete has more ingredients, but this one has higher doses of the ingredients I am looking for. It seems more specialized in some ways than VitaComplete.

Makes life a lot easier.
by Sarah F

Yes it is convenient and really reasonably priced. I added up how much I save by replacing a handful of products with this one, and it is about half the price. I am thrilled that Vitabase has added it.

Very good formula
by Morgan Ziemer

I cannot figure out why I should have to take any product except for this. It has everything you need and better yet, enough of the ingredients. For example, there are 30 mg of CoQ10. A lot of products brag about having CoQ10, but when you look, there is just a mg or two (just so they can say they have it). This product has high doses of everything.

30 Packets by Vitabase
Wonderful, but expensive
by Jason Z.

Yes, there is a lot in the product. It is a little expensive though. $39.95. I am going to use the Basic formula instead. I am young and healthy so I think that will be enough.

Could not be more pleased
by Hugh Maker

This product is great. It is more expensive ($10 more) than the basic formula but you get a ton more nutrition. I think this may be the best value anywhere for great nutrition at a reasonable price. There is nothing left out.