Product Review/Product Opinion Writing Guidelines

We accept both Product Reviews and Product Opinions on NutritionalTree. Product Reviews are comments from consumers who have either personally used the product or have a close connection with someone who has used the product. If you want to talk about a product that you have no experience with, we welcome your Product Opinions as long as they provide useful information.

What constitutes a good Product Review/Opinion?
  • Honesty – Please give candid reviews and ratings. Be positive if you like the product, but don’t be afraid to express concerns or give negative ratings.
  • Personal Experience – If you are writing a Product Review, do not rate products that you or your family and friends have not used. Try to relate your experience in the reviews. If you have not used the product, write a Product Opinion instead.
  • Grammar / Spelling – Take an extra 10 seconds to check for obvious errors before submitting.
  • Useful Information – Seek to answer any questions that consumers might have when researching a product.
  • Uniqueness – Do not copy other reviews or pull information from the product description.
What constitutes exceptional Product Reviews/Product Opinions?
  • Quality – Will meet and excel in the above requirements.
  • Length – Likely to be longer and more detailed than average.
  • Distinctive - Typically for products having fewer than average Product Reviews/Opinions already posted.

Examples of Poor Reviews/Opinions

"This product is great. It keeps me in good health. I love this product and use it every day."
(Does not provide useful information to consumers. )

"Vitamin C is good for you. I take it and I don't ever have a cold."
(Gives some general information about a common ingredient but does not contain any information about the specific product being reviewed. )

"This productis grate. you wil like it"
(Hastily written and full of grammatical errors)

Additional Tips

Look for products that don't have many reviews/opinions; the editors will be more forgiving of mistakes. If a product already has a lot of reviews/opinions, our editors will be more inclined to reject additional entries unless they are very well written and interesting.

Our editors are not looking for perfect spelling and grammar. Minor errors are OK, but reviews with a high number of errors are more likely to be rejected.

Remember that we look for honesty. If you submit reviews for 30 products that all begin with the phrase "My sister uses this product every day and it cured her!", our editors might not believe that your sister is such an unhealthy person and they might reject most of your reviews even if they are otherwise well written.

Your rating of the product does not affect whether your review/opinion is accepted or rejected. We welcome negative entries just as much as positive ones.

Submitting the exact same review/opinion for the same product 10 times does not increase your chances of getting one of them approved. In fact, if you annoy the editors enough, you probably will reduce your chances.

Now that you know what we are looking for, you can get started looking for products to write about by clicking here. - The Nutritional Tree Team